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Man Gets DUI for Riding a Horse on a Freeway

Everyone knows that you can get arrested for driving a car under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. But, even though DUI stands for "driving under the influence," you can actually get a DUI for "driving" things other than cars as well. For example, the police recently arrested a man for a DUI because he was riding his horse on a Southern California freeway.

The man was arrested after failing a field sobriety test, and had a blood-alcohol level of more than double the legal limit in California, according to CHP. Interestingly enough, this isn't the first time a person has been arrested for a DUI while riding a horse.

11-Year-Old Summoned for Jury Duty

Although most people don't enjoy getting a jury summons in the mail, there was at least one Pennsylvania resident who didn't feel that way. Jeanette Fox's son, Luke, was very excited when he was summoned for jury duty. But, there was a problem: Luke is only 11 years old and, unfortunately for him, a person has to be at least 18 years old to serve on a jury.

So, what happens when someone is over 18 years old and doesn't want to serve on a jury? Well, unless you have a valid excuse - and make the court aware of the excuse - you can actually get into trouble for not showing up when summoned for jury duty.

Psychic Pleads Guilty to Scamming People

Psychics are supposed to know what's coming, that's why people go to them, after all. But it seems that one psychic in Maryland didn't see her arrest coming. Gina Marie Marks, who used the name Natalie Miller when conducting business, was arrested at Miami International Airport and has pleaded guilty to multiple counts of felony theft. She now faces up to 6 years in prison for scamming $340,000 out of her clients.

Landlord Caught on Camera Drinking Tenant's Liquor

Here's something that would have you questioning your roommate: coming home to find that your alcohol bottles are drained and finding puddles of urine on the floor. This is exactly what happened to a couple living in an apartment in Half Moon Bay. For months, Paul Arihara and Leina Sarafina would notice their alcohol bottles getting lower and would smell urine. At first, Arihara blamed Sarafina for secretly drinking the liquor and her dogs for the smell of urine. But, after her denials, the couple decided to set up cameras to record their apartment while they weren't home.

Roman Empire Doctrine Justifies New Jersey Beach Opening

'What have the Romans ever done for us?' New Jersey beachgoers might soon have another item to add to the extensive list. A key state legislative committee advanced a bill to clarify the state's public trust doctrine as it relates to public access to beaches in the Garden State. It's the latest example of the truism that old laws are often good laws.

Protesting Biker 'Throttles' Traffic Outside the FCC Headquarters

A video-shooting, bike-riding protestor's 'throttling' of traffic outside FCC headquarters is once-again drawing attention to the FCC's decision to roll-back so-called net neutrality rules. Creative protests are an American tradition, as is increasingly slow-moving traffic in major cities. Put the two together and you get a potent and, depending on your point of view, humorous or annoyingly aggravating protest.

Can You Legally Swap Someone's Face Into Porn Without Consent?

Your face is yours forever, but so are many pics and videos online. Scary, isn't it? You don't know the half of it. In a sign of the times, questions are being raised over the legality of swapping people's faces onto pornographic videos and images. It's an uncomfortable subject that leads to uncomfortable answers from legislators and lawyers.