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Baseball Field Sex Romp Busted by 25 Cops on Bikes

A Philadelphia-area couple was caught doing the nasty by a cadre of bicycle cops when the officers rode by to find the two mid-coitus in a public park.

Richard McBride and Jennifer Harvey were stopped by a swarm of Upper Darby police officers on the baseball field of a neighborhood park. Officers confirmed that they were well past first base, reports Philadelphia's WPVI-TV.

Just to be clear, sex in public places is illegal in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. And even acts short of full-on intercourse can have you facing criminal charges.

Immigration Officer Allegedly Bribed With 200 Egg Rolls

An immigration officer in Southern California has been indicted on charges that she took bribes in cash and egg rolls from immigrants seeking citizenship and green cards.

Mai Nhu Nguyen, 47, of Irvine, was indicted by a grand jury Wednesday on three counts of solicitation of a bribe by a public official, reports the Associated Press.

But how do they know it was a bribe?

Man's Midnight 'Test Drive' Ends in Burglary Arrest

A New Jersey man has been charged with burglary after taking a car for a test drive -- at midnight, long after the dealership had closed.

When David Fletcher, 44, went to a Kia dealership after midnight and saw that a shiny new 2014 Kia had keys in it, he allegedly "decided to take the vehicle for a test drive," police in Mount Olive, New Jersey, said in a statement, according to

So why is this an alleged burglary, despite Fletcher's claim that it was only a test drive?

Son Assaults Disabled Dad in Fight Over Kool-Aid

Some people take their artificially flavored fruit punch power-mix very seriously, as evidenced by what happened in a recent Kool-Aid fight that ended up in an assault.

Brandon Antron Crosley, 22, of Cocoa, Florida, was apparently making Kool-Aid last week when his father, 48-year-old Greg Crosley, tried to share some tips on how to prepare it more properly.

Brandon did not take this well. He allegedly punched his dad in the head a few times. He then fled the apartment. OHHH YEAAHHH.

Sisters Sue Dad Over College Tuition Promise

Four sisters are suing their dad over college tuition. The alleged deadbeat doctor dad supposedly reneged on a promise to pay for his youngest daugher's college education, according to court documents.

Nora, Magdalena, Ina and Lola Kelleher filed the lawsuit against their father, Daniel Kelleher, a child psychologist based in Connecticut, reports the New York Post.

Leave it to a child psychologist's kids to sue a parent, right?

Fla. Man Allegedly Tries to Kill Wife, Breaks Own Neck

A Florida man allegedly attempted to murder his sleeping wife, but instead broke his own neck. Steven Pinel, 49, otherwise known as The Worst Criminal Ever, allegedly tried to shoot his wife in the face around midnight as she slept in their Bradenton home.

The blow, however, "didn't render her unconscious," the local police chief told the Bradenton Herald.

The chief said "there was an issue" with the gun and Pinel was unable to keep firing. His wife was able to flee.

That's when Poor Pinel's Lemony Snickett-style series of unfortunate events began...

Man Asserts 'Right' to Goat Sex, Gets Arrested

A Wisconsin man's arrest may have goat sex advocates bleating for their constitutional rights. What would PETA say about this?

Shaun Orris, a 41-year-old advocate of goat love, was arrested for disorderly conduct at a Waukesha area restaurant, where he wouldn't stop pestering patrons about their supposed constitutional right to intercourse with goats, reports Milwaukee's WITI-TV.

Don't be caught sitting on your constitutional right to boink goats, read on!

Armed Robbery Victim Gets 'Pantsed' at Gunpoint

Armed robbers may want more than the contents of your pockets; they may demand your pants too.

A Tulsa man had his car, dignity, and pants stripped from him Sunday by a pair of armed robbers, who approached the victim while he was refueling his car, reports the Tulsa World.

Armed robbery and carjacking are definitely illegal. But pantsing?

Bear Mauls Man Who May Face Charges for Feeding It

A bear mauled a man after he drunkenly tried to feed the animal, according to Alaska State Troopers. Now the man may get bitten again -- this time, by the law.

The unidentified man was at a church picnic at a lake north of Anchorage when he decided to break away for a bike ride, bringing with him leftover food from the barbecue, according to the Anchorage Daily News. Troopers report that he flung barbecued meat at the bear.

After the bear gobbled up the first piece, the man tossed another one, and that's when the bear began its attack.

That's also when the man may have violated the law.

Ohio Police Chief 'Shames' Criminals on Facebook

An Ohio police chief is "shaming" alleged criminals on Facebook, and people can't get enough it.

Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver uses humor and honesty in his Facebook posts to inform residents about what's going on in their community, the Associated Press reports. The lighthearted posts give people insight into police work that one might not typically find on TV shows like "Law and Order" or "CSI."

Those shows might want to borrow Oliver's style: The department's Facebook page has more than 52,000 "likes" and counting.

'Happy Birthday to You' Lawsuit Wishes for End to Licensing Fees

A not-so-happy "Happy Birthday to You" lawsuit insists the popular song belongs to the public, and not to Warner/Chappell Music Inc., the publishing division of Warner Music Group.

A proposed class action suit requests that a federal court deem the song's rightful place to be in the public domain. As it's been more than 120 years since the melody and lyrics were first published, Warner is wrongfully and unlawfully claiming ownership to "Happy Birthday to You," the lawsuit asserts.

The suit also argues that Warner/Chappell collects more than $2 million a year in licensing fees on the song, Reuters reports. Will the plaintiff's wish for a return of those fees come true?

After Penis Implant, Man Sues Over 8-Month Erection

A New Jersey man's penis implant lawsuit cropped up after his alleged eight-month erection. Let's call it the impending made-for TV movie "The Great Stick-Up: A Different Kind of Shootout." (Spoiler alert: The remedy sought doesn't involve Lorena Bobbitt).

Daniel Metzgar, a trucker who fell on hard times from an allegedly faulty penile implant, is suing the doctor for medical malpractice, reports UPI.

Arrested 396 Times, Woman to Enter Treatment Program

After being arrested 396 times, a Chicago woman has agreed to a plea deal that will send her to a mental health and substance abuse treatment program, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

Guess the third time (times 132) is the charm...

The judge's statement of extending an olive branch to Shermain Miles, 51, was pretty sweet:

5 Dumb Ways Dads Get Arrested

Cake, cards and cuffs. Is your dad getting arrested this Father's Day?

We've previously covered the ridiculous ways moms get arrested. Now it's time to turn the tables on Pops. Count your lucky stars the next time your dad cracks a corny joke that you think should be criminal.

Here are five dumb ways dads have actually gotten arrested:

Oh Deer! Couple Fights to Keep Fawn as Pet

Keeping a pet deer is a common childhood fantasy, and apparently, not everyone outgrows that dream. A couple in Michigan is filing a lawsuit to keep their real-life Bambi, reports Business Insider.

No, seriously, it really is like "Bambi."

'GAYPWR' License Plate OK in Ga., but Not H8SPCH

Vanity license plates share various sentiments, and in Georgia, "GAYPWR" is now one of them.

The state settled on Wednesday with James Cyrus Gilbert of Atlanta, who sued Georgia for previously not approving his requests for a "GAYGUY," "4GAYLIB," or "GAYPWR" license plate, reports Reuters.

This settlement was part of a larger move by Georgia to tighten down on free speech action above the tailpipe.

DNA on Beer Cans Cited by Prosecutors, Defense in 2 Cases

Anyone who has enjoyed drinking a beer has probably left a little bit of DNA (from their saliva) on the can.

But as seen in two separate incidents this week, DNA and beer cans can get caught up in an incriminating -- or even potentially exonerating -- tango. In one case, a defendant is using a DNA-laden beer can as a last-ditch defense to rape.

Saggy Pants Laws On the Rise, but Are They Legal?

New Jersey has no love for saggy pants, especially after the mayor of Wildwood proposed a ban on droopy drawers in an attempt to raise standards.

Mayor Ernie Troiano Jr. is rallying behind the ban in hopes that he can lessen the amount of "rear ends sticking out" along his city's boardwalk, reports ABC News.

Wildwood isn't the only city trying to bring order to a beltless world, and other cities have already successfully implemented saggy pants laws.

Dad Wears Nazi Uniform for Child Custody Court Hearing

Fit for a Tarantino film, a Nazi dad in the middle of a child custody battle donned a Nazi uniform in court.

The dad, Heath Campbell, "suited up" in a New Jersey courthouse to petition a family court judge to allow him to see his youngest son, reports Philadelphia's WCAU-TV.

The father claims he lost custody of three older children because he gave them Nazi-inspired names. But the state says there was previous violence in the home.

Rihanna-Endorsed Lipstick Gave Woman Herpes, Lawsuit Claims

A woman from Harlem is claiming that a Rihanna-endorsed lipstick gave her herpes.

Starkeema Greenidge, 28, was at a Rihanna concert in Brooklyn where a MAC Cosmetics representative let her sample a used stick of "RiRi Woo."

A couple days later, Greenidge says she discovered a cold sore on her lip, which her doctor subsequently diagnosed as herpes. She couldn't work for two weeks, an ordeal that "cost me a lot of money," she told the New York Daily News.

Painful mouth sores aside, does Greenidge actually have a case?