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2nd Circuit Ruling Is a Boon for Defendants in Mass Tort Cases

The Second Circuit gave a real treat in the decision Brown v. Lockheed Martin Corp.; the court really tossed a bone to potential defendants in mass tort cases. In this case, the circuit court found that despite "systematic and continuous" presence in Connecticut, applicable law dictated that Lockheed was not "essentially at home" for general jurisdiction purposes.

TWA Flight Attendants Finally Lose Legal Battle Over Seniority Rights

It looks like a long and bitter battle that first began in 2001 is finally coming to an end. The Second Circuit's Court of Appeals just sided with a lower district court decision, affirming that plaintiff's are not entitlement to the seniority order that had been lost when TWA was acquired by U.S. Airways in 2001.

The case was ironically made worse with the enactment of the McCaskill-Bond Act which largely owed its existence to the original US Air/ AA / TWA takeover.

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Gambino Capo's 1981 Murder Convictions Upheld by 2nd Cir.

The Second Circuit upheld the murder convictions of Bartolomeo Vernace, ruling that the three decades-old murders might have started over a spilled drink dispute, but they certainly did not hurt the mafioso's reputation as a violent mobster.

The circuit's ruling marks a major victory against the Gambino crime family which has, over the years, suffered diminished power and influence.