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To Protect Trick-Or-Treaters, Mayor Plans to Round Up All Sex Offenders

Mayor Gary Jones of Grovetown, Georgia has announced plans to round up all paroled sex offenders from 6 to 9 p.m. this Halloween, and have a parole officer guard them in city hall. Is this legal? Yes. Is it a good idea? Maybe not.

Parolees are required to meet wherever and whenever their parole officer tells them. The head of the city's parole department can indeed ask all 25-30 paroled sex offenders to meet at city hall for the designated hours. Whether or not a meeting of the town's paroled sex offenders is a good idea or not is debatable for a variety of reasons.

Nursing Homes Could Face Copyright Infringement for Movie Nights

The motion picture industry seems interested in supporting every cause on the planet, except senior citizens. In 2016, the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC) opted to remove an exemption they had traditionally granted, and began enforcing their public performance copyright laws. This requires nursing homes to obtain a public performance license prior to showing films in common areas, or face a hefty $150,000 fine.

Are Smart TVs Invading Our Privacy?

The simple answer to that is, yes. But to what extent? And do we care?

Recently, two Democrat senators sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requesting the agency to investigate privacy issues surrounding smart TVs, which are TVs that are connected to the internet. We already learned through the Vizio investigation that these Trojan horse TVs are capable of gathering all sorts of information. It is unclear, however, if the TV manufacturers are actually gathering, processing, and/or selling this information.

Protesting Biker 'Throttles' Traffic Outside the FCC Headquarters

A video-shooting, bike-riding protestor's 'throttling' of traffic outside FCC headquarters is once-again drawing attention to the FCC's decision to roll-back so-called net neutrality rules. Creative protests are an American tradition, as is increasingly slow-moving traffic in major cities. Put the two together and you get a potent and, depending on your point of view, humorous or annoyingly aggravating protest.

When most people hear of a defendant 'getting off on a technicality,' they think of it in a pejorative sense, assuming a criminal is going unpunished because of some fancy lawyering or a quirk in the law. But those technicalities are there for a reason.

"It's really important for us to be fair," Jeffrey Shear, New York City's Deputy Department of Finance Commissioner for Treasury and Payment Service told 1010 WINS. Shear was announcing the dismissal of over 500,000 parking tickets -- costing the city around $26 million -- all on a technicality.

There's an old saying about your life being over once you have kids. It's a joke most already-parents like to bestow on soon-to-be-parents; a joke with just a hint of truth. Many parents long for their pre-children social lives, and try to combine the two, dragging the kids along to restaurants, bars, and even beer gardens.

Of course the majority of parents do this responsibly and without incident. But it's always the irresponsible few that ruin it for the many. Such was the case at Hampton Station, a Seminole Heights, Florida craft beer and pizza spot, where a few recent incidents meant an end to the beer garden's kid-friendly atmosphere.

The San Francisco real estate market is rather unique and red hot right now. Most homes and properties that go up for sale get multiple offers, and tend to sell anywhere from 10 to over 30 percent over the asking price. If that wasn't silly enough, a single parking space can sometimes run $82,000 in the city. And it's not slowing down.

However, there are ways to get a slice of San Francisco without having to spend a million dollars on an entry level home. One San Jose couple recently went to a property auction where they purchased a private street in San Francisco for the low price of $90,000. They had not seen the property, Presidio Terrace, but believed that it was too good of a deal to pass up. The private neighborhood had not paid taxes on the street for several years due to an error after changing accountants, and never receiving tax notices or even a notice of the sale.

Now, you might be asking: Why would anyone want to buy a street?

To the extent that most of us use them, few of us really think much about our stamps. We pick up a roll or sheet at the post office or grocery store, put them on letters, cards, and bills until we run out, then start again. Every now and then we choose stamps based on the image, whether it be a favorite historical figure or cartoon character, or we just like the way they look -- some stamps are chosen for their artistic appeal.

As it turns out, those images hold a unique place when it comes to government works and copyright law. So do postage stamps get the same copyright protections as other works of art?

A judge in Tennessee is making national headlines over a new policy he recently approved. If an inmate in county prison wants to take 30 days off their incarceration, men can get a vasectomy, and women can have a birth control device implanted.

The judge was quick to point out that this is not some form of eugenics. Rather, he contends that it's a way to help inmates more easily reintegrate into society after release. He stated that the hope is to encourage inmates to take "personal responsibility" and that "not being burdened with children" would benefit former inmates after their release. Previously, this same judge instituted a policy that would cut two days off a jail term if an inmate took a course on why it's bad to use drugs around children.

While southern California surf towns, like Laguna Beach, might be known for being full of hot air, liberal people, and progressive notions, there's no shortage of anti-tobacco sentiment. In fact, in May 2017, the city of Laguna Beach actually banned all smoking in all public places. Even outside a bar, late at night, after a few drinks. Even for vapers, e-cig users, marijuana smokers, and midnight tokers.

The Laguna Beach smoking ban prohibits an individual from smoking anywhere in the city except on their own private property and in their cars. A first offense can result in a $100 ticket, with subsequent offenses leading to an increased fine.