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October 2014 Archives

Woman Sues Starbucks Over Home-Brewing Discs, Settles for $250

A Michigan woman who filed suit against Starbucks after the company stopped making single-serve coffee discs for her brand of coffee maker has settled her lawsuit.

How much was the woman able to get out of Starbucks and Kraft Foods, the maker of her Tassimo coffee maker, after two-and-a half-years of litigation? $250, reports The Grand Rapids Press.

What led to this slow-brewed settlement and why might this it end up costing Starbucks a lot more than $250 when all is said and done?

Cop Asks to Sniff, Lick Driver's Feet; Gets Arrested

A Texas school district police officer may be getting the boot after being accused of asking a woman to let him lick her feet in exchange for not taking her to jail.

A woman says she wasn't breaking any traffic laws when was pulled by Cy-Fair Independent School District officer Patrick Quinn in August, reports KTRK-TV. Quinn placed the woman the back of his patrol vehicle after saying he smelled marijuana in the car, which the woman denies. After searching her car, Quinn told the woman he had found drug paraphernalia, which the woman also denies is true.

But if that sounds bad, what the woman says Quinn did next is even worse.

Drunk Airman's Double 'Wet Willy' on Cop Lands Him in Jail

A senior airman in the U.S. Air Force has pleaded guilty to disruptive intoxication after giving a police officer a "Wet Willy" over the weekend.

Riley Swearingen, 24, pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charge Monday in a Mankato, Minnesota, courtroom, reports The Associated Press. Swearingen agreed to the plea deal after initially being charged with a peculiar felony for the apparent prank.

How did Swearingen's moistened fingers end up in the ears of one of Mankato's finest?

Online Date Gets Dumped, Then Gets Stuck in Man's Chimney

A California woman was arrested Sunday after getting stuck in the chimney of a man she had met online and dated briefly.

Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa, 30, had to be rescued by firefighters after becoming lodged in the chimney of a home in Thousand Oaks, reports the Los Angeles Times. The homeowner said that he'd met the woman online and gone on several dates with her before recently breaking off the relationship.

Following her rescue by Ventura County firefighters, Nunez-Figueroa was arrested. What charges might she now be facing?

DWI Suspect Tries to Bribe Deputies With Mountain Dew: Report

A New Mexico DWI suspect may be in even more trouble after he allegedly tried to bribe an officer with Mountain Dew.

Luis Rodriguez-Neri, 21, was found by officers Monday after they were called to investigate a car that had "slammed into a light pole," reports Albuquerque's KOAT-TV. Rodriguez-Neri allegedly told deputies that he'd tossed back "six shots of Bacardi" before getting behind the wheel, and he refused to take breath or field sobriety tests. It wasn't until he was back at the station that Rodriguez-Neri allegedly offered the officers some sugary Mountain Dew for his sweet release.

What charges does Rodriguez-Neri face for an alleged Mountain Dew bribe? And what if he was just kidding?

PA Court Warns Against Pajamas, Refuses Underwear Money

A district court in Pennsylvania is apparently fed up with underdressed court visitors and money pulled from places the sun don't shine.

A pair of signs recently posted in York County District Court Judge Ronald J. Haskell Jr.'s courtroom made the court's feelings on the matter clear, reports The York Daily Record. One sign reads, in Spanish we well as English "Money from undergarments will not be accepted in this office." The other sign, taped just below the first, cautions in all capital letters "PAJAMAS ARE NOT APPROPRIATE ATTIRE FOR DISTRICT COURT."

In light of the judge's all-caps admonition, what would be appropriate attire for court?

Woman Complains to Cops About Facebook Mug Shot, Gets Arrested

It can be a major bummer when someone posts an unflattering photo of you on social media.

An Ohio woman was so irritated by a photo of her posted on the Columbus Police Department's Facebook page that she called in, and later came to the station in person to complain, reports The Huffington Post.

Police were more than happy to discuss the issue with her however, being that the woman was wanted on charges of aggravated robbery and kidnapping.

'Creative Screwing' Author Claims She Got Screwed by Publisher

The author of a book called "Creative Screwing" claims that her publisher not-so-creatively screwed her out of royalties.

Nannette Laree Hernandez of Berrien Springs, Michigan -- whose 1993 book "Creative Screwing: A Woman's Guide to Becoming an Erotic Enchantress of Superlustful Sex" was revised in 2011 -- claims that her contract with Spero Publishing includes 20 percent royalties on print copies of the book and 50 percent royalties on electronic copies, reports Courthouse News Service.

According to her lawsuit, however, despite reportedly selling 40,000 copies of the book on, Hernandez has only been paid $20.85 in royalties since distribution of the revised version of her book began in 2011.