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February 2016 Archives

"21 Jump Street." "Never Been Kissed." "17 Again." There are plenty of movies about adults sneaking back in to high school, whether to fight crime, research a story, or relive the past. But what about if you're a foreign national? And what if it's not a movie?

John Harris High School in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania found out this week that one of its star students was in fact a 23-year-old Ukrainian man who had been posing as an American student for almost four years. I don't think he'll be getting his diploma.

We've all had one of those Friday nights, right? The ones that leave you a bit woozy on Saturday morning? Lucky for most of us, we don't have to go to work early on a Saturday morning.

Not so for Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio, who was on her way to Saturday morning arraignments when she was ticketed for driving while intoxicated at 8 a.m.

Google is notoriously secretive regarding its proprietary search algorithms. Uber Technologies is eager to become the most used ride sharing service. And Gainesville, Florida company Uber Promotions just wants to protect its local trademark.

The solution to this legal conundrum? Tell Uber to make sure anyone living in Gainesville and googling "Uber Gainesville phone" gets the phone number for Uber Promotions and not Uber Technologies' local contact number. Wait, what?

Ah yes, the "the beer-battered fish did it" defense. A classic legal ruse. Only this time, the jury didn't bite.

76-year-old Wisconsinite John Przybyla was convicted of his 10th OWI (operating while intoxicated is the state's version of a DUI) this week, when a jury rejected his claim that he had been intoxicated by eating beer-battered fish. I guess when you see the "my body is a brewery" defense work, you're willing to try anything.

Drunk Parents Did Not Drive, Gave Wheel to Child

We all know we are not supposed to drive drunk anymore, as Helen Mirren's Super Bowl ad for Budweiser reminded us in no uncertain terms. "The collective we are dumbfounded that people still drive drunk," Mirren said.

But what should the "collective we" make of a Wisconsin couple that allowed their 9-year-old-daughter to drive them and an 11-month-old baby because they were too drunk to drive? The couple pled not guilty to charges of reckless endangerment of a child last week, Reuters reports, and indeed no one was hurt.

PA Judge Bans PJs in Court

The fashion police in Catawissa Township apparently don't appreciate a nice pair of pajama bottoms like the rest of us. Or at least the judges in the Columbia County District Court don't. Magisterial District Judge Craig Long posted a sign in the lobby outside his courtroom, reading, "PAJAMAS ARE NOT APPROPRIATE ATTIRE FOR DISTRICT COURT."

Well excuse us, Mr. Justice of the Chic, we didn't expect to take fashion advice from someone who put on a robe to come to work today.