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7 Years in Federal Lockup for Pharma Bro, Despite Tears

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By George Khoury, Esq. on March 09, 2018 2:56 PM

Martin Shkreli likely won't be remembered for committing securities fraud, even though he was just sentenced to seven years in a federal prison for exactly that. Not surprisingly, the public is celebrating his federal prison sentence. Naturally, he plans on appealing to the Second Circuit.

Shkreli rose to infamy when he, and his pharmaceutical company, made the decision to raise the price of a lifesaving drug by over 5,000 percent. Seemingly overnight Shkreli became the "pharma bro" and a household name to be hated. And Shkreli didn't seem to self-reflect or introspect, but rather doubled down on being obnoxious, and becoming more hated. However, despite the Shkreli persona we've all grown accustomed to hating, in court at his sentencing, he attempted to appear sympathetic without his characteristic smirk ... then he spoke.

Pharma Bros Don't Cry in Court

One detail that commentators have harped upon are the tears Shkreli shed during the sentencing. Additionally, many are reporting that Shkreli stated that he is to blame, that he brought this on himself. Unfortunately for Shkreli, these statements don't produce sympathy as much as remind everyone that even in defeat, Shkreli wants to be a winner. The statements almost seem to say that the prosecutor and law enforcement didn't catch him, but rather that he brought everything down himself.

This just isn't true. Shkreli lied to investors for years. After there were some complaints, he tried to cover it up. He got caught because of an investigation, not because he came clean. Also, who knows if Shkreli would have ever been prosecuted but for his despicable conduct and trolling, which served to turned him into the pharma bro and kept him in the limelight. His former attorney, awaiting sentencing, likely wonders this every day.

Troll Defeated for Seven Years

Despite allegedly having better things to do with his time, Shkreli seemed to revel in being an internet troll. After all, based on the court of public opinion's decision that he's a troll that did more than just price gouge patients, he will likely forever be seen as an internet troll and all around bad guy.

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