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June 2014 Archives

Drunken Tractor Chase Gets Shirtless Man Charged With DUI, Assault

A Michigan man is facing serious charges after leading police on a bizarre low-speed chase atop a John Deere tractor.

Officers with the Cheboygan Department of Public Safety responded to a report of a shirtless man driving a tractor through a residential neighborhood. They found 35-year-old Joshua Viau operating the tractor allegedly while intoxicated, reports the Cheybogan Daily Tribune.

But then, what could have just been another notable DUI arrest took a turn for the strange(r).

'Naked' Apron Deemed Obscene, Gets Man Banned From Farmers Market

A Florida man known for donning a "naked woman" apron has been barred from his city's farmer's market for wearing the suggestive covering.

The city of Lake Mary, Florida, told part-time book vendor Tom Levine to lose his apron, which is painted to resemble a naked woman with bare breasts and a flower obscuring her nethers. But days later, he was told he could no longer attend the city's weekly farmers market.

Levine tells Orlando's WKMG-TV that the apron brings him business and that it's "a hand-painted piece of art." So can the city really bar Levine from wearing his "naked" apron?

Throwing Poop, Flaming Poop Pranks: What Can Happen?

Monkeys throw poop, and who doesn't love that? But there might be some legal consequences when you, a human, start flinging doodoo into someone's yard.

Take San Marino, California, Mayor Dennis Kneier's ordeal as a cautionary tale. Kneier was caught on surveillance video allegedly tossing dog poop onto a neighbor's walkway, reports Los Angeles' KNBC-TV. To be fair to Kneier, the doggie doodie was in a closed dog-poo bag, but the victim was still steamed over the steamer left on his property.

So legally, what can happen when you thrown poop into someone's yard as a prank?

Shh! Woman Quietly Busted for Prostitution in Public Library

Men visiting the Tewksbury, Massachusetts, Public Library told police that a woman was offering to help them straighten out their Longfellow. Only they weren't talking about the poet.

According to Boston's WBZ-TV, when police sent a plainclothes detective to the library to investigate the reports, 20-year-old Brittany Mcintyre of Nashua, New Hampshire, quietly passed the officer a note offering to exchange a sex act for $60.

What kind of charges will this literary lover be facing for her alleged solicitation in the stacks?

Ariz. Man Arrested for Shooting at the Moon

"Shoot for the moon" is a common idiom, typically meaning to strive for excellence; to do your best.

Well, an Arizona man was arrested Friday after doing his best to actually shoot at the moon -- like, with a gun. Probably not what folks had in mind when they coined the phrase.

Local police weren't impressed either. What kind of trouble can you get yourself into when your literal take on an idiom makes you look like an idiot?

Drone Operator Attacked: Are They the New 'Glassholes'?

Nothing beats a sunny day at the beach. Waves gently lapping the shore, the sun warming your sandy body ... the sound of camera-equipped drones buzzing overhead?

It wasn't exactly a day at the beach for one Connecticut drone operator, who was allegedly assaulted by a woman who accused him of photographing beachgoers with a drone. The man had surreptitiously recorded his attacker with his smartphone, and the incident ended with police arresting 23-year-old Andrea Mears, reports Ars Technica.

Is this drone attack a sign of assaults to come? Are drone operators the new "Glassholes?"

Are 'Naked Bike Rides' Legal?

Naked. Bike. Rides. Three mostly harmless words that you rarely see all in one place. But apparently they've come together in a big way for coordinated events around the globe which revel in the act of riding a bike naked in public.

But are these scantily clad cycling events legal?

Is It Legal to Drive Topless?

People all enjoy different things. Some people like to drive with the windows down while others like to listen to their radios loud. Some other people? They like to drive topless.

But those who don't stay abreast of the law may fear that topless driving could potentially rack up a few criminal violations.

What's the bottom line when it comes to going topless behind the wheel?

Free Pot for Votes in San Jose, Calif.? Is This Legal?

Medical marijuana is once again a burning issue in many local and state races across the country.

But marijuana activists in San Jose, California, are taking a novel approach to sparking pro-pot voters to get to the polls: Some medical-pot clubs are offering free or discounted weed to patients who can prove that they voted in the upcoming primary election.

Is this so-called "pot for votes" campaign legal? And are the group's high political hopes destined to go up in smoke?