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Inside courtrooms across the country, people are often afflicted with the desire to punch the lawyer prosecuting them, or sometimes, even their own lawyer.

But doing so is a really fast way to end up with assault charges as courthouses are not only under near constant video surveillance, law enforcement officers are rarely not nearby. Sadly, this seems to be what happened recently in an Ohio courtroom when a 42-year-old criminal defendant was sentenced to 47 years, and then punched his attorney right in the face, and, apparently, also bit him on the butt.

Landlords and tenants can get into all kinds of disputes, especially when pets are involved. The vast majority of those resolved amicably, with adjustments to pet behavior, perhaps an additional deposit, and, in extreme cases, a tenant and pet relocating. The one way you don't resolve a pet dispute, if you're the landlord, is by illegally entering the tenant's apartment and poisoning the pet with antifreeze.

But that's what one Portland woman is claiming happened to her 11-month-old Persian mix, and she's suing her landlord for $253,000.

The Free the Nipple campaign might've worked in Fort Collins, Colorado, but women's nipples must still be covered in the Live Free or Die state. In a 3-2 vote, the New Hampshire Supreme Court upheld the convictions of three women arrested for going topless on a Laconia beach, ruling that the indecent exposure ordinance banning baring female breasts was constitutional.

"We have found that the ordinance does not violate the defendants' constitutional rights to equal protection or freedom of speech under the State and Federal Constitutions," the court announced. "As such, it does not unduly restrict the defendants' fundamental rights."

According to the Hawaii state legislature, "the cigarette is considered the deadliest artifact in human history." And legislators have come up with a plan to battle that artifact, effectively phasing out cigarettes on the islands over the next five years.

A new bill introduced last week would raise the cigarette-buying age to 30 next year, raise it again to 40, 50, and 60 in each subsequent year, and then finally make the legal age to purchase cigarettes 100 by 2024. So, will the Aloha State's attempt to save everyone's breath work?

Arkansas Man Tries to Steal Plane to Fly to Rap Concert

When most teenagers need a ride to a concert, they call Uber, or maybe take public transportation. But not this 19-year-old from Texarkana! He tried to steal a commercial jet so he could fly to Chicago for a rap concert. In the end, he missed the show, pleaded guilty to attempted theft of property and commercial burglary, and was sentenced to five years of probation.

Woman Sues Hospital for Emotional Distress After 'Pulling the Plug' on a Stranger

Shirell Powell has filed a lawsuit against St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx for removing life support from Frederick Williams. Any first year law student would immediately start thinking medical malpractice or wrongful death. But no, this is a case regarding negligent infliction of emotion distress. And it is distressful on so many levels, but read on to find out which level you think pushes most on your stress points.

Move Over Ozark, Fortnite Used for Money Laundering

Who would ever have guessed that a video game could be used to launder money? Perhaps someone that's watched enough of Netflix's wildly popular series, Ozark. Jason Bateman, playing the lead character, always comes up with crazy ways to launder criminally earned money -- strip clubs, mortuaries, and downtrodden resorts. But video games? Interesting!

Couple Engaged at Walmart Arrested for Stealing Jewelry and Sex Toys

Some couples are meant to be together, seemingly finishing each other's sentences like soul mates. Others finish each other's crimes and are like jail mates. William Cornelius Jr. and his girlfriend got engaged in a Walmart store in Bay City, Michigan on December 30, 2018. It was oddly romantic, as Cornelius had asked a customer service worker to read a note containing his proposal over the store's public address system. A crowd gathered around them and applauded the momentous event. Shortly thereafter, the couple morphed into Bonny and Clyde, shoplifting jewelry and sex toys, presumably to get ready for the big day!

Catholics Can Exhume Body for Sainthood Purposes

When Father Ryan Patrick was laid to rest over 140 years ago, some may have thought it was his final resting ground. But no, the local Catholic church has different plans for old Fr. Ryan, and has put plans in motion to make a posthumous move.

The Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in Chattanooga, Tennessee is interested in having Fr. Ryan declared a saint, based on some recent changes by Pope Francis regarding what constitutes a saint. Fr. Ryan has a chance of making it to the proverbial big leagues in the Catholic church, and recently moved one step closer.

Archeologists often have to consider the legal question of whether it's okay to dig up a dead body. And apparently the Catholic Church does, too.

Netflix Issues Disclaimer Over Bird Box Challenge

"Bird Box," a Netflix Original horror movie that has been seen by over 45 million people, is causing quite a stir on social media, but the company promises that wasn't its intent. SPOILER ALERT: In the movie, characters realize that if they see an invisible entity, they will kill themselves. In order to keep themselves from seeing it, they go around all day wearing blindfolds. Perhaps too many kids were home during winter break, and decided they needed something to do, so someone created the "Bird Box Challenge."

People now film one another going around in their day to day lives, blindfolded, almost hoping that something goes invariably wrong, for the sake of garnering more Instagram likes. You might think this is ridiculous, but then again, so is the egg photo that broke Kylie Jenner's most-liked Instagram record with over 43 million likes, and boy is she mad! But let's stay on topic.