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September 2015 Archives

Warner/Chappell Music, Inc. claims it's 205 years old. That's a lot of birthdays. Its next celebration may not be so happy, since it will start paying back 80 years worth of royalties it collected from the tune "Happy Birthday to You."

A U.S. judge ruled that Warner/Chappell's copyright on the song was invalid, meaning the company could owe millions it has collected in commercial use licenses.

Americans hate paying tickets. But they do love to protest. And they can be creative when it comes to paying what they feel are unjustified tickets under protest.

Luckily, the courts have supported these exercises of our First Amendment rights. Even the right to scrawl "F**K YOUR S**TTY TOWN BITCHES" on our speeding tickets.

How do you balance a state budget that has you spending $250 million more than you'll take in? Most conservative lawmakers would slash funding to education and social services or roll back Medicaid or social security benefits. The last thing you'd expect a Republican-led state legislature to do is raise taxes.

But that's what Alabama is doing. And not just any tax -- Alabama is planning on taxing porn to the tune of 40%. But don't worry, the idea doesn't just sound silly, but it might not work at all and be unconstitutional to boot. Roll Tide!

Kanye West took to MTV's least-watched Video Music Awards in history to announce his candidacy for President of the United States in 2020. The man who current President Barack Obama has twice referred to as a "jackass" got the White House's attention with Press Secretary Josh Earnest eager to see the rapper's possible campaign slogans.

We know Yeezy is an avid reader and fan of Legal Grounds, so we decided to give him some advice on rocking the vote in 5 years.