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Husband Kept Wife's Body in Freezer for 10 Years?

When two women went to clean out the house of Allan Dunn last week, they were treated to a not-so-pleasant surprise: a human body in a freezer.

Police believe that the 86-year-old man, who recently committed suicide, had been keeping his deceased wife's body on ice for the last 10 years.

Some people will do anything for government benefits.

Though his wife Margaret had purchased the Sun City Center retirement condo in 1994, UPI reports that Allan Dunn became his wife's guardian in 1999, taking legal control of her property and income.

Florida Woman Assaults Roommate With Butter

Butter assault, butter fight... you might think that flinging some butter at someone is completely harmless. After all, the stuff melts. Dawn Elizabeth Rhash, 49, of Florida, was arrested for doing just that.

Apparently, Rhash got into an argument with her male roommate about whose food was in the fridge. She got so agitated that she threw some butter at him, which struck him in the leg, according to AOL News.

The man had butter on his ankle, reports AOL News.

Wash. Girl, 15, Shot Dad with Arrow for Taking Her Cell Phone

Who among us hasn't dreamed of exacting revenge against your parents for an unfair punishment? Still, chances are, as a teen, arrow shooting was more of a dormant fantasy than a potential reality.

But for one 15-year-old girl in Tahuya, Washington, it was a possibility that earlier this week came to life.

When her dad took her cell phone, she responded with an arrow.

To the gut.

Denture Fight: Dentist Assaults Elderly Patient Over Dentures

Denture fight! Want to know how to win in a brawl against your dentist? Fight with your teeth - your fake teeth.

Local dentist Michael Hammonds of Florida was sent to jail after a denture tug-of-war this week. His opponent? 85-year old, denture-wearing Virginia Graham.

Graham and Hammonds got in a scuffle at Hammonds' office after a painful denture fitting. Hammonds was arrested and charged with false imprisonment, grand theft, battery on a person over 65 years old, and assault on a person over 65 years old, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

Utah Mother Tries to Sell Daughter's Virginity for $10,000

A Utah mother has been charged with two felony counts of aggravated sex abuse of a child and two felony counts of sexual exploitation of a minor after police learned that she was attempting to sell her daughter's virginity.

The sale price? $10,000.

The advertising? Pornographic photos and a lingerie fashion show.

According to police affidavits, the mother exchanged text messages with two men negotiating the sale of her 13-year-old daughter's virginity, reports the Associated Press.

Teen Drug Dealer Butt Dials 911 While Planning Deal

A Georgia teen was arrested recently for accidentally making a "pocket dial" (or "butt dial") to 911 during an alleged drug deal.

Daniel Moore, 18, was arrested at the Waffle House, where he works, reports the Daily Mail.

So, how does a butt dial or pocket dial work? Pretty simple. Leave your cell phone in the back pocket of your pants, and when you sit down, your butt might accidentally dial (and call) a few digits. The butt does what the butt wants, and in Moore's case, the butt wanted to call 911.

Ohio Couple Serves Time in Kiddie Pool for Rafting Flooded River

Patrons at the International Cuisine Festival in Painesville, Ohio were treated to an interesting sight this past weekend as an Ohio couple served out their kiddie pool sentence--a wonderful example of judicial discretion at work.

Now, what exactly does a kiddie pool sentence entail?

Chilling out in a plastic turquoise pool while passing out fliers.

Sandals Whirlpool Death: Man Sucked Into Resort Hot Tub Dies

A lawsuit filed by the family of John Van Hoy Jr. claims that the man was killed in an incident that can only be described as the Sandals whirlpool death--he drowned after being sucked into a hot tub drain at the Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort in Nassau, Jamaica.

The family is suing Sandals, its U.S.-based marketing company, and various hot tub part manufacturers for negligence, infliction of emotional distress, false imprisonment and product liability, reports Courthouse News Service.

Though the incident happened in Jamaica, they are suing in Florida court.

Drunk Ice Cream Man Had Bottles of Urine in Freezer

Another summer, another drunk ice cream man.

Yassir Hassan was arrested in suburban Philadelphia on Friday on suspicion of driving under the influence.

But his inebriated state was quickly forgotten after officers searched his treat truck.

In addition to ice cream, he was toting around bottles of urine--one of which was stored in the freezer.

Babysitter Fed Pot-Laced Margarine to Girl, 12

Stevie Hickey, and her pot-laced margarine, exemplifies all that which is simultaneously wonderful and horrible about unhindered access to the internet.

After learning how to make pot-laced margarine online, the 22-year-old Pennsylvania woman fed it to three children, including a 12-year-old girl she was babysitting.

Brings new meaning to I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, eh?

It's unclear how it happened, but the Associated Press reports that the mother of the 12-year-old girl called Upper Burrell Township police after finding the pot-laced margarine.

Starbucks 'Peeper' Put Hidden Camera in Women's Bathroom

If you've been to a Glendale, California Starbucks, you may have reason to blush - and feel violated. The "Starbucks Peeper" was recently arrested for putting in a secret camera in the ladies restroom. The peeping tom video recorded and took still photographs of around 45 female victims, some including children.

The alleged Starbucks Peeper is William Zafra Velasco, 25, an unemployed student. He disguised the camera as a plastic coat hook that was affixed to the wall, right across from the toilet seat, reports the Los Angeles Times.

A diligent Starbucks employee noticed the hook and called the police, who arrested Velasco shortly afterwards according to the Los Angeles Times.

Man Arrested for Making 80 911 Prank Calls in One Day

Florida man John Calvery was arrested for allegedly making dozens of prank calls to 911 and local police in Port Orange. He also made similar phone calls in Orlando, where he was subsequently arrested, reports WFTV-TV.

Calvery managed to call dispatchers around 80 times in a five-hour period, reports News 13. That amounts to about one 911 prank call every 3 to 4 minutes.

John Calvery's phone messages went from threats to the police to direct insults against law enforcement. Quotes from some of his 80-some 911 calls include:

Border Patrol Makes Bologna Bust at NM Border Crossing

U.S. agents at the Santa Teresa, New Mexico border portal made a bologna bust, when they seized 385 pounds of Mexican pork bologna this week.

Agents found the meat of this story after the driver of a pickup truck denied he had any goods to declare, reports the Washington Post. The bologna, 35 rolls of it, had been packed behind the driver's seat of a 2003 Dodge Ram pickup.

Not drugs, not undocumented immigrant workers, not counterfeit DVDs. Bologna. No, really.

Deputy Investigated Burger King Servers Over Wrong Food Order

Jason Platt, a Sheriff's deputy from Florida, is making the streets safe by launching criminal investigations into wrong Burger King orders.

If you ever ordered a Whopper Jr. with cheese, but ended up with a disgusting Whopper Jr. without cheese, Platt is your man.

Platt landed himself a police department suspension when he investigated servers at a local Florida Burger King establishment after they accidentally got his wife's order wrong, reports The Ledger.

Ban 'Relaxation' Brownies, aka Lazy Cakes, Mass. Cities Say

They look like pot brownies and they act like pot brownies, but they're completely legal and they apparently taste better.

Wondering what I'm talking about?

Lazy Cakes, the world's first relaxation brownies.

And two Massachusetts mayors want to take the melatonin-laced treats off the market.

Man Gets Six Months for Smuggling Live Spiders

Sven Koppler does not suffer from arachnophobia.

A federal court has accepted a guilty plea from Mr. Koppler on one count of smuggling wildlife into the U.S. from Germany. Koppler got caught smuggling spiders and hundreds of live tarantulas into the U.S.

Some of the adult live tarantulas measured over six inches, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Koppler, 37, a German national, admitted shipping 247 live tarantulas to federal agents in Los Angeles. In a 10-month sting operation, agents posed as buyers ordering tarantulas and spiders.

Koppler shipped the live tarantulas wrapped in colored plastic straws, and the spiders inside small plastic tubes, reports the Times.

Strange Disney Lawsuits: Donald Duck Groping Case Settled

You may find them to be the Happiest Places on Earth, but Disney Parks and Resorts are about to be exposed.

That's right, hidden from view by Mickey-shaped popsicles and mermaid princesses are fire-breathing nachos and pervy characters, all brought to light by the brave souls willing to file a lawsuit.

In an attempt to suppress the most recent Disney lawsuit alleging that Donald Duck was the newest of the Disney World characters to grope a member of the public, the purveyor of family fun has settled.

Brazilian Woman Has Right to Masturbate at Work, Court Rules

Unless your name is Ana Catarian Bezerra, don't get all handsy at work just yet. The Brazilian woman masturbates up to 18 times a day due to a strange medical condition. After filing suit against her bosses, a Brazilian court has now given her the okay to masturbate at work.

Bezerra, 36, suffers from severe anxiety and hypersexuality - something that makes her "compulsion orgasmic," reports

A single mother of three children, Bezerra works as an accountant - a seemingly buttoned-up profession for such a buttoned-down condition, reports

Feds Authorize Killing of Salmon-Eating Sea Lions

Fish. It's what's for dinner. 

And for some hungry sea lions, salmon is their fish of choice - and their fishy palate has spurred the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to move for a "kill sea lion" policy.

Officials in Oregon and Washington have been given the green light to snuff out 85 sea lions.

The reason for the brutal policy is that the sea lions are snacking on endangered salmon that are making their way up the Columbia River to spawn, reports Gawker. Every year, around 70-80 sea lions hang around the Bonneville Dam where they feast on salmon sashimi.

Police Mistake Cheese, Tortilla Dough for Cocaine

What do cocaine, cheese and tortilla dough all have in common?

To you and I? Probably nothing. But to Antonio Hernandez Carranza, all three have the ability to land a person in jail.

And after a slow-speed early morning police chase, the cheese and tortilla dough--not the cocaine--did just that.

For four days.

'Forgot I Was Naked,' Says Miss. Man, 70, Who Flashed Girls

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a naked old man! Herman Broadus, 70, was arrested in Mississippi on two counts of indecent exposure after he stood and waved, nude, to two young girls from his doorway.

Broadus has learned the hard way that carelessness can get you arrested.

"He claims he was headed to the shower, and got caught up in something on TV when he walked by it. He said he forgot he was naked, saw the girls and waved to them," said Sheriff Mike Byrd, reports The Mississippi Press.

So, what did Broadus' himself have to say about what happened?

Woman Hid Knife in Vagina, Drugs in Fat Folds, Police Say

So all those folds might serve your basic BBW in some unexpected ways. Florida arrestee Gloria Perez, 28, may have shown law enforcement a new reason to weigh in on search techniques for heavyset individuals.

Perez was arrested recently in Florida, after police broke up a brawl between Perez and another woman on a Fort Myers street. Investigating officer John Poole noticed Perez "putting her hands into her pockets and near her private area," reports

A female deputy patted Perez down, and found Perez in possession of hundreds of pills with no prescription. Deputies decided Perez appeared "increasingly nervous", then decided Perez's case might present more than meets the eye, reports

Could New British 'Viagra Condom' Encourage Safe Sex?

If you watch late night television, you'd be hard-pressed to find a channel that doesn't, at least once an hour, pitch a pill (or another product) to cure erectile dysfunction.

But what about those men who don't have E.D., yet deflate at even the thought of wearing a rubber?

Enter the 'Viagra condom.'

In its final stages of European regulatory approval, British company Futura Medical is getting ready to release CSD500, a condom that is scientifically proven to provide longer-lasting pleasure.

Woman Hid 47 Heroin Balloons Inside Vagina, Cops Say

Bank vaults, safety deposit boxes, and underneath the mattress are all viable places for a prudent person to store their valuables. Tiffany Giummo, 20, decided to keep her valuables a bit closer to home - inside her vagina.

Giummo, 20, was caught hiding 47 balloons of heroin inside her lady parts by police in Ohio last week.

Man Kept Illegal Pet Alligator Because 'Chicks Dig It'

Chicks dig alligators.

Or at least Dewayne Yarbrough thinks so.

Which is why he has been illegally housing a pet alligator for the last five years.

Woman Uses 'Intimate Area' to Smuggle Gun into Jail

We've written about women who smuggle drugs in their nether regions, and prisoners who smuggle drugs into prison via children's coloring books, but this one takes the cake.

Aisha McClinton, one of Illinois' newest jailhouse residents, is now serving 120 days for trying to smuggle a gun into a local prison.

As the local press reported it, Ms. McClinton hid it in her "intimate area."

So, "marijuana grannies," how does your garden grow? Well enough to cultivate 800 healthy marijuana plants, allege police in San Bruno, California.

After neighbors reported a break-in at a San Bruno home, cops responded to the residence of Aleen Lam, 72, and Virginia Chan Pon, 65. They found the front door broken open, and nobody home, reports

NY Burglar Butt Dials 911 While Planning Next Heist

It's not every day that a burglar butt dials 911, giving law enforcement a heads up as to his future crimes.

But three men (two brothers and their cousin) did just that, and now they're facing time behind bars.

Teen Counterfeit Ring: Fake Bills Used for School Lunch

High school is supposed to be a time for personal growth and increased maturity and responsibility, but for some, it's just a time to break the law.

Four students at Jenson Beach High School in Stuart, Florida were arrested last week after being implicated in a teen counterfeit ring.

The fake money was being used to buy school lunch.

Facebook Burglar Sentenced to 44 Months in Prison

Most people use Facebook to share cherished memories with friends or family. Users upload pictures from their children's birthday parties, and friend's graudations.

Facebook burglar Rodney Knight uploaded a picture of himself, holding stolen goods, on his victim's Facebook page.

Deaf Men Stabbed: Attackers Thought Sign Language Was Gang Signs

Something was lost in translation in Florida. The end result? Two deaf men stabbed and hospitalized.

Sign language is an interpretive language, and last Saturday at a Hallandale Beach bar a gang-banger misinterpreted one sign for another: gang signs.

Man in Cow Suit Steals Milk, Caught by Cops at Burger Joint

Everyone has different standards of dress for late-night grocery runs. Some won't leave the house without a fur coat, while the more adventurous amongst us are willing to head out in our pajamas and a pair of slippers.

But 18-year-old Jonathan Payton has taken grocery couture to a new level:

A cow suit.

Doctor Exchanged Prescriptions for Sex with Women

Insisting that he let his "little head think for [his] big head," a Florida doctor is now facing charges for drug trafficking and probably prostitution.

His crime?

He was caught during an undercover sting trading narcotic prescriptions for sex.

Talk about unethical.