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Landin-Molina v. Holder, No. 05-73677

In consolidated petitions for review of the BIA's denial of petitioners' applications for permanent resident status, the petitions are denied where petitioners were ineligible to adjust to lawful permanent resident status via the "grandfathering" regulations implementing Section 245(i) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.  As to one petitioner, his marriage occurred after his wife adjusted to lawful permanent resident status, and thus his wife did not impart grandfathered status to him.  As to the other petitioner, she was not grandfathered because being a registrant for the Replenishment Agricultural Worker program did not satisfy the requirement of having filed an application for labor certification.

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Appellate Information

Submitted June 12, 2009

Filed September 1, 2009


Opinion by Judge McKeown


For Petitioners:

Nicomedes E. Suriel, Phoenix, AZ

Christopher J. Todd, Mill Valley, CA

For Respondent:

Joanne E. Johnson, U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Division, Office of Immigration Litigation,
Washington, DC