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May 2014 News

The Seventh Circuit has seen a lot of action dealing with Wisconsin campaign finance in the past few weeks. First, the circuit court swiftly stepped in to stay a district court's order granting a preliminary injunction.

Next, the Seventh Circuit found that much of Wisconsin's existing campaign finance laws are unconstitutional in light of the Supreme Court's recent political speech jurisprudence.

The Seventh Circuit has important cases up and down the pipeline to the Supreme Court, all dealing with sensitive issues that pit people on either side of lines drawn in the proverbial sand.

Recently, the Seventh Circuit put to rest a case that has been litigated for 28 years, and denied an en banc rehearing -- with the next step almost certainly being a bid for cert. review.

All that while an Establishment Clause case languishes in perpetual conference.

On Monday, the Supreme Court decided a case that had circuit court of appeals split, that is, whether property, as defined by the Mandatory Victims Restitution Act of 1996 ("Act"), is "'returned' when a victim takes title to collateral securing a loan that an offender fraudulently obtained from the victim."

The Supreme Court clarified its stance, and affirmed the Seventh Circuit's opinion.