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Meet Bear. Bear is a very good dog. Who's a good boy? Bear. Who deserves a treat? Bear does. Because Bear is part of the police team that nailed ex-Subway ad man Jared Fogle on child pornography and underage sex charges.

In fact, without the help of Bear's very, very good dog nose, law enforcement may have lacked the essential evidence necessary to get Fogle's guilty plea. We all owe Bear a belly rub.

I'm sick. I have a doctor's appointment. My dog needs to go to the vet. A sinkhole ate my house. My grandmother died. These are all perfectly fine lies to tell your coworkers about why you're not at work.

But, I've been kidnapped? As we learned in The Big Lebowski, that's where we draw a line in the sand, dude.

We've all had that moment, right? Just after a heated exchange we think of the exact right thing to say. Well what if it doesn't hit you until 30 years later? Is that too late to pick up the argument again?

One man in Kentucky didn't think so, and his effort to win an argument with his deceased father landed him in jail.

Look, we get it -- that ticket you got was complete b.s. and you shouldn't even have to pay this fine. So why make it easy on yourself and cut a check when you can increase the hassle, possibly incur more fines, and make an innocent clerk's life miserable by paying in pennies?

You're gonna make a statement! You're gonna stick it to the man by making an extra trip to the bank, getting some small coins, rolling them up, and handing the exact same amount over to the city as you would have paid anyway! You rebel! That'll teach those jack-booted parking cops to ticket you $25 for parking on the wrong side of the road!

Despite not being a selfie at all, so-called "ballot selfies" are now legal in New Hampshire. A federal judge struck down the state's ban on posting photographs of filled-out voting ballots, which are obviously not the face of the person taking the picture.

The judge overturned the law on free speech grounds, which apparently means everyone is free to call any old photo a "selfie" these days.

Have a good excuse for getting out of jury duty? Bag it. If the former leader of the free world can show up and serve, so can you.

Former President George W. Bush reported for jury duty on Wednesday, destroying everyone else's chances of skirting jury service on a flimsy excuse. Thanks, Dubya.