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Motorcyle Rider Outruns Cops, Gets Arrested after Facebook Bragging

If 19-year-old Justin West of Yakima County, Washington learned anything over the weekend, it's that a little bit of Facebook bragging can lead to a lot of trouble.

The teen had been spotted by local law enforcement riding his off-road motorcycle in a residential area Saturday evening, but when they tried to stop him, he sped off into a ditch where the cruiser was unable to follow.

He then followed up with a Facebook post bragging about his escape.

Drunk Clown DWI: Golfer in Colorful Clothes Gets DWI in Golf Cart

To the list of bizarre drunken driving incidents, add New York's drunk clown DWI. Golfer James R. Straub, who after being described as a drunk clown by residents of Batavia, New York, was arrested for a golf cart DWI on Sunday night.

Police were alerted to Straub's strange behavior when witnesses called to report a man in a "clown suit" driving down the road in a golf cart owned by the local course, reports The Batavian.

Police found Straub, who was actually wearing an ill-conceived and highly colorful golf outfit, driving a stolen golf cart down a public road near Terry Hills Golf Course.

He has been charged with driving (dressing?) while intoxicated and refusing to take a breathalyzer test.

Massage Parlor Mistrial: Defense Lawyer Recognized as Massage Client

Federal prosecutors pursuing a massage parlor sex-trafficking case in Illinois met with an unexpected roadblock last week: a mistrial. The massage parlor mistrial occurred because the defense attorney, Douglas Rathe, was recognized by one of the testifying masseuses as a former client.

Can you say, awkward?

The case revolved around massage parlors owned by Alex "Daddy" Campbell, who allegedly trained his masseuses to give clients "extras" which included sexual favors. He also demanded money from the masseuses, often illegal immigrant women, threatening to deport them.

Man Crashes Truck into OH Adultmart to Steal $800 Life-Sized Sex Toy

Brownhelm Township, Ohio seems to be plagued with an Adultmart thief, an unidentified male who managed to make off with a stolen sex toy worth $800 early Monday morning.

Prior to the incident, the thief stole a big rig from a nearby lot, which he then drove into the store.

While the truck has been recovered, the toy still remains (thankfully?) missing.

Newlyweds Stole Reception Food 3 Hours Before Guests Arrived

Thinking about combating those high wedding costs? Steal some food!

That's what Brittany Lurch, 22, and Arthur Phillips, 32, did. The two newlyweds stole reception food hours before their scheduled wedding reception. Unfortunately, their money-saving efforts were foiled by police and they were arrested and charged with misdemeanor counts of retail theft.

Unfortunately, their arrest meant that they were unable to attend their own wedding reception.

Though, it does mean that they might be spending some quality time together defending against the criminal charges.

Squirrel's Flag Theft Caught on Camera by Toledo Police

A flag-stealing squirrel is to blame for the recent disappearances of small flags at the Toledo Police Memorial Garden in Ohio.

Officers had been noticing that flags were disappearing from the memorial for days, reports the Toledo Blade.

No suspects were spotted, and no clues were found. Until now.

The furry and elusive flag-stealing squirrel was spotted by police officers James Brown and Mark King Wednesday morning, the Toledo Blade reports.

Drunk Man Drives Limo Party Bus Home, Leaves Wallet, Pants Behind

Stealing a 40-foot party bus wasn't part of his plan, but Steven Hunter of Lincoln, Nebraska, still drunk from a night of debauchery, somehow did just that.

Cited on suspicion of criminal mischief and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle on Saturday night, police allege that Hunter drove the party bus home, somehow abandoning his wallet and a pair of pants onboard in the process.

He may have also destroyed the bathroom and lost a hubcap.

Bikini Wax Assault: Drunk Woman Denied Wax, Attacks Salon with Towel

Anna Bacon-Silveira was denied a bikini wax. The Iowa City woman then assaulted a salon employee with a towel. The strange "bikini wax" assault was spurred on by anger.

Well, that and she was drunk.

It all started when Bacon-Silveira, 39, showed up at a local salon demanding a bikini wax at around 1 p.m. on Monday.

Iowa Driving Instructor Gave Wine to Teens During Driving Lessons?

If you're looking to have some alcohol-fueled fun while learning how to drive, look no further. Driver's ed teacher Frederick Bindner was arrested after he allegedly offered some booze to his students then let them loose on the roadways

Bindner, 62, was arrested in Coralville, Iowa. He gave wine to two teenage students at an Olive Garden restaurant before letting them get behind the wheel to begin class.

A third student was present at the time but refused the wine. She then told her father who went to the police.

Drinking is a 'Handicap:' Florida State Exec Sues School for $75K

Frank Stephenson, a former director of research communications at Florida State University, has sued the school alleging that he was wrongfully terminated once administrators were made aware of his battle with alcohol.

The FSU lawsuit, which is premised on the American's with Disabilities Act, requests $75,000 in damages, and claims that the university should have provided Stephenson with a reasonable accommodation for his "handicap of alcoholism."

Florida Woman Assaults Girlfriend with 'Female Sex Toy'

Jantavia Taylor was arrested by Florida police on Monday night and is now facing felony charges for perpetrating a sex toy assault upon her girlfriend, Tamara Cadet.

Police were called to the couple's Bradenton home after an argument broke out, spilling out of the house and onto the street.

Unfortunately for one neighbor, the weapon also managed to make its way out of the house, landing in his front yard across the road.

FL Babysitter Drove With Infant in Truck Bed, Charged with Felony

Keyona Davis not your model babysitter. Davis, 23, was arrested for felony child neglect after having a friend drive a truck through some busy streets in Florida with an 8-month old infant in the truck bed.

Davis was babysitting for a friend. The baby in the truck bed was in a stroller. 

Davis sat in the back with the stroller while the truck was moving, MSNBC reports.

For her part, Davis seemed perplexed as to why she was arrested. "It's not like they give you a handbook or anything on how - what's neglect and what's not neglect," Davis said in court according to MSNBC.

Idaho Woman Faces 10 Years for Stealing Can of Beer

Police in Boise, Idaho arrested Victoria Hill on Thursday after the 35-year-old woman walked into a local grocery store and left without paying for her 23 ounce can of high-alcohol Steel Reserve beer.

Hill has now been charged with felony burglary--a crime that carries with it a sentence of no less than one year, but also no more than 10 years.

Wait, since when does stealing a $1.50 can of beer from a open grocery store equate to felony burglary?

SpongeBob Artist Sent 'Martial Arts' Goons to Attack CA Woman?

Margaret Howell, a gallery owner in California has sued Todd White, a former lead animator on SpongeBob Squarepants, accusing him of orchestrating an attack on her Huntington Beach gallery in an attempt to take over her business.

The lawsuit seeks $5.5 million from the SpongeBob artist, who allegedly hired four "martial arts experts" to physically assault, rob, and threaten Howell, even though she has been a supporter of his artwork, selling his paintings and drawings in her gallery.

Naked Fisherman Arrested in Wash. 'Wasn't a Pretty Sight'

There's nothing like fishing on a hot summer day: the sun in your hair, the feel of a cool lake breeze across your sweaty brow, the view of a naked man fishing... Okay, the last part isn't so pleasant, which might be why Dean H. Meginniss, the naked fisherman, was arrested over the weekend.

Meginniss was letting it all hang loose last Sunday afternoon at Medical Lake, Washington. He was spotted when a witness, who was accompanied by his kids, saw him stand up in his boat, exposing himself for the world to see, KREM-TV reports.

The kids likely got an eyeball-scarring view of Meginniss

OR Mom Used YouTube for Home Circumcision, Gets Probation

Arrested in April for attempting the in-home circumcision of her 3-month old son late last year, Keemonta Peterson of Portland, Oregon pled guilty to one count of first degree criminal mistreatment on Monday, with prosecutors agreeing to drop all other charges.

As per the plea agreement, the mother of four was sentenced to 5 years probation, ordered to seek mental health treatment, and must work with a specialized mental health probation officer while she serves her sentence.

Texas 'Vampire' Bites Woman: 'I Needed to Feed,' Teen Said

A grunting Texas "vampire" assaulted a woman in her home in Galveston over the weekend, telling police he "needed to feed" on her blood. Lyle Monroe Bensley, the "vampire" in question, was later arrested on charges of burglary and assault.

Bensley made his way the woman's house early on Saturday. There, he made growling noises while he hit the woman on the head and tried to bite her neck.

At some point, Bensley managed to drag the woman out of the apartment. That's when she broke free. The woman managed to run into a parking lot where she ducked into a neighbor's car. Before they were able to drive away, Bensley caught up with them and banged on the car's exterior, the Houston Chronicle reports.

Planking Ban: Western Kentucky Univ. Freshman Barred from Campus

An incoming freshman at Western Kentucky University, Tyler Webster was made the subject of a planking ban last week, effectively barring him from setting foot on campus until university officials determine whether he will be allowed to start classes in two weeks.

Apparently WKU didn't appreciate a recent article in the Bowling Green Daily News chronicling Webster's planking adventures on university grounds.

Or his alleged defacing of school property.

Married Woman Has Affair in Pickup, Gets Herpes, Sues for $350K

An unnamed 33-year-old woman from Delavan, Wisconsin has filed a herpes lawsuit against her former Edgerton lover, alleging that he exposed her to the sexually transmitted disease and failed to disclose the fact prior to their tryst.

Which happened in the back of his pickup truck.

While they were both married.

Unable to recover from the embarrassment, will the woman be able to recover the $350,000 she has asked for?

Teens Stretched Plastic Wrap Across Highway, Cause Motorcycle Accident

Four teens in Colts Neck, New Jersey were arrested last week for stretching plastic wrap across a highway--a stunt that caused a minor motorcycle accident.

Though the cyclist was not harmed, local police are now accusing the 13- and 14-year-old boys of terrorizing the town for days prior, breaking mailboxes, strewing trash, tampering with a child's swing set, and wrapping a neighbor's vehicle in the industrial-strength plastic.

The teens have been charged with interference of transportation, theft, harassment, and criminal mischief.

Real Olympics to Redneck Olympics: Drop the Name, Y'all

It turns out the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) isn't too amused by Hebron, Maine's first annual Redneck Olympics--a weekend filled with wife-carrying, bobbing for pigs' feet, and lawnmower races.

Under the guise of protecting its intellectual property, the USOC has threatened event organizer Harold Brooks, warning him to drop the name "Olympics" or else.

Ready to battle, he gave them a big, fat "no."

Deaf Man Sues NY Nudists Under ADA: No Sign Language Interpreter

A deaf man has sued for his right to have an interpreter at a nudist festival. New York resident and deaf nudist Tom Willard filed suit after the Empire Haven Nudist Park refused his request to have a sign language interpreter at one of their festivals.

Empire Haven Nudist Park offers several workshops during their festival. Willard wanted an interpreter present so he could understand what was going on. He even offered to pay for the interpreter himself if Empire Haven discounted his entry into the festival and registration fees, The Post-Standard reports.

Apparently, Willard’s efforts were in vain.

McDonald's Pimple Popper Arrested by Fla. Cops Outside Restaurant

On Monday, Police in Cape Coral, Florida arrested Owen Lemire Kato, a man who shall henceforth be known as the McDonald's Pimple Popper.

The 23-year-old was allegedly standing near a McDonald's entrance for at least 10 minutes while popping pimples on his back in a bid to gross out customers.

No one is exactly sure what incited such a dermatological display.

Graffiti Grandpa Vandalized Fla. Streets for 6 Years

The existence of graffiti grandpa Charles Wesley has probably increased the average age of captured vandals across the nation. Wesley, 71, was arrested in Florida for spray-painting the letters "SLA" on utility poles.

Prior to Wesley's arrest, officials did not know who was behind the spray-painted "SLA" initials.

The initials first appeared around six years ago, the Huffington Post reports.

'Pirate' in Boat Robbery Just Looking to Party, MA Attorney Says

Ahoy mateys! Would you like to partake in a pirate boat robbery, complete with signature skull-and-crossbones flag and clandestine nighttime plundering?

Or, does the idea of being a "pirate" in the 21st century seem a little outdated to you? Not so, according to Scott Stanton and Steven Jette.

The two men allegedly tried to rob a sailboat in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The attempted pirating began when they approached a sailboat in a motorboat. The duo's motorboat bore the iconic skull-and-crossbones flag, according to the Huffington Post.

The two men allegedly took flight in their boat after the owner saw them, the Huffington Post reports, but not before they told the owner that they were "armed."

Ala. Church Brawl: Pastor Tased, Mother Stabbed After Service

Southern churches are said to have more fun, and New Welcome Baptist Church in Grand Bay, Alabama seems to be no exception.

A laid-off music director instigated a no-holds-barred church brawl on Sunday, leaving a pastor tased, a woman stabbed, and a warrant out for the arrest of a church deacon.

To add fuel to the weird fire, the music director claims to be an R&B artist, and ran for the U.S. Senate in 2010.

Price to Ejaculate in Co-Worker's Water Bottle? $27K, Judge Rules

Back in April, Legally Weird reported on Michael Kevin Lallana, a California man convicted of ejaculating into a water bottle left on his female co-worker's desk.

The judge in that case has now ordered Lallana to pay his victim $27,400 in restitution, covering lost wages, therapy, medical expenses, as well as money expended in having the foul-tasting water tested.

She needs to file a civil suit.

'Hello Kitty' Fan Had Sex with Girl, 14, He Met on Facebook: FBI

Erik Epperson, a 22-year-old self-described Hello Kitty fan, is currently being held in a federal prison after an FBI investigation showed that he traveled from Indiana to California to have sex with a 14-year-old girl he met on Facebook.

In addition to uncovering the underage liaison, federal agents found a cache of child pornography, including videos of Epperson engaging in sexual intercourse with a group of teenage girls.

He apparently "could not find any girls over 18 years old to date because of what he believed to be his own 15-year-old girl personality."

Sex Offender at Iowa Fair Arrested in Cookie Monster Costume

At the Mississippi Valley Fair in Iowa, you'll never be able to guess who's behind the adorable, furry, blue-costumed Cookie Monster. A sex offender! James Lester Rogers, 25, was arrested for dressing up as the popular Sesame Street character.

Rogers was convicted for lascivious acts with a 7-year-old girl in 2005.

He was working at the fair in a Cookie Monster costume. Apparently, Rogers was arrested after he took off the costume head to greet a former parole officer, who then recognized him as being a convicted sex offender, reports KWQC-TV.

IL Man Aimed Shotgun at Crop-Duster: Faces Assault Charges

Aiming a shotgun at a crop-duster is apparently a crime in Tremont, Illinois where prosecutors have charged 66-year-old Kenneth Phillips with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct.

Phillips claims the small plane was "dive bombing" near a family gathering at his home on July 21, and that he was merely trying to protect his guests.

With a shotgun. From a small plane spraying chemicals.

Abercrombie Bans Woman From Buying More Clothes

A store can never reject you. After all, what kind of business would reject a customer willing to fork over money? Well, apparently Abercrombie & Fitch is one of those businesses. 

One California woman felt the sting of rejection after an Abercrombie shop ban meant that she could no longer shop at her favorite store online.

It's strange to think that you could get punished with a shop ban by exhibiting too much customer loyalty.

She wasn't banned entirely from shopping at the retailer. According to Abercrombie & Fitch, Kim Navarra was only banned from making online orders, though she could go to a physical store to shop, reports KGO-TV.

FL Man Steals Parrot From Blind Woman in Computer Swap Gone Wrong

Floridian Mark Bausch is a man who steals parrots.

Well, to be more specific, Bausch is a man who trades his pet parrot for a computer and $50, according to WKMG-TV.

Then he steals a parrot (that used to be his).

So, what exactly happened to instigate a parrot-heist? Bausch had allegedly traded in his pet bird, a sun conure worth around $300, with a 64-year-old woman and her 81-year-old mother, WKMG-TV reports.

Teen Tried to Bust Disbarred Lawyer Dad Out of Prison with Bobby Pin

In a scene straight out of a movie, Andre Glenn Rogers, 19, is being held by police after he allegedly tried to help his father break out of prison by smuggling a bobby pin into a courtroom. His father, Duane Rogers, stands accused of sexual assault.

Duane Rogers is a disbarred lawyer currently in custody in Boulder, Colorado.

The former attorney is accused of sexually assaulting a girl over a five-year period between 2003 and 2008. He has a history of trying to elude his trial - he was first scheduled to be tried in September 2009 but when he didn't show authorities found him in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, reports the Daily Camera.

Bloody Bandage Baked into Pizza Hut Crust, NY Man Says

An intact bandage? In a pizza? Wouldn't it melt?

Putting aside the heat-withstanding qualities of nylon bandages and cotton, Ken Wieczerza of Ballston Lake, New York claims that, on June 9, he bit into a leftover slice of Pizza Hut pizza only to find that a blue bandage had been baked into the bottom crust.

Removing it from his mouth, he realized that the bandage also appeared to be spotted with blood.

Hopefully it was pizza sauce.

NJ Dunkin' Donuts Prostitute: Employee Sold Sex in Parking Lot

After the Dunkin' Donuts robbers and the Dunkin' Donuts snot, you knew this was coming:

A Dunkin' Donuts prostitute.

Police in Rockaway, New Jersey have arrested Melissa Redmond, a night-shift employee, for offering up her own sexual services along with coffee and donuts.

They cheekily called the sting operation "Extra Sugar."

Dallas Sex Club Poses as Church to Avoid Paying Taxes

Glenn Hudson says that he is operating a religious group catering to the disadvantaged and youth - Dallas police say that Hudson is actually operating a sex club as a church in order to avoid taxes.

City attorneys in Dallas have now handed down a lawsuit against Hudson, which are trying to force Hudson to shut down his two "churches," called "The Playground" and "DarkSide," reports ABC News. The suit is civil in nature, and no criminal charges have been filed against Hudson.

What goes on at "The Playground" and "DarkSide"? Authorities say that when they investigated the two so-called religious institutions, they found that one was selling drugs and they saw evidence of a swinger's club in the other one.

Woman Sprays Cops with Breast Milk: Pays $200 Fine

An Ohio woman who sprayed her own breast milk on police officers won't be facing a prison sentence. Stephanie Robinette, a former school teacher, will instead be forced to pay a $200 fine plus court costs. She was also sentenced to 2 years in probation.

The breast-milk spraying incident came out of a dispute she had with her husband in late June at the Bridgewater Banquet & Conference center, reports WBNS-TV.

Robinette had struck her husband with a closed fist several times. She then locked herself into the couple's car. The police officers who responded to the incident tried to pull her out of the vehicle. At this point, she removed one of her breasts from her top, pumped it and sprayed breast milk on some of the officers, reports WBNS-TV.

Dunkin' Donuts Employee Added 'Nasal Mucus' to Cops' Coffee?

In another of a series of bizarre events occurring in Dunkin' Donuts across the country, Christopher Hildreth, a former employee at the Jaffrey, New Hampshire location, has been charged with two counts of attempted simple assault after being caught placing his own "nasal mucus" in the chain's beloved coffee.

In a slightly ironic twist, his victims were none other than Detective Joseph Hileman and Lt. Terry Choate, two local police officers who happened to watch the entire debacle on video.

Workers' Comp for Hotel Sex? Woman Injured on Business Trip

Should an employee receive workers' compensation for a sex injury incurred while on a business trip?

A court in Sydney, Australia this week has been tasked with answering just this question, with a woman claiming that she should be compensated for her sex injuries because they occurred "during the course of her employment."

She isn't a prostitute.

Want Free Pot? Register to Vote in Michigan

In perhaps something just shy of an ingenious move, a local marijuana clinic in Lansing, Michigan, was offering an incentive to register for the upcoming city council election: you register, you get pot to vote.

Of course, the clinic, called Your Healthy Choice Clinic, has now drawn the ire of the Attorney General's office, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Originally, the clinic was publicizing the deal on its website. Prospective voters would get half a gram of marijuana, or an edible marijuana product, reports the Chicago Tribune.