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March 2016 News

'Melting Hair' Class Action Settled, Affirmed by 7th Cir.

The Seventh Circuit affirmed a $10.25 million settlement lawsuit against Unilever for injuries associated with women using the Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion 30-Day Smoothing Kit. Although this sounds like a win for plaintiffs, it's actually Unilever who is celebrating the judge's decision.

This marks the end of the "melting hair" lawsuit. If you still have this product around, we suggest you dispose of it as hazardous waste.

ACH's Retirement Plan Is Not Exempt From ERISA, 7th Cir. Rules

The case of Stapleton et al. v. Health Care Network was reviewed and its decision affirmed at the Seventh Circuit recently, further solidifying the opinions of appellate courts that Advocate Health Care's retirement plan is not church-exempt from ERISA.

Stapleton is the current and latest in a series of appellate cases across the nation that have increasingly become critical of church-exempted claims from federal law and ERISA.

Witnesses at Sentencing Weren't a Breach of Gov't Plea Deal

The Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit ruled recently that the government did not breach the terms of a plea agreement that it entered into with a defendant whom it had indicted on several counts of fraud. Those terms, the defendant argued, limited the number of victims allowed to testify at sentencing.

The Fourth Circuit, however, disagreed. Whatever plea agreement the defendant had entered into with the government, it could not have been meant to limit the number of victims used against the defendant.

Chicago Drug Conspiracy Case Confirmed by 7th Circuit

The Seventh Circuit just affirmed a lower district court decision that could inflame the passions of many civil rights groups. The issue: Can criminal convictions stand against defendants if another criminal conviction on which the other convictions depended was dismissed?

To most people, the reasonable answer is no. But the Seventh Circuit turned to past presidential case law and said, "Yes, that sounds about right."

Judge Posner Dismisses Suit That Pits Butter Against Fishing Tackle

You really have to hand it Judge Posner. He and his court have a fantastic ability to make reading appellate decisions an actual delight. In this trademark infringement lawsuit, a tiny company and the famous maker of Land O' Lakes butter lost to each other in court before a bemused Judge Posner.

If you saw a fishing rod stamped with the name "LAND O LAKES" on the shaft, would you think it was made by the butter company? Judge Posner doesn't think so.

Hi-Frequency Trader's Conviction Overturned by the 7th Circuit

An analyst who stole computer information related to the writing of algorithms used in High Frequency Trading ("HFT") caught the sympathetic ear of the Seventh Circuit which overturned three year prison sentence ordered by the lower court. The case has been remanded back to the trial court for a new sentence.

The Seventh Circuit Court determined that although definite crimes took place, there was a disconnect between the claimed intended damage of $12.7 million as the plaintiff company claimed; and his actual intent.