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Fla. Man Steals Prostitute's Baby; Cites Bad Sex?

Apparently, when the sex is bad, you get even. At least when you paid for it.

A drug-fueled party in Volusia County, Fla. reportedly ended in a kidnapping this past weekend when Carlos Rivera took his anger out on 1-year-old Lupita Gonzales. Rivera had allegedly paid Lupita's mother, Leah Wiley, for sex early Friday morning.

At some point during the encounter, Wiley was called to another room, leaving Rivera unsatisfied. So he grabbed the prostitute's baby and walked out of the house.

Joke About Having AIDS, Get Shot

Would you shoot a sexual partner who claimed to have given you AIDS? Lloyd Wilkins did, and now he's facing at least five years in prison.

After a night of drinking, Wilkins and his female victim returned to his home where they engaged in sexual intercourse. She then told him that she was infected with the AIDS virus.

In response, Wilkins grabbed a shotgun from his closet and shot her in the head. He had no idea that the AIDS confession was a complete joke.

A holiday craft fair turned violent over the weekend, when a woman accused of stealing Christmas ornaments stabbed a bystander who tried to block her getaway.

Her alleged weapon: a seashell Christmas ornament.

Ruth Wagner, 55, of Southington, Conn., faces felony charges in connection with the alleged Christmas ornament stabbing and shoplifting, the Hartford Courant reports.

NY Man Says Ex-Girlfriend Stole Sperm to Have Children

New York man Joseph Pressil, 36, is the happy father of two four-year-old twins. He used to think that the twins were born out of an accidental pregnancy with his ex-girlfriend, Anetria Burnett, who he dated for 6 months in 2007.

He was paying $800 a month in child support after a paternity test proved he was the father. He now has joint custody of his children.

But it turns out, the pregnancy might not have been so accidental after all.

Florida Man: 'Fighting Is What Redneck People Do'

Many individuals fight against stereotypes most of their lives. But Mark Thomas Wach isn't like most people. He tried to use the stereotypical "redneck" attitude as a defense for his rather questionable behavior on November 20.

The 43-year-old Florida man reportedly shot his lawn mower while drunk, fought with his 18-year-old son, and even drew a gun during the fight.

He was arrested and charged with aggravated domestic assault with a firearm and domestic battery. His defense? That he shoots at things in his yard all the time, and that fighting is what "redneck people do."

He was allegedly confused as to why he was being taken to jail over his actions.

Cue the deep voice: In a world … where a rabid Twilight fan gets ditched by her date, there's one way to make reality bite even more: Crash a car, and get arrested for DUI.

Olivia Ornelas, 18, of Aurora, Ill., was "extemely upset" when sheriff's deputies nabbed her Nov. 18 -- all because her dopey BF didn't take her on a movie date.

But getting ditched by her beau was just the opening act in Ornelas' action-adventure that fateful Friday night, WMAQ-TV reports.

Judge: 'I Had Two Robes. The Perpetrator Took One.'

"I had two robes," said perplexed Wisconsin Judge Robert Eaton on Monday. "The perpetrator took one. I'm using the other one."

Judge Eaton's statement is his reaction to a bizarre incident that took place last week.

A thief broke into the Ashland County Courthouse and pilfered one of the judge's robes. The daring criminal was caught on camera, but what's strange about the situation is that the motive of the crime seems unclear.

The thief didn't try to steal any valuables, just the robe. And he didn't take both robes, only one.

Woman Lists Gamer Husband on Craigslist

Gaming widows everywhere are quietly applauding Alyse Baddley, a 21-year-old Utah woman who tried to sell her husband on Craigslist. Fed up with the traditional head nod and deaf ears, she and her mother-in-law conspired to auction him off to the highest bidder.

Or in exchange for “an acceptable replacement.”

Baddley decided that it would be better if her husband Kyle went to a “good home” where his obsession would be tolerated. He hadn’t stopped playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare since its November 8th release date.

Thanksgiving get-togethers can be a whole lot of trouble. Turkey, booze, and prickly personalities are often a recipe for confrontation -- and can also set the table for legal retribution in a Thanksgiving lawsuit.

Of course we're not encouraging you to get litigious over leftovers, or threaten to sue for distress over your Aunt Sue's dessert. But there could be a cornucopia of ridiculous results if you take some familiar Thanksgiving scenarios to their legal extremes.

A South Carolina man faces littering fines in connection with a massive tire pile visible from space, and now authorities are piling on more charges.

Grand juries in two counties have indicted George Fontella Brown, 39, for violating the state's waste disposal law. The indictments accuse Brown of dumping at least 250,000 used tires across more than 50 acres of property, The Times and Democrat reports.

"You can see it from space," Calhoun County Council Chairman David Summers told the Associated Press. CBS Charlotte posted a satellite image showing the rubber field of dreams on its website. Teacher Put on Leave

If you're hot for teacher, there's a site that was just perfect for you. It was run by a woman named Heidi Kaeslin, and the website was aptly named ""

Kaeslin's internet ventures didn't stop there. She also owns several other domains, one of which is a little too dirty to publicize. You can use your imagination here.

Oh, and did we forget to mention that Kaeslin is also a teacher at Lincoln High School in California - hence the site's moniker? To make matters more interesting, she was allegedly helped by Richard Fields, a Stockton police officer who was assigned to the school.

Kaeslin is accused of using her school-issued laptop to maintain the sites.

UC Davis Pepper Spray Cop an Internet Sensation

Lt. John Pike. Just days ago he was a regular cop at the University of California, Davis. Now? He’s the subject of an Internet meme.

Pike got the nickname the UC Davis “pepper spray cop” on Friday when video surfaced of a protest in the university’s quad. Clad in riot gear, Pike walks down a line of protesters, casually dousing them with pepper spray.

Whether in solidarity with the Occupy protesters, or amusement at police antics, images of Lt. John Pike have been popping up across the web. And Pike? Well, he’s popping up in Guernica and Twilight’s New Moon.

FDA Scores Big in Silicone Butt Injection Bust

Some women want an oversized JLo, while others simply want the perkier Pippa. But what the alleged victims of Kimberly Smedley all have in common is that they allowed her to prey on their backside desperation.

Smedley has been arrested for giving unauthorized silicone butt injections to dozens of women. She met with the women--mostly strippers--in D.C.-area hotels after making arrangements via text message.

Some people will do anything for the perfect derrière.

A citizen's watchdog group wants a new probe into an incident involving a sheriff's deputy assigned to DARE. Sex toys and marijuana were found inside the deputy's anti-drug vehicle -- but calls for legal action are hitting the skids.

Deputy Bud Cason resigned in March after New Orleans police pulled over his SUV, emblazoned with the DARE logo.

Cason wasn't in the vehicle that Mardi Gras morning, but his friend Kentrell Smith was. Police found marijuana in the SUV and arrested Smith on drug charges, WDSU-TV reports.

Teacher Made First-Graders Rub Her Feet at School?

When you think of your child helping out at school, you think of a few common things: students clapping chalkboard erasers together, erasing lines on the blackboard, or cleaning up after art class.

It's a rare occurrence that a student's "help" comes in the form of a teacher requesting that the student rub her feet.

Apparently this shudder-inducing task is exactly what one teacher at the Batesburg Leesville Primary School in South Carolina asked of her students.

Arrested Couple Caught Having Sex in Back of TX Police Car

Public sex is one thing, but sex in a police car? That may be going a bit too far.

But apparently not far enough for Howard Windham and Tina Arie of Porter, Tex. The pair was arrested Monday afternoon on drug charges after police were called to deal with an unresponsive friend.

The thrill must have gotten to them (or perhaps it was the handcuffs), as Arie proceeded to fellate Windham while driving to the local jail.

Broken iPhone Prompts Man to Call 911 Five Times

911, what's your emergency?

"Please help me! I'm in trouble!"

What's wrong sir, are you hurt?

"No, my iPhone isn't working!"

This might sound like a bad joke, but it's not. With a little bit of imagination, this is the dialogue that may have transpired between Illinois man Michael Alan Skopec, 48, and the emergency operators he called. Skopec allegedly dialed the 911 line five times to complain about his broken Apple smartphone.

Tonight's Homework: Masturbate

It isn't rare for Tom Kubistant to ask his students to double up on their masturbation and write about it. But for Western Nevada College student Karen Royce, the instructor's request went too far.

Kubistant teaches Human Sexuality at the community college, leading class discussions about orgasms and sexual positions. Students also must write a 14-page sexual case study in which they discuss their fetishes, abuse and any "lubrication challenges."

An offended Royce has filed a sexual harassment complaint against the school.

Angry Wife Threatens to Blow Up Planes Over Husband Working Nights

Can you imagine ever feeling so angry that you threaten to blow up planes?

Most of us probably can't. But maybe you could imagine a scenario where you would threaten something violent. Like, if you found your best friend in bed with your wife. Whatever it is, most of us have a snapping point.

For Soraya Evette Billinge, a housewife from Fort Myers, Florida, her snapping point was her husband's work schedule.

She was apparently so angry and annoyed that her husband worked nights at Southwest Florida International Airport that she threatened to blow up planes.

Going paperless can be infuriating. Just ask a Charlotte man who went on a hotel vandalism rampage after he ran out of toilet paper in his room.

The alleged destruction took place between 10 p.m. and 2:30 a.m., the police report says. That's when the man apparently learned he was out of luck in the loo -- and decided his No. 1 goal was to get even.

The man stormed out of his room and found a vacant one that was being renovated, CBS Charlotte reports. Once there, he allegedly clogged the vacant room's toilet, which then overflowed.

Mom Beats School Bus Driver, Exposes Herself to Cops

A Florida mom was arrested after she beat a school bus driver while a bus full of students, including her own teen daughter, watched. Marsia Emanuel has been charged with burglary of an occupied vehicle, battery of a public education worker and disturbing the peace.

Oh, and she was also charged with indecent exposure.

It's unclear why she decided to do any of this. She exposed herself to officers before she was arrested. (Was this her own kind of police protest?)

This is only one of many unexplained facts of this case.

Man Jailed for Putting Harvard on His Resume

Seems like Harvard faker Adam Wheeler hasn't learned his lesson.

The 25-year-old was convicted of fraud last year for lying his way into the Ivy League. He was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in jail and 10 years of probation, but only served 1 month in jail.

Now it looks like he'll be serving a few more. Wheeler was arrested last week and has admitted to portraying himself as a Harvard student. Again.

Inmate Sues FL Prison for 'Cruel, Unusual' Soy Food

Soy: it's what's for dinner. At least if you're stuck eating prison food in Florida.

Sick of the Southern BBQ, meat loaf, and meaty macaroni, inmate Eric Harris has filed suit against Lake Correctional Institution. He believes that that eating so much fake meat is akin to cruel and unusual punishment.

The soy is apparently causing some painful bloat and cramping. It may or may not also be threatening his manhood.

It was a wild weekend in Wisconsin that one teenager will never forget. An 18-year-old was cut and slashed more than 300 times -- the victim of an alleged satanic sex stabbing, police say.

Two Milwaukee women, 22 and 20, are under arrest in connection with the bizarre incident, which began with an online encounter.

Something must've clicked, because the 18-year-old man decided to hop on a bus -- from his home in Arizona to the ladies' lair in Milwaukee.

An Election Day dispute has sent one man to the hospital and another to jail. Police say a poll worker in Cleveland head-butted a voter and took a bite of his nose.

The argument began when poll worker James Williams tried to lay down the law -- telling a woman her campaign signs were too close to the polling place doors.

That's when bystander Greg Flanagan stepped in. "I told him he didn't have to be such an ass," Flanagan, 49, told The Plain Dealer.

Apparently, those were fighting words.

Man Throws 2 TVs at Wife for Kissing Woman He Brought Home for Threesome

Florida man Jorge Daniel Silva, 22, orchestrated a fantasy that some men only dream of: a threesome with his wife and another woman.

The sexual rendezvous, however, hit a snag.

No, it wasn't because his wife or the other woman backed out at the last minute. And, it wasn't because Silva neglected to pick up some romantic necessities like candles or rose petals.

Instead, it was because Silva apparently forgot about something very important - his all-encompassing jealousy.

Dorothy Desjardins had reason to believe her hairdresser was having an affair with her 88-year-old husband. So the golden girl decided to get even -- by shooting her beloved in bed.

Peter is now recovering after being shot in the arm. But Dorothy, 87, faces domestic violence charges for the attack that apparently had its roots in some beauty salon banter.

Dorothy, who walks with a walker, accused her husband of cheating. Her evidence: An alleged admission by her hairdresser.

Peter denied the whole thing, got tired of arguing, and went to bed, the police report states. That's when Dorothy decided -- in her words -- "to scare the s--- out of him."

PA Man Injected Semen Into Co-Workers Yogurt, Gets 2 Years in Prison

Just when you thought the world couldn’t get any worse, it does. Blame Joseph Bartorillo, the second man to admit that he put semen in yogurt before feeding it to innocent bystanders.

The Larksville, Penn. resident has pleaded guilty to federal charges of tampering with a consumer product. Over a 20-month period, he injected his semen into yogurt containers belonging to two female co-workers.

He admitted to doing this thirteen times.

Man Swaps Halloween Jail Costume for Real Jumpsuit

Pennsylvania man Anthony James "Jinx" Law, 26, did something completely unbefitting of his last name: he committed a crime.

And ironically, he did so while dressed up in a black-and-white Halloween jail costume. Maybe he knew exactly where he was going to end up that night, and decided to preemptively dress the part.

Cops were sent over to investigate an abandoned vehicle late Halloween night. When they arrived, Law started to run from well, the law.

A federal courthouse construction site is now a crime scene, after police nabbed two college students caught having sex on a picnic table there. Mug shots of the couple -- Jarred Dauth and Maya Manseur -- are now exposed on the internet.

The public peep show took place in Jacksonville, Fla., in the wee hours of the morning, WJAX-TV reports. That's when Dauth, 21, and Manseur, 23, drank some booze and scaled the worksite's six-foot fence.

They then mounted a picnic table and made some objectionable motions.

It didn't take long for the police to show up. Dauth tried to hightail it. He didn't get far.

Girl, 9, Attacks Cop in School Bus Tantrum, Faces Felony Charges

It's not that often that a 9-year-old girl attacks a cop, spits on a bus driver, throws rocks at a school bus, and yells profanities. All of this happened during one incident. The school bus tantrum first started when the elementary school child was told to stop eating candy on the bus.

The girl, a fourth grader at the Royal Palms School in Fort Myers, Florida, didn't take too kindly to the bus driver giving her orders.

She got so mad that she yelled obscenities. She threatened to hit other children. She then started throwing asphalt at the bus.

Whale Harassment: Minimum $2,500 Fine

Whale harassment. It exists.

Just ask the pod of Humpback whales in Santa Cruz, Calif.

These newly-arrived whales are attracting much attention. Hundreds of sightseers, kayakers and boaters have taken to the coast. Though no humans have been hurt, a lone sailboat struck a pod member near Monterey Bay.

In response, the Coast Guard is striking back.

Harass a whale? Face a minimum fine of $2,500.

Man Sues to Recreate Wedding Photos of Failed Marriage

New Yorker  Todd Remis is using our legal system the way it was intended: he's suing to recreate his wedding.

Remis claims that the photographer at his 2003 wedding skipped out about fifteen minutes early. He says they failed to take photos during the last dance and the bouquet toss.

Have we mentioned that Remis is now divorced from his wife? Oh yes, the marriage is over -- he's not even sure where his former bride is. She might be living somewhere in Latvia.

But it seems he single-mindedly has one goal. He wants $48,000 to recreate the entire lavish affair so he can get it photographed. That and he wants his money back.

Car Dealer Labeled 'Taliban Toyota' Wins $7.5M Slander Verdict

Naturalized American Shawn Esfahani, whose dealership was called the "Taliban Toyota" in a smear campaign, has a verdict in hand. And it's a big one.

He's been awarded $7.5 million in damages after a jury trial in Alabama.

Esfahani is the owner of the Eastern Shore Toyota in Daphne, Alabama. His rival, Bob Tyler Toyota, is based in Pensacola, Florida.

Esfahani said that workers from the Bob Tyler dealership started spreading rumors about his background, reports Reuters.

NJ Cop Sues Deli Over Revenge Bagel With Pubic Hair

Sometimes, revenge isn't so sweet. Just ask Ryan Burke. He's being sued for putting pubic hair in a bagel sandwich ordered by Evesham police officer Jeremy Merck.

Merck frequented Good Foods to Go deli in Marlton, N.J., where Burke was a cook. But Merck also happened to be the arresting officer in a 2009 traffic arrest that cost Burke $4,400 in legal fees.

In February 2010, Burke took revenge. He laced Merck's bagel with pubic and chest hair. And he got caught.

Naked Couple Gave Acid to Their Daschund, Dog Then Killed by Car

Georgia residents Nicholas Modrich and Jamie Hughes gave acid to their dog, a long-haired dachshund named Oscar.

The poor dog was reportedly struck and killed by a car about a half mile from Modrich and Hughes' residence.

The couple might face charges of animal cruelty.

Topless Woman Leads Ohio Cops on 128-mph Chase

High-speed car chases are par for the course these days. But topless car chases? They are certainly more rare.

Enter Erin Holdsworth, 28, who treated police in Bainbridge, Ohio to such a show earlier this month. After leading police on an early-morning, 128-mph car chase, police ordered her out of her car.

She was clad only in a see-through tube top, a thong, and a pair of wedge heels.

And there's police dash cam video to prove it.