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Florida Man Arrested for Attacking Teen with a Burrito

An alleged burrito attack may land a 36-year-old Florida man in jail.

Police say that Erik Brown "throttled" a 16-year-old relative in the face with a Taco Bell burrito as the two fought during a domestic dispute, reports The Smoking Gun. The incident occurred at their Port St. Lucie home.

The teen says that he was having an argument with his mother and brother-in-law, when Brown asked the mother to hand him a burrito. Cue the ominous music.

Lawyer Forgotten in Prison for Four Hours

Apparently, you don't need to be an inmate to find yourself incarcerated in San Diego. And this is not a one-time problem, either. It's one of those ongoing-type issues in San Diego.

A California lawyer was left in a waiting room at a San Diego jail, after guards forgot about him, according to NBC News.

Landlord Spanks Tenant for Overdue Rent, Tenant Sues

Stories where a tenant sues a landlord aren’t exactly rare, but how many of those stories involve a spanking? We couldn’t remember any either.

But that’s what happened to a 29-year-old tenant of Ron Kronenberger, the 53-year-old former Citizen of the Year in Waynesville, Ohio. The tenant was forced to drop his pants and was spanked with a belt, according to police reports.

This wasn’t a romantic interlude gone wrong. Kronenberger allegedly spanked the man during a dispute over some overdue rent. So how did he get access to the man’s bare … ahem… bottom?

Pocket-Dialing Leads to Drug Bust in New Jersey

Pocket-dialing isn’t just embarrassing. As Matthew Dollarhide learned, it can also help police in a drug bust.

Dollarhide accidentally pocket-dialed 911 in January and dispatchers heard his conversation. He was talking to two other people about selling drugs, so the dispatchers alerted local deputies in Orange City, New Jersey.

Not only could dispatchers hear what Dollarhide was saying, they pinpointed his location and sent deputies to find him. And find him, they did.

Judge to Mean Mom: No Posting About Kids on Facebook

Talk about a mean mom. A mother in New York has been banned from posting on her children's Facebook pages. In fact, she can't post about her children at all, on any social media site.

The mother of three, identified only as "Melody M," was posting comments to insult and demean her kids, reports The Huffington Post.

Specifically, she called her 10-year-old son an obscenity beginning with the letter "a." And she even defended her comment in court.

Cops Use Facebook to Inform Mom About Son's Death

A grieving mom is furious after finding out about her son's death via a cop's Facebook message -- which she didn't notice for three weeks.

Anna Lamb-Creasey's 30-year-old son, Rickie Lamb, was hit by a car and died on January 24. But Lamb-Creasey had no idea what had happened to her son; she spent weeks looking for him, even posting on his Facebook page to ask where he was.

Then on Valentine's Day, the Atlanta-area mom noticed a Facebook message from someone she didn't know. Turns out, it was a Clayton County police officer, who had bad news to share about her son.

'Can' Michigan Stop Recycling Refund Scammers From Out of State?

Only Michigan offers a 10-cent recycling refund for bottles and cans, as savvy soda sippers (and "Seinfeld" fans) can attest. But the refund is only supposed to apply to bottles and cans purchased within the state of Michigan.

At 10 cents each, the Great Lakes State offers about double what most others pay for empty bottles and cans. That's led some to bring their recyclables to Michigan so they can cash in on the extra money.

But some Michigan lawmakers have caught on, and they aren't too happy. On Tuesday, they introduced a bill that would crack down on out-of-state bottle returners.

Mom Hires Strippers for Son's 16th Birthday, Gets Arrested

A mom who hired strippers for her son's 16th birthday party could be stripped of her freedom if she's convicted on child endangerment charges.

Police say Judy Viger, 33, of Gansevoort, New York, allegedly hired two female strippers to help celebrate her son's big day. The party was held at a bowling alley, and the strippers performed lewd dances for partygoers as young as 14, reports The Times Union of Albany.

While this has to be one of the more creative ways to celebrate a teen's birthday, Viger will not be winning any "Mom of the Year" awards any time soon. In fact, she faces five criminal counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

Does Dorner Reward 'Loophole' Mean $1M Won't Be Paid?

Authorities publicly offered more than $1 million in reward money during the manhunt for ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner. But thanks to "loopholes" in how those rewards were announced, it's likely no one will be able to collect.

As you may know, Dorner dominated the headlines in Southern California for a week after gunning down police officers and those related to them. He died in a cabin that went up in flames after being cornered by law-enforcement officers.

Several private citizens were instrumental in leading authorities to Dorner. But thanks to legal loopholes in how the rewards were worded, there may be nobody collecting the prize, reports TMZ.

Yogi Sues Studio After Masturbating Man Interrupts Meditation

A New York woman was allegedly awoken from her post-yoga meditative bliss by a maintenance worker masturbating next to her. So she's suing her yoga studio.

Keiko Herskovitz is a regular at Equinox's Pure Yoga West on New York's Upper West Side. She was wrapping up her yoga practice in the shavasana pose when she says she heard someone enter the room, reports the New York Post.

Shavasana is also known as the "corpse" pose and true to form, it involves a yogi lying with her eyes shut, closing out the world, and basically acting like a corpse.

Threesome Ends With Stabbing Over Refusal to Switch Positions

A not-so-amorous threesome ended in a stabbing and the arrest of Ashley Hunter, one of two men involved in the sex tryst. The other man, Orlando DeWitt, was taken to the hospital.

Hunter and DeWitt apparently met in prison and had been out partying with several women, reports The Smoking Gun.

They left a South Dakota bar with a woman named Leticia last Friday. During the night, DeWitt and Leticia began having sex on the living room couch.

Hunter eventually joined the action and wanted to switch positions with DeWitt. That's when things turned violent.

Cupid's Arrow Fail: Top 5 Weird Valentine's Day Arrests

Valentine's Day is a day for love and romance. It's not often a day you equate with jail and arrests.

But people do get arrested on Valentine's Day. And some of those arrest stories can be very interesting, if not downright weird.

Here are five of the craziest Valentine's Day arrests:

Snake-Handling Pastor Wants Confiscated Snakes Back for Church

Snake-handling pastor Gregory Coots had his snakes confiscated by Tennessee wildlife agents. But he's praying he'll get them back for his Sunday services.

Unfortunately for him and his congregation, it doesn't seem like that's ssssso likely at this point.

Coots is a pastor in Middlesboro, Kentucky, known for using snakes in church services. He was driving through Tennessee on his way home from Alabama, where he'd just purchased five snakes.

Police pulled Coots over for having illegally tinted windows. But when they saw the snakes, it created a whole new problem.

5 Weird Tax Deductions You May Be Able to Claim

Tax season is upon us. Around this time of year, many accountants and taxpayers are scrambling, trying to figure out the smartest and most creative tax deductions.

The Internal Revenue Code is jam-packed with all sorts of tax deductions. Some taxpayers have been creative over the years and come up with some truly crazy schemes to deduct expenses on their tax returns.

Here are five of the weirdest tax deductions approved by the IRS:

Disneyland Character Refused to Hug Black Kids, Lawsuit Claims

Disneyland is "the happiest place on earth," unless you are one of the black kids who were allegedly rejected by the White Rabbit last August.

Jason and Annelia Black, who are African American, say they took their sons to Disneyland last summer. When they saw an actor dressed as the White Rabbit from "Alice in Wonderland," Jason Jr. and his brother Elijah both wanted to take a photo with the character.

They got their photo, but the actor refused to hug the boys or shake their hands, their parents claim. However, when a white family showed up, the rabbit's affectionate demeanor returned. The Blacks filed a complaint.

Mom French-Kisses Son in Jail to Smuggle Drugs

A loving New York mom french-kissed her son in jail -- and then got busted for illegally passing drugs to an inmate.

In an elaborate (and icky) smooching scheme, Kimberly Margeson, 54, allegedly popped two Oxycodone pills into her mouth when she visited her son, William Partridge, at a jail in Yates County, New York, reports the New York Daily News.

During the visit, the affectionate mother appeared to french kiss her 30-year-old son. As the two were locking lips, the mother was allegedly able to transfer the pills from her mouth into her son's mouth.

Victim's Prosthetic Eye Pops Out, Prompts Mistrial

A prosthetic eye popped out as a victim testified from the witness stand, prompting a Philadelphia judge to declare a mistrial.

John Huttick wept in the witness box as he recounted an early morning fight outside a tavern in 2011. The 48-year-old told jurors he tried to intervene in a fight and was punched by 23-year-old Matthew Brunelli, costing him his left eye.

But in mid-testimony, Huttick's prosthetic eye literally popped out of its socket, causing jurors to gasp and rise as if to get away from the gruesome sight, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Man's DUI Alibi: Aliens Dumped Him at Crash Site

A DUI suspect in Georgia insists that he couldn't possibly have been driving drunk. Instead, he claims aliens dumped him near the site of an alleged DUI crash.

Alas, sheriff's deputies did not find any little green men to confirm Joel Lankford's story, so he was charged with driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident.

What actually happened, and could extraterrestrials have been involved?

Whale Sushi Scandal Resurfaces; Prison, Fines Are Possible

A whale sushi scandal has already led to dismissed criminal charges and the closure of The Hump, a once-popular sushi restaurant in Santa Monica, California. Now the sushi chefs are on the chopping block again.

The scandal broke in 2010 when federal officials discovered that two of The Hump's sushi chefs, Kiyoshiro Yamamoto and Susumu Ueda, were allegedly selling illegal whale meat to customers. The chefs were charged with misdemeanors, but those charges were later dropped.

But there's been some additional investigation since then, and with that new information a grand jury has now indicted the chefs on felony charges. So they're preparing for trial once again.

Middle Finger to Judge Gets Fla. Woman 30 Days in Jail

Penelope Soto may have been blowing off steam when she gave a judge the middle finger, but he didn't take it kindly. In response to her disrespect, the judge put her in jail for 30 days on a contempt charge.

Soto was arrested for drug possession when she was allegedly found with Xanax in Florida. On Monday, she had a hearing with Circuit Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat.

The hearing was only intended to determine the appropriate bail. But one thing led to another, and now Soto is going to spend time behind bars before her case is even heard.

Hot Dog! Eye Injury Lawsuit Against Kansas City Royals Revived

A Kansas City Royals fan's lawsuit over a hot dog in the eye will have another day in court.

John Coomer says that he was hit in the eye by a flying hot dog during a 2009 Royals game. He claims to have suffered a detached retina and other injuries when a foil-wrapped hot dog launched by the Royals mascot Sluggerrr smacked him in the face, reports The Kansas City Star.

At his original trial in 2011, Coomer lost. Jurors found that getting struck in the face by flying hot dogs was an inherent risk of attending a professional baseball game.

So apparently when your team hasn't won in decades, you should expect food projectiles in the stands?