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The happiest place on earth might be in Anaheim, California, or Orlando, Florida, or wherever you might happen across hundreds of knockoff wax Disney figures, each stuffed with about a pound of crystallized ice methamphetamine.

"This is a family-based theme, a Disney theme," DEA Atlanta Special Agent in Charge Robert Murphy told Atlanta's Fox 5, "but there's nothing good about what this would do to any family if this hit the street." We couldn't have put it better ourselves.

Teacher Arrested for Classroom 'Fight Club'

Some stories just leave you shaking your head -- like news about Bill Cosby or anything recent involving Lindsay Lohan. And things take a special turn when the story involves teachers behaving badly or children getting hurt.

After a series of events that combines both, a former substitute math teacher has been arrested and charged for essentially supervising a classroom "fight club." It's hard to see what a fight club has to do with math, but at least the teacher can use his skills to add up the amount of jail time he's facing if convicted.

Michigan Stole Blood of 5M Newborns, Parents' Lawsuit Claims

Few feelings rival the intensity with which parents seek to protect their children. From the helpless stages of infancy well into adulthood, parents try to guard against germs, sharp corners, bad influences, inadequate love interests, and poor life choices. In Michigan, one group of parents is trying to protect their children from the overreach of the state. Their lawsuit claims that Michigan took and stored the blood of over 5 million newborns without consent.

Gone are the days when marriages could only be performed by a priest in a church or an official in city hall. Now just about any Joe Schmo can perform a marriage ceremony, if they click a few buttons online. And while the new Wild West of wedding officiants can leave brides and grooms wonder whether their union is actually legal, it can also open the doors for some fun marriages and ministers.

So if you're looking to get licensed to perform a wedding ceremony, here are the three weirdest places to get ordained (sadly, Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption is no longer one of them):

Man Sues for Lost Job After 'Pocket Dialing' Boss

Oh, the dreaded butt dial! There's nothing quite like gossiping about your arch nemesis and suddenly realizing it was all recorded on voicemail because you accidentally pocket dialed their best friend. Or something similar to that dramatic scenario.

A butt dial is often innocuous -- your mom gets to listen to 4 minutes of you walking to your car. But every now and then it's disastrous. A Georgia man experienced the latter when he accidentally called his boss while talking about his boss.

We trust our doctors with a lot of personal information and a lot of power. And when they tell us they're going to use 85 percent of our husband's sperm and 15 percent of a donor's sperm for an artificial insemination procedure, we tend to believe them. The only problem, it would seem, is that there are now affordable DNA registry sites like,, where we can find out that our doctor instead used all of his own sperm to impregnate us, knew the child that was subsequently born was his biological daughter, and never revealed that fact.

And that's when we sue.

In-N-Out Seeks Restraining Order Against YouTube Prankster

Some people will do anything for 15 minutes of internet fame. Much of it is harmless, some completely reckless, and some just sort of annoying. A 27-year-old YouTube prankster is finding out that occasionally stunts can also get you into legal trouble. In-N-Out Burger is seeking a restraining order against the YouTube star after a series of pranks inside two of their L.A. restaurants.

200 Roosters Held in Arkansas Jail Evidence in Cockfighting Case

What do you do when you have to keep hundreds of roosters as evidence of a crime? Put 'em in jail. That's what one Arkansas sheriff decided to do after arresting over a hundred people suspected of participating in cockfighting. Now a court will have to decide what to do with the jailbirds while neighbors put up with the noise.

Smoke While Walking Should Be Banned, Says NYC Council Member

At this point, everyone knows the dangers of smoking cigarettes. While some people choose to smoke knowing the risks, others are exposed to the risks -- and the smells -- without a choice. One Democrat in New York is trying to reduce non-smokers' exposure to cigarette smoke by asking the New York City Council to ban smoking while walking.

Why Are So Many Spring Breakers Getting Arrested?

Spring break is a magical time of the school year whether you travel, catch up on sleep, or spend quality time with Netflix. But for some, spring break could include a little jail time as well, sitting uncomfortably close to someone who's clearly been arrested on more than a few occasions.

In an effort to make the beaches more safe, law enforcement is cracking down on alcohol-related crimes, including underage drinking. So, if you're headed to the water, make sure you're aware of the local laws. Otherwise, your spring break album may include an unfortunate mug shot.