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K-2 is not good for K-9s, it turns out. In Texas, a 22-year-old man smoked synthetic marijuana popularly known as K-2 and then went on another bizarre "zombie attack".

Michael Daniel allegedly became enraged after smoking the synthetic pot and attacked family members before deciding to eat the family dog, killing it, reports the New York Daily News. Daniel was smoking the substance at home when he suddenly started attacking his family members and neighbors. 

He reportedly started running around on all fours and barking and growling like an animal.

Store break-ins are not unheard of, but one would-be burglar's head wasn't totally in the game. The man's head got caught under a stubborn garage door, which pinned him to the ground for nine hours overnight.

A manager at the Rent-A-Center in Brockton, Mass., noticed the intruder's body and legs protruding from the garage Tuesday morning, The Enterprise reports. Like any good witness, the manager pulled out his smartphone and started recording.

"How long you been in there?" the manager asks in the video. "Um ... Since this morning," the man with his right cheek pressed to the ground replies.

Teens Charged for Squirting Water with Squirt Gun

It's dangerous out there in the summer given the risk of sunburn, mosquito bites, and... drive by squirt-gun attacks?

Apparently if you live in Pennsylvania, you have to be on the lookout for random acts of squirt-gun violence. That's what happened Wednesday, when police cited four young adults for assaulting an unnamed woman and her younger brother with chlorinated water.

The woman and her brother were just standing outside her house when the group of four drove by and allegedly squirt-gunned her through the car window. They then drove off but not before the woman took down their license plate number.

So what happens to these watery assailants?

French Fry Attack: Man Charged with Oily Assault on Stepdaughter

French fries aren't good for you and too many can probably shorten your lifespan. But that's not what Massachusetts police meant when they charged James Hackett for assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

Laws criminalizing assault with a deadly weapon are often fairly open ended to allow for the many objects that can be used as deadly weapons.

This may be the first time that a french fry has fallen into that category.

Teens Attacked 5-foot-4 Kung Fu Master: 'Messed with Wrong Girl'

Two Washington teens attacked a woman on her daily run, but suddenly found themselves over matched. You see, they weren't expecting that Priscilla Dang was a kung fu expert.

Dang was taking her morning jog when two teenagers accosted her. They rode up on their bikes and one distracted her while the other allegedly slapped her butt.

Dang has taken kung fu for 18 years at her family's Summit Wushu Academy so she wasn't about to take the assault lying down.

Those boys didn't know what hit them.

Prosecutor's Can't Charge FL Man for Having Sex with Dog

Having sex with a dog can be a crime in Florida, but it depends on the type of sex.

Eric Antunes was accused of possessing child pornography. Acting on a tip, Clearwater police investigated the man and found the porn on his computer, reports The Tampa Bay Times.

Antunes admitted to downloading and watching the child porn, but when police searched his cell phone and other belongings, they made a discovery that was equally disgusting.

No Such Thing as Free Beer: Era Alaska Airlines Promotion Altered

Era Alaska Airlines ran afoul of the law when they offered free beer to customers as part of a new promotion.

The original campaign offered customers a free 6-oz glass of Denali Brewing Co.'s "Single Engine Red" with each additional glass costing $3 each. It applied to flights offered between several Alaskan cities and was scheduled to run through the end of June according to the Associated Press.

But then the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board got wind of the promotion and pulled on the plug on everyone's fun.

A Florida literacy teacher is behind bars for a bizarre exorcism ritual in which she allegedly cut and burned teenagers to rid them of demons.

Danielle Harkins, 35, taught reading and writing skills at the Lealman and Asian Neighborhood Family Center in St. Petersburg, Fla. But an off-campus extra-curricular activity last Saturday got her arrested, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

Harkins allegedly met with seven former students, all of Asian heritage, around a small bonfire near the St. Petersburg Pier. She told the teens to cut their skin to let evil spirits out, police told the Times.

A car crash on a hot day in Texas led to a hot-headed woman's arrest. But not before she allegedly ditched her kids at the crash scene ... to eat some ice cream and strip naked.

Police arrested Stephanie Dillard, 34, on suspicion of child endangerment after she allegedly crashed her car into a city bus, Houston's KPRC-TV reports.

Dillard's 5-, 12-, and 16-year-old children were along for the ride when the crash happened. But for some reason, Dillard got out of her smashed-up car and walked away from the scene, leaving her kids all alone.

Why do Abercrombie & Fitch models have "that look" on their faces in their oft-racy photos? One male model's lawsuit claims it's because he was forced to take matters into his own hands by masturbating before a photo shoot.

A&F model Benjamine Bowers is suing the retailer and a modeling agent for $1 million, gossip website TMZ reports. TMZ did not state the lawsuit's cause of action.

Bowers claims he worked retail at an A&F store until the company's casting director referred him to a modeling agent in June 2011. That's when the alleged hands-on activity took place.

An Ohio man who tried to help a friend in court was held in contempt for wearing low-sagging pants that revealed his underwear. Durrell Brooks tried to offer proof of insurance for a friend's car accident, but instead was ordered to jail for three days for his saggy attire.

"I felt I had no choice," Lorain Municipal Court Judge Mark Mihok told the local Chronicle-Telegram.

Brooks is the third person in the last month whom Judge Mihok has held in contempt for saggy pants. And Mihok is not alone in his judicial anti-saggy pants crusade.

A 65-year-old well-regarded University of Georgia professor was arrested for prostituting himself as a cross dressing drag queen named "Sasha".

In a sting operation, police officers responded to an ad placed by UGA professor Max Reinhart on the website for transsexual services.

An undercover cop met with Sasha/Reinhart, and the cross dressing professor arranged for 30 minutes of "services" for $60 with the cop. That's when the cop arrested Reinhart and charged the Georgia professor with prostitution, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Gun. Knife. Baseball bat. Ax. Wasabi covered jeans.

What do the above all have in common?

Apparently, they all can be used as dangerous weapons. Just ask 22-year-old Massachusetts college student John McGuinness who was arrested last week on a strange wasabi attack on his girlfriend.

Inmate Escapes Holding Cell Only to Burst Into KY Courtroom

Note to inmates: when you attempt to escape from your holding cell, check that you're actually leaving the building.

A Kentucky inmate could have used that advice when he took a wrong turn in his break for freedom and ended up back in court. Now instead of enjoying freedom, he's a national joke.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

A cat fight of sorts broke out at a Florida strip club, where a man tried to enter the club while holding a small kitten.

Purr-haps the kitten's presence violated the club's 18-and-over policy? Whatever the reason, bouncers denied entry to Everett Robert Lages, 47, of Port Charlotte, Fla., and told him and his kitty to shoo, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports.

That apparently rubbed Lages the wrong way. He refused to leave, plopped down outside the Emerald City Gentleman's Club in Murdock, Fla., and called 911.

Oh Lord! Woman Arrested for Praising the Lord Too Loudly

Praise the lord! Just not too loud.

A Tennessee woman, Betty Jones, was arrested for praising the lord too loudly.

It all began one Sunday in May when Jones, 54, went through her normal routine of a five-hour prayer session that included praising and dancing in her home while blasting the music of Randy Travis, Alan Jackson, and The Judds, reports The Associated Press.

KKK Can't Adopt a Highway in Georgia

The next time you drive through Georgia you might see an Adopt a Highway sign from your friendly local KKK. A local chapter in Northern Georgia applied to adopt a stretch of highway as part of the state's partnership with private organizations to beautify stretches of state highway.

Georgia denied the application, but that doesn't mean they'll be able to stop the KKK.

Time to introduce the exalted cyclops of the Klan's Realm of Georgia.

Arby's Urinal Burned Customer's Genitals, Lawsuit Claims

The last charge you'd expect in an Arby's lawsuit is a claim for loss of consortium (i.e.; loss of sexual relations).

But that's what happened in a Monument, Colorado incident involving an Arby's urinal, reports NBC.

A Walmart near St. Louis was evacuated after workers allegedly caught a shoplifting suspect cooking meth while waiting for police in a detention room.

Walmart security detained a 32-year-old woman on suspicion of shoplifting Thursday night, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports. The woman allegedly tried to walk out of the store with cosmetics and a purse that she didn't pay for.

Security officers took the woman to the store's loss-prevention office, where she was to wait for police. That's when she apparently decided to make productive use of her time.

By Maryam Ansari, Esq.

Here's a tale from the seedy underworld. It involves crime, drugs and... fast food.

Well, it's not quite from the underworld. But it is a tale from prison. Only this crime wasn't committed by a prison inmate. It was committed by a jailhouse employee.

A correctional officer has been arrested for trafficking drugs into the prison, reports NBC 13 Indiana. How did he get caught with the controlled substances?

Orville the cat's nine lives may be over, but he's been revived as a unique art project: a remote-controlled cat-carcass helicopter, which many have dubbed a "cat copter."

Dutch artist Bart Janson prefers to call it an Orvillecopter, after his feline friend who was tragically run over by a car six months ago, the Los Angeles Times reports. The furry contraption has propellers attached to its outstretched limbs, and an engine where the cat's stomach once was.

The cat copter has gotten a lot of Internet attention since its debut at an art show in Amsterdam last week. But does this type of macabre animal corpse-handling fly, under the law?

Mom Arrested for Cheering Too Loud at Daughter's Graduation

Guest post by Jennifer K. Halford, Esq.

You should celebrate when your child graduates from high school. But don't celebrate too much if it is from South Florence High School.

South Carolina mom Shannon Cooper was arrested last Saturday for cheering too loudly at her daughter's graduation ceremony.

"It all seems like a bad dream, a nightmare of what was to be one of the happiest days of our lives. I cheered for my baby and I got the cuffs." Cooper told MSNBC.

A Florida strip club patron apparently felt entitled to a refund after his VIP encounter with a stripper didn't lead to the happy ending he was hoping for, sheriff's deputies said.

Deputies in Manatee County, Fla., arrested Trevor Jessup, 21, after an exotic dancer allegedly caught him stealing cash out of her purse, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reports.

Jessup allegedly said "he paid for a sexual favor and was not pleased with the performance," according to a deputy's report.

Recent acts of cannibalism in the news are not signs of a zombie apocalypse. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention even officially said so last week, in response to reporters' questions.

"CDC does not know of a virus or condition that would reanimate the dead (or one that would present zombie-like symptoms)," a CDC spokesman said in an email to The Huffington Post.

All of the recent cannibal attacks have been inflicted by living human beings on other living humans. The attacks include:

Hospital Watched Baseball Instead of Treating Man's Erection?

Guest post by Jennifer K. Halford, Esq.

Better make sure the game isn't on the next time you need medical help.

Daren Scott reportedly learned this lesson the hard way.

Scott, a bus driver, is suing Yale-New Haven Hospital. He was driving from Boston to New York on in 2009, when he suffered a persistent and disabling erection. He claims staff at an affiliated facility failed to promptly and properly treat his erection.

Call it "Dude, Where's My Car Seat?" A pot-smoking teen mom in Arizona faces criminal charges after she strapped her infant son into a child safety seat -- which she placed on the roof of her car and then absent-mindedly drove away.

The car seat fell off the roof and landed in a nearby intersection, Phoenix police told Reuters. The mom, 19-year-old Catalina Clouser, apparently didn't notice.

Witnesses called police, and soon the young mother returned to claim her 5-week-old child, who was not hurt. It was apparently Clouser's second run-in with the cops that same night.

Gay Bar Owner Insists Bachelorette Party Ban Not Discriminatory

The Abbey, West Hollywood’s most famous gay bar, has a new policy in place and some are calling it discriminatory. Owner David Cooley has instituted a bachelorette party ban — at least until marriage is legal for everyone.

When asked about his motivation, he explained, “It’s great to see my straight women coming in celebrating with their girlfriends… [but] it was hurtful to me being gay, as well as my clientele, that we cannot have that same type of celebration.”

'Cleaning Fairy' Charged with Breaking and Tidying

A dish fairy. A laundry fairy. A cleaning fairy. Most of us wouldn't mind one or all three showing up at our home. But when they're uninvited? Well, for the sake of your mess, you've got to put your foot down.

Westlake resident Sherry Bush took this exact approach last weekend after encountering an Ohio cleaning fairy named Susan Warren. While Bush's daughter was sleeping upstairs, Warren broke into her home.

The best part is that she left a note -- on a napkin -- asking for $75 as payment for her cleaning services.

Family Robbed After Teen Posts Photo of Money on Facebook

It seems like these days posting anything on Facebook isn't safe. What kind of world do we live in when a teenage girl can't put photos of a lot of money online without someone trying to rob her?

A 17-year-old Australian girl learned the importance of common sense after two armed robbers broke into her grandmother's home in Sydney. The girl was helping her 72-year-old granny count her savings. Then, like most dingy teens, she decided it was a good idea to snap a picture of the cash and post it on Facebook.

You already know what happened next, but you'd be surprised to learn how soon after robbers came knocking.

Relatives of a Georgia man who died during a three-way sex tryst will get $3 million from the man's doctor in a medical-malpractice case.

The reason: The doctor failed to warn the man, who complained of chest pains, not to engage in physical activity prior to a medical test scheduled for the next day, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

William Martinez, 31, a married father of two from Lawrenceville, Ga., died in 2009 during a threesome with a friend and a woman who was not his wife, according to the paper. Though jurors found Martinez's doctor was liable for his death, they also partly blamed Martinez himself.