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Arkansas Man Tries to Steal Plane to Fly to Rap Concert

When most teenagers need a ride to a concert, they call Uber, or maybe take public transportation. But not this 19-year-old from Texarkana! He tried to steal a commercial jet so he could fly to Chicago for a rap concert. In the end, he missed the show, pleaded guilty to attempted theft of property and commercial burglary, and was sentenced to five years of probation.

Couple Engaged at Walmart Arrested for Stealing Jewelry and Sex Toys

Some couples are meant to be together, seemingly finishing each other's sentences like soul mates. Others finish each other's crimes and are like jail mates. William Cornelius Jr. and his girlfriend got engaged in a Walmart store in Bay City, Michigan on December 30, 2018. It was oddly romantic, as Cornelius had asked a customer service worker to read a note containing his proposal over the store's public address system. A crowd gathered around them and applauded the momentous event. Shortly thereafter, the couple morphed into Bonny and Clyde, shoplifting jewelry and sex toys, presumably to get ready for the big day!

Netflix Issues Disclaimer Over Bird Box Challenge

"Bird Box," a Netflix Original horror movie that has been seen by over 45 million people, is causing quite a stir on social media, but the company promises that wasn't its intent. SPOILER ALERT: In the movie, characters realize that if they see an invisible entity, they will kill themselves. In order to keep themselves from seeing it, they go around all day wearing blindfolds. Perhaps too many kids were home during winter break, and decided they needed something to do, so someone created the "Bird Box Challenge."

People now film one another going around in their day to day lives, blindfolded, almost hoping that something goes invariably wrong, for the sake of garnering more Instagram likes. You might think this is ridiculous, but then again, so is the egg photo that broke Kylie Jenner's most-liked Instagram record with over 43 million likes, and boy is she mad! But let's stay on topic.

UPS Driver Faces Burglary Charges for Helping Porch Thieves

Who knew porch pirating was a team sport? Turns out one seasonal UPS driver in Florida teamed up with two buddies to cherry pick the best packages to steal. Turns out the seasonal driver needed a little more practice in determining when a delivery customer wasn't at home. He tipped off his friends that the coast was clear, when it wasn't, and now all three have been booked into jail on multiple felony charges, including burglary of an occupied structure and grand theft.

Man Jailed for Attempting to Trade Weed for a Car

Can you imagine going to a used car lot and saying, "How much for that car over there? I've got 3 kilos of weed to trade for it." As much as westerners sometimes miss the easy-living days of the Native American life, where trade and barter were the norms, those days are over, at least when it comes to bartering with weed.

Alaska Man Fakes Death to Avoid Prison, Gets Caught and Sentenced

So much for avoiding prison time! An Alaska man successfully committed pseudocide but chose a loving, yet lousy co-conspirator. Now he's headed back to prison for the sentence he was trying to dodge, plus an extra 15 months from a federal judge for fraudulent related activity.

Child Robber Arrested for Robbing Lemonade Stand

A juvenile was arrested for robbing a nine-year-old boy at gunpoint at a makeshift lemonade stand in Monroe, North Carolina. The juvenile made away with $17, but was subsequently caught by police, thanks to video coverage from a nearby security camera. When arrested, drug paraphernalia charges were added to the armed robbery.

The juvenile is in custody, awaiting his court date on both charges. In an outpouring of sympathy for the nine-year-old boy, who also works as a dog walker, lawn mower, and a professional ring bearer, Lowe's gave him a riding lawn mower, and his next lemonade stand made over $250.

Of course. Just when you thought you snuck into that auto impound yard undetected, and just when you thought you could hide between a couple cars when a neighbor called police because you weren't as undetected as you thought, here come the cops with their little drone, hovering right above your cool hiding spot and recording your futile attempts to avoid further detection and, ultimately, detention.

It's truly a sad state of affairs when the police are plastering your image on YouTube, just lying there on the ground, plain as day, not getting away with anything. Oh, and getting arrested on burglary charges.

Slap Hippo in Zoo, Face Criminal Charges

In a video gone viral, an unnamed man at the Los Angeles Zoo stares at the camera of what must be a friend recording the incident. He hops over a protective railing, leans over the sunken enclosure, and smacks a baby hippo on the butt, right in front of the hippo's mother. The man then jumps back over the railing, waves wildly at the camera, and lets out a victory "whoop!" If I were that hippo's momma, I'd sue for sexual harassment. And if I were that man's momma, I'd say "I wish I'd have raised you like an animal. What was that?!"

Misappropriation of taxpayer funds; "unnecessary and lavish" spending; authorizing salaries over state law restrictions; misuse of state resources, including cars and computers; and even using state money to frame personal photos, documents, photos, and artwork. They sound like charges levied against corrupt congresspersons or city officials.

But nope -- those are all parts of 14 articles of impeachment filed against the four sitting justices of the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals on Tuesday. (The fifth justice wasn't included, as he resigned last month.) The West Virginia House Judiciary Committee moved to impeach the four justices based on a staggering amount of financial malfeasance, including $3.7 million to renovate and decorate their offices. So, what happens if the entire court gets the boot?