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Sayed v. Hilton Hotels Corp., No. 10-453

Action Based on Alleged Termination Because Plaintiff Was Muslim

In Sayed v. Hilton Hotels Corp., No. 10-453, an action claiming that defendant terminated plaintiff's employment because plaintiff was Muslim, the court affirmed summary judgment for defendant where plaintiff produced no evidence other than temporal proximity in support of his charge that the proffered reason for his discharge was pretextual.


As the court wrote:  "Appellant Walid El Sayed, pro se, is a United States citizen of Egyptian descent, who is Muslim. He was hired by Defendant-Appellees as an Assistant to the Director of Housekeeping in December 2004, and was terminated on August 9, 2006, approximately three weeks after he complained to the Hilton's Housekeeping Director, Barbara Still, that a co-worker referred to him as a "Terrorist Muslim Taliban."

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