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Gonzalez v. Brown, No. 07-56107

In a drug possession prosecution, denial of petitioner's habeas petition is affirmed where, in view of the relatively low number of peremptory challenges that the prosecutor exercised against African-American jurors, the prosecutor's ability to justify her other peremptory challenges with specificity and to the state court trial judge's satisfaction, as well as the fact that two African-American jurors remained on the jury and a third was a prospective juror, the state court of appeal's denial of petitioner's Batson claim was not contrary to Supreme Court precedent or an objectively unreasonable application of such precedent.

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Appellate Information

Argued and Submitted August 31, 2009

Filed October 30, 2009


Opinion by Judge Gould


For Appellant:

Shawn R. Perez, Law Offices of Shawn R. Perez, Las Vegas, NV

For Appellees:

David F. Glassman, Office of the Attorney General of California, Los Angeles, CA