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A 911 call to Volusia County sheriffs on Thursday said it all: "We're at Jungle Hut (Park) and a huge bundle of drugs or something just washed up on the beach and there are people like fighting over it."

Law enforcement along Florida's central coast claim they recovered about 100 pounds of plastic wrapped weed that washed onto area beaches over the past two days. And that's not counting parcels that less upstanding members of the community may have absconded with before officers arrived.

No Fault or Not, Fortnite Is Apparently to Blame for 200 Divorces

Fortnite has become a real epidemic. Not only has it been instrumental in the World Health Organization's declaration that "gaming disorder" is a mental health condition, now it has been linked as the cause for 200 divorces in the United Kingdom.

Neglected Horse Has No Standing in Court

There'll be no justice for Justice.

Justice, the neglected and emaciated horse at the center of an animal neglect conviction in July 2017, cannot sue his former owner for future costs associated with the horse's ongoing care due to the neglect. An Oregon judge dismissed Justice's lawsuit, brought on behalf of Justice by the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), with prejudice. Judge Knowles declared the $100,000 lawsuit may not proceed because the horse is a "non-human animal." It's quizzical what might be considered a "human animal," but perhaps in this day of advanced genetic modifications, anything is possible.

Did We Really Need a Law Against Eating Cats and Dogs?

We all enjoy Republicans and Democrats reaching across the aisle for the common good. But for a law against eating cats and dogs? Is this all we have left to agree on?

After a year in the making, the House has passed a bipartisan bill, originated by Florida Reps. Vern Buchanan, a Republican, and Alcee Hastings, a Democrat. Alas, Florida's congressional leaders have nothing more pressing to resolve. The Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act of 2018, which outlaws the slaughter of cats and dogs for human consumption, which is legal in 44 states. Just because it's legal doesn't mean it's prolific. Do we really need this law?

"There is an atrocious story on social media that I intentionally hurt the seagull. It is illegal and immoral to injure a seagull. If I intentionally hurt the seagull in front of hundreds of witnesses, I would perhaps be the dumbest criminal ever."

Nate Rancloes may not be the dumbest criminal ever, but he did violate federal wildlife laws when he accidentally kicked a seagull that had stolen his cheeseburger. And it turns out New Hampshire Fish and Game officials are pretty strict when it comes to enforcing those laws.

Generally speaking, having a cocktail or a beer or two won't land you in trouble. After all, alcohol consumption is legal for those of us over the age of 21. But, there are exceptions to every rule. Drinking or being drunk in public, or driving after you've had too much to drink can lead to criminal penalties, including fines and significant prison time.

And in the State of Virginia just being near booze can mean a year in jail. That's if you've already been labeled a "habitual drunkard", a designation that can bar you from purchasing, consuming, or possessing alcohol. Although the law seems antiquated, recent legal challenges have failed to overturn it.

Can You Smoke a Joint On YouTube?

Last week, Elon Musk famously, or perhaps infamously, smoked a joint on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Or should we call it a potcast? Perhaps a more important question is, is this legal?

Restaurant Owner Fined for Sarcastic 'No Dog Pee' Sign

Duc Nguyen, owner of Duc's Place in New Haven, wanted to discourage dog walkers from letting their dogs pee on the pot outside of his storefront. He posted a sarcastic sign that read "Attn: dog owners. This is a pay-per-pee flower pot. (Pay inside or leave your address and we'll kindly return the favor.)" The city responded with a not-so-sarcastic charge of two public nuisances and a $250 fine.

Dine-And-Dash Dater Charged With 10 Felonies

Paul Gonzales is facing 10 felony counts for his dine-and-dash antics on numerous dates across Southern California, including seven counts of extortion, two counts of attempted extortion, and one count of grand theft. If convicted on all counts, he could spend 13 years in prison.

Gonzales met these women on various dating apps, and defrauded them, collectively, out of $1,000, using such excuses as "I need to use the bathroom." or "I have to go to the car to get my phone charger." He has pleaded not guilty. Bail was set at $315,000, which seems high given the crime, but odds are high the dine-and-dash dater would jump bail.

Legendary NYC Comedy Club Sued for Being 'Rat-Infested Dump'

The Comic Strip, a legendary New York City Comedy Club that launched the careers of such famous comedians as Jerry Seinfeld, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, and Adam Sandler, has fallen on hard times. One of the co-owners, Tess Wachs, is suing the other, Richie Tienken. She claims that he has mismanaged the club and misappropriated company funds for his own personal pleasures.