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So we all like to vent online, and Twitter provides a worldwide platform for some epic rants. Look no further than our Commander in Chief for evidence of that. Given that the targets of those rants are people, and that when we're venting we tend to invent or at least exaggerate some negative aspects of those people, we run the risk of libel.

And anywhere there is risk, insurance is sure to follow. While libel insurance was once standard practice only among journalists, more and more laytweeters are looking into Twitter libel insurance policies.

"Sugardaddy seeking his sugarbaby ... Ask me about your monthly allowance." Seems innocuous enough, right? After all, it's 2017 -- alternative relationship are accepted, if not celebrated, and some legal experts are even recommending sugar daddies as an alternative means to fund a law school education.

But putting that message on a business card and handing it out to underage girls at the beach is altogether something different. So say goodbye to your prospects of landing a sugar baby, Richard Basaraba, and say hello to a six-month ban from al the beaches in Volusia County, Florida.