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US v. Napulou, No. 08-10190

In an appeal from the district court's order revoking defendant's supervised release and imposing additional conditions on her release, the order is vacated in part where: 1) the restriction on associating with persons with misdemeanor convictions was not reasonably related to the risk that defendant would reoffend; and 2) there was insufficient evidence that repeatedly incarcerating defendant for desiring to maintain a relationship with her "life partner" would best serve the interests of rehabilitation or deterrence, or would afford greater protection to the public.

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Appellate Information

Argued and Submitted February 13, 2009

Filed February 1, 2010


Opinion by Judge Reinhardt


For Appellant:

Fernando L. Cosio, Honolulu, HI

For Appellee:

Florence T. Nakakuni, Assistant U.S. Attorney, Honolulu, HI