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In-N-Out Seeks Restraining Order Against YouTube Prankster

Some people will do anything for 15 minutes of internet fame. Much of it is harmless, some completely reckless, and some just sort of annoying. A 27-year-old YouTube prankster is finding out that occasionally stunts can also get you into legal trouble. In-N-Out Burger is seeking a restraining order against the YouTube star after a series of pranks inside two of their L.A. restaurants.

200 Roosters Held in Arkansas Jail Evidence in Cockfighting Case

What do you do when you have to keep hundreds of roosters as evidence of a crime? Put 'em in jail. That's what one Arkansas sheriff decided to do after arresting over a hundred people suspected of participating in cockfighting. Now a court will have to decide what to do with the jailbirds while neighbors put up with the noise.

Smoke While Walking Should Be Banned, Says NYC Council Member

At this point, everyone knows the dangers of smoking cigarettes. While some people choose to smoke knowing the risks, others are exposed to the risks -- and the smells -- without a choice. One Democrat in New York is trying to reduce non-smokers' exposure to cigarette smoke by asking the New York City Council to ban smoking while walking.

Why Are So Many Spring Breakers Getting Arrested?

Spring break is a magical time of the school year whether you travel, catch up on sleep, or spend quality time with Netflix. But for some, spring break could include a little jail time as well, sitting uncomfortably close to someone who's clearly been arrested on more than a few occasions.

In an effort to make the beaches more safe, law enforcement is cracking down on alcohol-related crimes, including underage drinking. So, if you're headed to the water, make sure you're aware of the local laws. Otherwise, your spring break album may include an unfortunate mug shot.

Dog Dies in United Flight: Is the Airline Liable?

Traveling on an airplane requires passengers to obey various rules and instructions. So, when a flight attendant instructs you to do something, or cease doing something, you obey. After all, disobeying a flight attendant can result in anything from being kicked off a flight to fines from the Federal Aviation Administration to jail time, depending on the circumstances.

That's why when a flight attendant on United Airlines reportedly insisted that a family put their dog in an overhead bin, the family complied. Unfortunately, the dog ended up dying in the overhead bin.

'Cannabis Church' Raid Prompts Lawsuit

Religion has been around for thousands of years, leading to many well-established religions. But over time, less conventional and less established religions have also sprouted up, such as Pastafarianism. Another less established religion belongs to members of the Hundred Harmonies Association of Faith, a "cannabis church" in La Puente, California.

According to the church's head minister, the cannabis is vital and central to the church's religious beliefs. However, when cannabis is central to your religion, it's likely that you'll have an uphill battle with police accepting your religion. And, this church was not immune -- police raided the church on November 15, 2017. The "cannabis church" has decided to fight back: it recently filed a lawsuit against the sheriff's department, city, and county claiming violations of religious freedom.

Virginia Man Runs Over Himself, Faces DUI Charge

There are many straightforward ways that a person can get a DUI: being pulled over for driving erratically, DUI checkpoints, or being involved in a car accident. And then, there are less conventional ways to get a DUI, such as while riding a horse on the freeway.

Regardless of how you end up being arrested for a DUI, your day or night turns from good to bad in an instant. But, being charged with a DUI after being hit by your own car, is just adding insult to injury. While this may sound like something out of a TV show or movie, it actually happened to a man in Virginia.

College Evicts Former Student Who Won't Leave Dorm Room

We often hear stories of landlords from hell, especially since the landlord is generally in the position of power in the landlord-tenant relationship. But, tenants can also be problematic, and sometimes evicting them can be difficult. Take for example, Lisa Palmer, who has been living in Hunter College's Manhattan dormitory since the spring semester of 2016. The problem? Palmer hasn't been a student for some while, yet refuses to leave her dorm room.