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How to Get a $4,600 Parking Ticket

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By Deanne Katz, Esq. on September 20, 2012 9:42 AM

A parking ticket can be expensive but it's even more costly if when you get it the cops discover there's a lot more wrong with your car.

Amer Meqdadi, a Georgia truck driver, was parked illegally Wednesday morning at a shopping center when the problem started. Police approached his vehicle to ticket it but what they noticed made the ticket look like small potatoes.

By the time the cops were done, Meqdadi had racked up over $4,600 in tickets for various violations. Most of them could have been avoided if he learned how to park his truck.

While writing the ticket, a police officer noticed that Meqdadi's vehicle was leaking motor oil and antifreeze. That environmental hazard earned him a ticket and also led police to follow the oil trail.

It led back to a pole in the parking lot that was damaged. The police noticed the truck's red paint on the pole and the pole's yellow paint on the truck. It didn't take rocket science to put two and two together.

It also helps the Meqdadi admitted to hitting the pole the night before and told police that he failed to report it, according to Huffington Post.

From there things went seriously downhill for Meqdadi. Police searched his car and found an outdated log book, a false record of duty, and tire violations that made the truck undriveable.

On top of all the tickets he racked up, Meqdadi had his car towed which added to his bill.

The problem with attracting police attention through a ticket is that it gives officers an opportunity to more closely inspect your car.

If they notice anything else wrong it can lead to more problems for you. Worst case scenario: if there's enough evidence they can arrest you and search your car.

That's a pretty bad worst case.

Meqdadi probably could have avoided this entire headache by just parking his car properly the first time. Then again, if he was the kind of guy to do that he probably wouldn't have had much else for police to find anyway.

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