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Legal to Drive Without Pants?

You've probably heard of going hands-free to talk on a cell phone while driving. But how about going pants-free while driving?

A Washington man driving with no pants was stopped recently by State Troopers. He claimed his "manzilian" bikini wax was chafing against his jeans so he took them off. But a witness reported that he had exposed himself, so he was arrested, reports The Associated Press.

Whether you just received a fresh waxing or just enjoy driving al fresco, is it legal to drive without pants?

If your all-you-can-eat bacon festival fails to deliver all-you-can-eat bacon, you have to expect that bacon lovers are going to be pretty upset.

However, if one of those upset bacon lovers is an attorney, you might find yourself facing more than just a few angry phone calls.

You could be facing accusations of false advertising.

If You Find $41K in Cash in a Couch, Can You Keep It?

Many people dream about finding a bag of money on the street. But three college roommates in New York lived that dream and then some: They found bubblewrapped envelopes stuffed inside the pillows of their couch filled with $41,000 in cash.

But along with the money, New York's WCBS-TV reports, the trio also found a woman's name printed on one of the envelopes.

Would you try to track down the woman or keep the money? And what does the law say you should do?

Hero Cat Video: Can Attacking Dog's Owner Face Liability?

Dogs may be "man's best friend," but an 8-year-old California boy's cat is being called a hero after the feisty feline fended off a dog attack. Video of the incident quickly went viral.

And while the cat is being rightfully celebrated, the question remains: Can the owner of the dog be held liable for the boy's injuries?

What Happens If You Don't 'Use Yah Blinkah'?

When driving the cah, use yah blinkah. It's the lawr.

If you're not familiar with Boston and its famed New England accent, that sentence might look a little funky. However, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MDOT) figured that Boston area drivers would know exactly what it meant.

Starting last Friday, electronic highways signs around Boston began reading "Use Yah Blinkah." Since then, images of the electronic signs have gone viral.

'Me Driving Like an Idiot' Video Gets Fla. Teen Arrested

Want to make your local police department's day? Upload video footage of yourself committing multiple felonies and misdemeanors to YouTube and give it an incriminating title like "Me Driving Like an Idiot."

That's exactly what police say 18-year-old Robert Charles Kelly IV of New Smyrna Beach, Florida, did, reports The Daytona Beach News-Journal, becoming just the latest online over-sharer to face jail time for uploading video footage of his or her exploits to YouTube.