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Nudist Resort's 'Bare Beach Beer Bash': Potential Legal Issues

While this post is safe for work, pictures from a Pennsylvania nudist resort's "Bare Beach Beer Bash" probably won't be.

The Sunny Rest Resort in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania is hosting its third nudity-required beer festival in June. Besides guzzling beer with your beer gut out, festival attendees will get to participate in other events, like naked Jell-O and pudding wrestling, according to United Press International.

While running around naked in the mountains for a day sounds like a good time, attendees and organizers still need to abide by the law.

World Penguin Day: Our Top 3 Legal Penguin Posts

Happy World Penguin Day! Yes, it's a real thing and it happens every year on April 25.

Whether it's because penguins are birds that can swim, or if it's because people just enjoyed "Happy Feet" or "March of the Penguins," penguins are beloved by many -- including FindLaw's lawyer-bloggers.

So in honor of World Penguin Day, here are our top three legal penguin posts from recent years:

Pet Duck Attack Leads to $275K Injury Lawsuit

You've heard of dog attacks, but what about a pet duck attack? A woman from Washington claims that she suffered injuries after a pet duck ambushed her for no apparent reason.

Cynthia Ruddell, 62, was on her mother's property in Oregon when a neighbor's duck allegedly attacked her without provocation, according to Reuters. She claims to have suffered a broken wrist and sprained elbow and shoulder.

Ruddell is claiming that the duck's owner failed to control her pet.

German Shepherd Gets Jury Duty Summons in N.J.

While a lot of people groan at the thought of jury duty, IV Griner probably barked when the German shepherd received a jury duty summons.

It's likely the New Jersey judiciary's computer systems mistook IV Griner (a dog) for his owner, Barrett Griner IV (a human). The computer may have mistook the Roman numeral in the canine owner's name as the dog's name and mailed the summons, according to The Associated Press.

Griner has since cleared up the miscommunication, but who exactly can be selected for a jury?

Pot Vending Machine Is a 1st, but Is It Legal?

First there was a cupcake vending machine. Now there's a pot vending machine, but is it legal?

Now that marijuana is legalized in Colorado for people 21 and over, a vending machine will be installed in a few medical pot dispensaries in the state to allow users to get their weed on-the-go, according to The Cannabist.

So will the vending machine run into any legal problems?

Local Courthouse Yelp Reviews Get 5 Stars for Honesty

Yelp reviews are all the rage, even for local courthouses.

If you're involved in a court case, answering a jury duty summons, or even if you're just curious, courthouse Yelp reviews offer a way to gauge honest opinions about what to expect the next time you visit the halls of justice.

But don't just take our word for it. Check out these Yelp reviews of select courthouses in the 10 largest U.S. metro areas:

Smart Car Tipping: A New Trend in San Francisco?

Smart Car owners beware, there's a terrible new trend hitting the streets: Smart Car tipping.

Move over rural cow tippers, the San Francisco Chronicle reports that at least four Smart Cars were tipped over in San Francisco as of Monday. Were no-good kids to blame?

And what can our legal system do to prevent future Smart Car tippings?

Facebook Breathalyzer Post Leads to DUI Probation Violation

Drinking and driving is never cool, but bragging on Facebook about drinking and passing a Breathalyzer test could lead to a DUI probation violation.

Colleen Cudney, 22, from Westland, Michigan, was already on probation for a 2012 drunk driving conviction. After she passed a random Breathalyzer test, Cudney bragged on Facebook that she had been drinking the day before but her "dumba@@" passed, according to Detroit's WDIV-TV.

Depending on the terms of the DUI probation, getting caught with alcohol in your system could be considered a probation violation.