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US v. Mohsen, No. 07-10059

Defendant's perjury and fraud convictions are affirmed where: 1) the district court correctly instructed the jury on the materiality element of the perjury and fraud charges; 2) there was no use of the Phase II counts or evidence in the Phase I proceedings of defendant's trial, and thus the bifurcation process was not so manifestly prejudicial as to require reversal; and 3) the district court should have consulted the parties or counsel before responding to the jury's request to see the indictment, but the error was harmless beyond a reasonable doubt.

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Appellate Information

Argued and Submitted August 31, 2009

Filed November 25, 2009


Per Curiam


For Appellant:

Dennis P. Riordan, Riordan & Horgan, San Francisco, CA

For Appellee:

Amber S. Rosen, Assistant United States Attorney, San Jose, CA