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May 2015 Archives

A New York City hot dog vendor who thought he was being slick by hiking the prices up on tourists is now out of a job and facing criminal charges.

Ahmed Mohammed was supposed to be charging $3.99 price for two hot dogs and a soda, according to his boss Abdelalim Abdelbaky. But a New Jersey resident accused Mohammed of charging him $30 for a hot dog and drink, and WNBC caught him on video charging a buyer with a French accent $15 for a hot dog and pretzel.

The Internet makes everything easier, even getting a diploma. What it doesn't do is make that diploma legit.

While some legitimate universities offer online coursework and some for-profit schools operate exclusively on the web, there are some more nefarious institutions out there, pandering to those looking for illicit degrees and preying on others looking for a legitimate education. So how can anyone tell the good guys from the bad when it comes to online degrees?

Officially, June 14th is Flag Day. But one patriotic teen decided to make every day flag day -- until his high school stepped in.

Officials at South Carolina's York Comprehensive High School unbolted a 4-foot by 6-foot American flag from Peyton Robinson's truck, allegedly because the Stars and Stripes were offending some people. But now it's the school defending its national pride while backtracking from the flag ban.

A Michigan woman got charged with four crimes, and she can't even remember what happened. Let's see if we can refresh her memory.

At around 4:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, Jessie Schwaub-Devault was arrested after driving the wrong way while intoxicated. She led police on a five-mile chase before jumping out of her SUV and running. When police caught up with her, they were surprised to find that she was naked! Oh yeah, before the chase, she left her husband and child, also both naked, stranded at the roadside reststop.

Schwaub-Devault claims to have blacked out and have no memory of the incident. She was charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, indecent exposure, fleeing the police, and child abuse.