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Naked Joyrides Not Illegal in Nebraska But Naked DUI Is

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A Nebraska man took the freedom of the road to a new level last week when he was cited while enjoying a naked joyride.

Nickolus Borgman was driving down a road somewhere near Lincoln, Nebraska when a sheriff's deputy spotted his pick-up truck. As the deputy approached the vehicle, he realized what was going on. The passengers--one man and two women in addition to Borgman, according to the Associated Press--were on a naked joyride.

That wasn't the only thing going on, either. Nickolus Borgman, of Lincoln, was also busted for a naked DUI.

Girl Scout Cookies: Woman Attacks Roommate Over Thin Mints

Girl Scout: Is this made from real lemons?

Wednesday: Yes.

Girl Scout: I only like all-natural foods and beverages, organically grown, with no preservatives. Are you sure they're real lemons?

Pugsley: Yes.

Girl Scout: Well, I'll tell you what. I'll buy a cup if you buy a box of my delicious Girl Scout cookies. Do we have a deal?

Wednesday: Are they made from real Girl Scouts?

-The Addams Family (1991)

We all know those Girl Scout cookies are quite a racket. Tasty and delicious they are. I do say that if anyone tried to snatch them away from me, I might become quite angry. But I'm not sure that a full on attack would be in order.

Facebook Burglar Posts His Photo on Victim's Facebook Wall

When Washington Post editor Marc Fisher received an urgent text message from his teenage son, he rushed home to find the police pulling up to his house. Someone had broken in.

Amongst the stolen possessions was his son's laptop, complete with secure data and stored passwords. This is where the story takes a turn towards the strange.

As he tells it, the burglar popped onto his son's laptop, took a full-face photo of himself wearing a stolen coat and pointing to stolen money, and then posted it on his son's Facebook wall. Hence the Facebook Burglar.

Drunk Ice Cream Man Almost Hits Child, Cops Say

Some of us moan and groan when we hear the telltale song of an approaching ice cream truck. The parents out there need to fend off the whining, and the dieters have to resist the temptation.

But do any of us really hope the truck is manned by a drunk ice cream man?

Probably not, but a Tampa Bay neighborhood reportedly got just that this week when Ronald Purdy, a Tampa area ice cream man, nearly ran his ice cream truck into a child. He had a blood alcohol content level of .227 percent--nearly three times the legal limit.

Take a Rabbit, Leave a Rabbit: Man Charged in Bunny Theft

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Apparently someone in Lincoln, Nebraska thinks that you can exchange rabbits. The man allegedly stole a bunny from a pet store and left a jackrabbit in its place.

The incident happened at a Pet Doctor pet store. A clerk witnessed a white man in his 40s put a bunny worth $60 in his coat and walk out. The kidnapped rabbit was a white, lop-eared Holland bunny, reports.

Philadelphia Homeowner Forecloses on Wells Fargo, And Wins!

Every struggling homeowner dreams of sticking it to his mortgage company. Well, one man is living this dream against Wells Fargo, and he has the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act to thank.

Patrick Rodgers is doing well for himself. He runs a thriving music promotion business, is up to date on his mortgage, and his house is not "underwater." In fact, his house is arguably worth more than he owes, which is something his mortgage company, Wells Fargo, isn't too fond of.

New York Man Sues Boss: Her 'Voice Made Me Vomit'

Here's a lawsuit that probably isn't going to make it very far.

Anthony Dingle, the New York Housing Authority Superintendent, sued his boss claiming that her voice made him vomit. Anthony Dingle, said that his boss, Demetrice Gadson, constantly dressed him down, and "every time I heard her voice, it triggered a sickening feeling in me," reports the New York Post.

Cat Burglar: Klepto Kitty Steals Bras, Shoes, Bikinis

A California cat burglar has been caught. And his name? Dusty. The Cat.

San Mateo, a city just south of San Francisco, had been plagued by a cat burglar for the last three years. Residents had no clue what was going on--the California cat burglar was stealing strange items, such as teddy bears, towels and shoes. He even stole a bra. Who would want these things?

Confused by the odd lot of stolen items, someone set up a night vision camera to catch the perpetrator in action, reports Metro UK. The camera revealed that the neighborhood's cat burglar was actually Dusty the Cat, as it showed him dragging items from neighbors' homes in the middle of the night. One of these videos even shows the cat gingerly walking down the street with a stolen bra in his mouth.

New Jersey 'Boardwalk' Judge: Hands Off Butt Billboard

The New Jersey Transit authority wanted to take down an Atlantic City billboard that featured "near nudity," but a Superior Court judge said not so fast.

In an interesting twist, the judge in the case, Judge Nelson Johnson, authored the book Boardwalk Empire, about Atlantic City during prohibition. The book went on to become an HBO series.

Playboy Mansion Outbreak: About 100 Sickened by Virus

"I went to the Playboy Mansion but all I got was the flu, a fever, respiratory illness, pneumonia and violent headaches."

That's one idea I had for a very lame Playboy t-shirt, after over 100 people fell ill after attending a party at Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion. They were in Santa Monica for the DOMAINfest Global conference, which featured an evening at the mansion. Despite what you might think, the outbreak was not related to any venereal diseases. In fact, the outbreak was allegedly linked to a fog machine, the Los Angeles Times reports. 

Court Rejects 15-Year Sentence for Biting Cop's Finger

You gotta fight! For your right! To par-tay!

And by fight, I mean bite off the tip of a cop's finger.

Three years ago, Rafael Pichardo was enjoying a night out at an Atlantic City casino when an off-duty Atlantic City police officer (working security, of course), requested that he retrieve something that he had knocked over. Refusing, Pichardo was then asked to leave. That's when the rest of the Atlantic City police department was called in, according to New Jersey Newsroom.

Man Steals $314 from Stripper's Garter Belt

Somebody didn't tell Ronnie Menard how it works at the strip club. The 19-year-old Florida man asked for a lap dance at Fantasy's at the Beach but tried to steal a Fort Myers stripper's money during the dance.

He grabbed her garter, which snapped and then he ran out of the strip club with $314. The stripper said that she had just counted the money so she knew how much she had, WBBH News reports.

So how did they find him? Video surveillance? CSI style forensic detective work? Statewide man hunt?

Porn Condom Rule: LA to Require XXX Films to Use Condoms

Condoms make porn less watchable, but the City of Los Angeles doesn't care.

California is home to a large chunk of the country's adult entertainment industry, with the majority of production happening in the San Fernando Valley. Since 2004, state law has required condom usage on set. This law, according to LA Weekly, has gone mostly unenforced.

Instead of using condoms, the industry has been policing itself. It set up the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation, which runs a clinic funded by production companies. The clinic conducts health screenings for entertainers, reports The New York Times, and maintains a database that producers can check to confirm that actors have been tested for diseases within the last thirty days. Condoms are not part of the clinic's services.

Free Sample: Yogurt Tainted With Semen

Complaints about razors in ice cream or earrings in McDonald's hamburgers have been put to shame. Tainted yogurt is now king.

Walking through Sunflower Farmers Market, a New Mexico grocery store, a 28-year-old woman and her daughter were stopped by an employee, Anthony Garcia. He proceeded to offer her a sample of yogurt.

Woman Who Mailed Puppy Won't Get it Back

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Put a live puppy in the mail and you probably shouldn't expect to get it back.

Stacey Champion, the woman who attempted to mail a poodle from Minneapolis to Atlanta, will not be getting the animal back, according to the ruling of an administrative hearing officer.

Champion said that she was attempting to send the puppy to her 11-year-old son. She liked the idea that he would open the box and be surprised with a brand new puppy. If that package had ever made it to her son, it certainly would have been a surprise, though not the joyful kind. The box had no holes in it, no food, no water, and would have been transported in a freezing, non-pressurized cargo area.

California Man Killed by Rooster at Cockfight

It's not every day you hear that a cockfighting rooster kills a man. But for a California gambler, that's exactly what happened.

In a cockfight, roosters are armed with sharp blades to help them fight, but the blades often result in their death. This time one of those blades resulted in the death of Jose Luis Ochoa, the rooster's handler and a frequent participant in Bakersfield's illegal cockfighting rings. The man, killed by a rooster stabbing him in the calf, bled out within hours, reports NPR.

Luther Campbell Miami Mayor: 2 Live Crew Rapper Runs for Mayor

Guess who is running for Mayor of Miami? None other than Former 2 Live Crew rapper Luther Campbell. Campbell promoted his candidacy from the comfort of his desk, by writing a column in the Miami New Times. Campbell will be up against Mayor Carlos Alvarez who is facing a recall.

The Luther Campbell Miami Mayor campaign now begins, and Campbell is of course being questioned as to whether he is up for the job. He doesn't have any real political experience. Nevertheless, Campbell said he's the right person because it is time for a change, the New Times reports.

Hunter Sues Travel Agency Over Lack of Elephants to Shoot

Ever dream of shooting an elephant? No? Me either. But a Polish man did. And he's now suing a German tour operator for failing to send him to a place where he could live out his dream.

Not content with smaller or local game, the plaintiff, a Mr. I., set his crosshairs on an African elephant. And because all dreams don't come true at Disneyland, the Polish hunter hired a German tour company known for organizing hunting expeditions to find him some elephants to kill, reports Reuters.

Woman Mails Puppy, Charged with Animal Cruelty

Do you really need someone to tell you that you're not supposed to ship live puppies in the mail? Stacey Champion attempted to mail a puppy via Priority Mail from Minneapolis to Atlanta in a closed box without air holes, according to U.S. postal workers. Champion was even clever enough to inform postal workers that the box might make some noise "because it contained a toy robot," the Star Tribune reports.

Employees became quite suspicious when the box suddenly shook and fell of the counter after the woman left the post office, Postal Service spokesman Pete Nowacki said. Postal inspectors then opened the box and found a 4-month-old poodle mix. The stressed pup was panting hard.

American Apparel Nail Polish Exploding on Shelves

American Apparel is famous for a lot of things.

Provocative and controversial advertising with "cocaine-chic" women. An eccentric CEO by the name of Dov Charney. Sexual harassment lawsuits.

Now American Apparel can add a new exploit to its list: exploding nail polish.

Sex Addict Lawsuit: Glaxo Drug Turned Man into 'Gay Sex Addict'

If you're straight and not currently an addict, perhaps you'll want to think twice before you fill a prescription for Requip, a Parkinson's disease drug. Didier Jambart, a French father of two, claims that the drug turned him into a gay sex addict and gambling addict, as well as pushing him to attempt suicide three times, the AFP reports.

Jambart, 51, is suing GlaxoSmithKline for allegedly causing his life to spiral out of control due to Requip, which he was first prescribed in 2003 to reduce tremors, movement and speech disruption.