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Trump Names 10 More Judges, Seven for New York

President Trump has been on a tear naming judicial nominees, adding to a growing list that now numbers more than 70 awaiting appointments.

With 10 new nominations this week, Trump is quickly solidifying what may be his lasting legacy. He has the opportunity to appoint more judges than any recent president.

The latest nominations will especially impact federal courts in New York. Most of the nominees are government attorneys, prosecutors, or former prosecutors.

Although Jay Z was rumored to show up in court this week, he didn't, disappointing many, including the SEC. He filed an affidavit with the federal district court explaining that he was too busy preparing for an upcoming tour to appear. However, after being ordered by the court to appear at an SEC interview, his attorney stated that Jay Z would appear on May 15.

The SEC has been wanting to speak with Jay Z for several months now related to some dealings with brand Iconix. After several attempts and two subpoenas though, they still have not been successful. Unfortunately for the busy rapper and business mogul, his attorney's attempts to limit the amount of time for questioning were unsuccessful.

Court Revives Muslim-Americans' Lawsuit Against FBI Agents

Muhammad Tanvir, a Muslim-American, tried to fly from the United States to visit his mother in Pakistan for five years.

Every time he went to the airport, however, federal agents stopped him. The FBI had placed him on the "No Fly List," a watchlist for suspected terrorists.

Tanvir sued in Tanvir v. Tanzin, claiming he wasn't a terrorist and that the agents had violated his civil rights. A trial judge threw out the case, but the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals reversed.

Tax Shelter Guru Gets $61M IRS Penalty

John Larson did the time, but he apparently can't pay the fine.

And who could? It's a $61,534,027 tax penalty, but who's counting in Larson v. United States of America?

The U.S Second Circuit Court of Appeals counted, but it doesn't really care. The appeals court dismissed his challenge to the penalty, saying it didn't have jurisdiction.

Court Lays Down Law on Sidewalk Rage

Sidewalk rage is a thing, and it is getting out of control, especially in big cities.

In the workday rush, people can't help but bump into each other. Too many people, too little sidewalk.

Naturally, New York has given us a legal precedent for sidewalk rage in the United States. In Wright v. Musanti, the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals explained when enough is enough.

Woman Wins Appeal in Water Rights Battle

When the water shut off at her residence, Jacqueline Winston didn't call a plumber. She called a lawyer.

She was upset because the city shut off the water over the landlord's unpaid bill. What really irked Winston was that she offered to pay the bill and the city still wouldn't turn on the water.

In Winston v. City of Syracuse, the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals said she had a point because that's not how water service is supposed to work.

NY Federal Court Shuts Down Cheese Factory

If you have cheese in your refrigerator, go check it right now.

If it came from Vulto Creamery, sit down before reading on. That's because Vulto cheese, previously distributed by Whole Foods and throughout New York, has caused at least eight people to fall ill to listeriosis -- including two who died.

A federal court has ordered the shut-down of the artisanal creamery, but that's only part of the story. This has been going on for years.

Lawsuit Against Trump's DACA Policies Proceeds

Legally speaking, President Trump has made racial slurs.

Almost everybody knows it, but it just sounds so bad when a judge says it. Of course, Judge Nicholas Garaufis used more judicious language in his decision.

But ruling in Vidal v. Nielsen, the federal judge made it clear. The president has said prejudicial things against Mexicans.

Non-Organic Baby Formula Case Preempted

Sara Marentette checked the label twice: "Similac Advance Organic Infant Formula."

Like many parents, she wanted to make sure the baby formula was organic. So she bought some and took it home.

But when she double-checked, she discovered a bunch of ingredients that prompted her to file a class-action lawsuit. In Marentette v. Abbott Laboratories, the plaintiffs said the defendant sold them non-organic baby formula.

Court: New York Pipeline May Go Forward

A federal appeals court turned back a New York agency's attempt to slow down a controversial natural gas pipeline, which has been tied to a state government scandal in the same courthouse.

In New York State Department of Environmental Conservation v. Federal Regulatory Commission, the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals said the department waited too long to challenge the pipeline over water issues. As a result, the 442-mile Millennium Pipeline will go forward.

Meanwhile in the same building, federal prosecutors closed in on a former state official in a bribery trial involving the same pipeline company. In New York, they say, one hand washes the other.