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January 2016 Archives

NSC Drone Strike Records Are Not Covered by FOIA

The Second Circuit recently decided to stand with the D.C. Circuit in ruling that the National Security Conference was outside of the reach of FOIA.

This means one thing: documents relating to drone strikes and other national security issues are that much more obscured from view.

50 Cent Wins in Copyright Infringement Case at the Second Circuit

The rapper 50 Cent was given a victory in court by the Second Circuit's Court of Appeals by tossing out the copyright suit "Young Caliber" brought against him.

But rather than something as complex as a debate over exclusive or non-exclusive use of copyright, it turns out that the plaintiff's downfall was the age old laches.

Russian Firm May Sue Over Vodka Rights in U.S., 2nd Cir. Rules

Stolichnaya, the famous Vodka brand that made its fame in the United States during the 80s, has been the subject of a long and bitter decades' long suit over who owns the venerable Russian brand. Now, it looks like a minion of the Russian state can sue a group of successor companies that arose out of the ashes of the Soviet Union's fall.

The Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit essentially invoked the Doctrines of Comity and Acts of State to save the suit from a lower district court's ruling that the plaintiff company in the state had no standing. Let's not step on any toes, shall we?