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Dog Knocks Car Into Gear, Runs Over Man

It's not everyday that you read a "dog runs over man" headline, but that's apparently what happened in Pennsylvania.

Police say a dog was left inside a running car when the animal accidentally knocked the vehicle into gear, reports the York Daily Record.

As the vehicle started to slowly drive away, an unidentified man tried to stop the car before it hit a parked truck. However, the man was unsuccessful in his attempt and ended up getting pinched between the two vehicles.

Teen Breaks Into Home to Check Facebook, Urinate on Couch

A University of Georgia student allegedly broke into a woman's home to check her Facebook account. The teen also did something the home's occupant didn't "like": She emptied her bladder on the couch.

A woman in Athens, Georgia, told police she returned home Sunday afternoon and found an intruder sitting in her living room using her laptop computer, reports the Athens Banner-Herald.

The intruder ran off after the resident came home, but left her Facebook page open on the computer screen. That's what allowed the resident to identify her when she reported the incident to police.

'Pot Bars' Test Limits of Colo., Wash. Marijuana Laws

With the legalization of recreational marijuana use in Colorado and Washington, entrepreneurs are now testing the limits of these laws by opening up "pot bars" and private clubs.

Last fall, voters in the two states legalized marijuana use for adults over the age of 21. However, the use of pot must be in private. You can't just walk around a public park or other public area smoking a joint.

To provide a place for pot smokers to hang out, a variety of businesses have cropped up in these two states, including pot bars, cafes, and clubs, reports The Associated Press.

Escort Bites Man's Genitals, Charged With Attempted Murder

An escort who allegedly bit a man's genitals is facing attempted murder charges in Florida, reports The Huffington Post.

The woman, Priscilla Vaughn, was heard growling in a hotel room near Orlando. She'd allegedly met her date through an escort website.

According to the victim's accounts to sheriff's deputies, the pair had dinner at Applebee's, shared some drinks and then smoked marijuana.

Wis. Nude Beach Shut Down, but Only on Weekdays

Wisconsin authorities have shut down one of the most popular nude beaches in the country. The nude beach shutdown follows years of efforts to stop public sex and drug use on the beach.

Nudists have been making pilgrimages to the public beach located on the Wisconsin River for years, reports The Christian Science Monitor. While authorities in the liberal Dane County largely ignored the public nudity, they could not turn a blind eye to the public sex and drug use that followed.

But if the problem is really that pervasive, why is the nude beach only being shut down on weekdays?

Spa Owner's Fish Pedicure Lawsuit All Washed Up

Arizona's shutdown of a "fish pedicure" spa was lawful, and did not violate the spa owner's constitutional rights, an Arizona court has ruled.

But exactly what are "fish pedicures"? And why did the Arizona Board of Cosmetology find it too fishy for a nail salon in the Phoenix suburb of Gilbert?

Just ask Cindy Vong, the manager of La Vie Nails & Spa. Her salon offered a service called "Spa Fish" that would allow tiny fish to nibble off the dead skin on people's feet.

Teen Shoots Self in Groin, Blames 'Ninjas'

An Illinois teen who shot himself in the groin gave police a weird explanation: He blamed "ninjas" for causing his injuries.

The unidentified 17-year-old was playing with a gun when it accidentally went off, shooting himself in the "lower groin" area, police say. At the time, the teen was riding in the backseat of a car, The Huffington Post reports.

Given the painfully embarrassing act, police say that the teen then tried to spin to them a less embarrassing account of why he'd been shot. That tale included an attack by armed ninjas.

Drunk Prison Guard Shoots Own Finger to Remove Wedding Ring

A federal prison guard in Pennsylvania is accused of shooting his own finger off at his home. If that isn't strange enough, he allegedly took this drastic measure to remove his wedding ring.

Perhaps weirder still: He's now facing criminal charges over the incident.

Police received reports of gunfire at the home of 31-year-old Alfredo Fortunato Malespini III, reports The Bradford Era. When officers arrived, they found a bloody scene.

Woman Busted for Selling VHS Porn Tapes Door-to-Door

A South Carolina woman has been busted for selling porn videos door-to-door. And not just any porn videos, mind you: This classic collection was on videotape. As in VHS.

Let's rewind just a bit: Jeanette Ellis, 52, told police she discovered a box of discarded VHS porn tapes near her home. She felt that the obvious thing to do would be to walk around her neighborhood trying to sell the porn tapes, reports The Smoking Gun.

But when she came a-knocking at one neighbor's house, that neighbor called the cops. Ellis was arrested and charged -- but not for distribution of porn.

Applebee's Customer Arrested for Using Waitress' Stolen ID

What goes around comes right back around, in some cases.

A woman who was the victim of identity theft was handed her own stolen ID when she carded a customer at an Applebee's in Colorado, where she works as a waitress.

Brianna Priddy's wallet was stolen the day before Valentine's Day, during a night out on the town. Then someone began writing bad checks using her identity, Denver's KUSA-TV reports.

Pantsless DWI Suspect Hops on Toy Truck to Escape

Here's a free tip for drivers involved in DWI accidents: A toy truck does not a getaway car make.

That's silly advice, you say? Everyone knows that, you say? Well Jamie Jeanette Craft of Jonesboro, Arkansas, apparently didn't know it when she tried to flee the scene of an alleged DWI crash.

Or perhaps she did know but just couldn't remember it at the time. Either way, she was busted when police quickly caught up with her.

Woman Cooking Waffles Shot by Preheating Oven

A woman in Florida was shot by an oven when trying to make waffles.

That sentence alone deserves some context. Aalaya Walker was at a friend's house. She decided to have some late-night waffles and pre-heated the oven, NBC News reports.

She should have checked inside the oven before she turned it on. Had she checked, she would have known that her friend had stored a magazine from a .45-caliber Glock 21 there.

N.Y. Man Ticketed for Laughing Too Loud

If you needed more proof that Long Island, New York, doesn't want people to have any fun, look no further than the man who was ticketed for laughing too loud.

Robert Schiavelli was charged twice with "disturbing the peace" after his neighbor complained about him laughing loudly. The neighbor said the laughter, which came from Schiavelli's own home, could be heard across the driveway.

It's true that the law requires people to act respectfully towards neighbors and keep noise down most of the time. But does that really forbid laughter?

'50 Shades of Grey' Porn Countersuit Claims Public Domain

Last year, Universal Studios sued adult film producers Smash Pictures over a porn parody of "Fifty Shades of Grey." Universal claimed that Smash violated its copyright and trademark rights.

Now, Smash has filed a countersuit against Universal, which is basically a lawsuit against someone who sued you.

Smash says that Universal asserted invalid and unenforceable copyrights on the book, reports The Hollywood Reporter. In fact, they claim that Universal paid $5 million for the rights to a book that is already in the public domain -- meaning that anyone in the public can lawfully and freely use it.

Sperm Donor Sues Clinic for Letting Ex-Girlfriend Use His Sperm

Talk about a strange paternity lawsuit. A Louisiana man claims his ex-girlfriend stole his sperm and had a child without his consent.

Layne Hardin, 44, has now filed a lawsuit against Obstetrical and Gynecological Associates after he claims the company gave two vials of his sperm to his ex, Houston's KHOU-TV reports.

The sperm donation was made specifically for another woman, Hardin claims. But somehow, it got into the hands of his ex-girlfriend.

Homeless Man Sues Parents for Not Loving Him Enough

A homeless man is suing his parents for not getting enough love.

Bernard Bey, 32, of Brooklyn, blames his joblessness and homelessness on his parents. Bey alleges he was not loved enough and neglected as a child, reports New York's WNBC-TV. As a result, he finds himself in his current predicament: filing a lawsuit against his parents for being homeless.

Not surprisingly, the lawsuit is self-written. Bey claims that his parents caused him mental anguish and made him feel "unloved and beaten by the world."

Does 'Harlem Shake' on a Plane Fly With the FAA?

The "Harlem Shake" is happening everywhere -- in college dorms, libraries, on the street, and to the dismay of the Federal Aviation Administration, on a plane.

Students from Colorado College's Ultimate Frisbee team filmed a version of the popular dance video meme while on board a Frontier Airlines flight to San Diego. They even got the other passengers to participate in the fun, as shown in the video.

But it seems the FAA isn't enjoying the contribution to Internet humor. It's investigating the incident to make sure no rules were broken.

Dog Shoots Owner While Riding Shotgun

A dog reportedly shot its owner in a strange tale out of Florida. The dog may have taken riding shotgun too literally when it set off a loaded gun that Gregory Dale Lanier was transporting in his car.

As the two drove, the dog accidentally kicked the gun, firing a bullet into Lanier's leg. The gun owner says that he thought the weapon was not loaded at the time, reports Yahoo! News.

Florida police took the time to report that they "did not arrest the dog." But can the same be said for the gun owner?