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Rulings in Two Criminal Cases

In Gagne v. Booker, No. 07-1970, the Sixth Circuit addressed a criminal defendant's challenge to the trial court's exclusion of certain evidence in violation of his due process rights.

In affirming district court's grant of habeas relief, the court held that a state appellate court's affirmance of the trial court's exclusion of evidence was an unreasonable application of clearly established federal law that deprived the defendant of a constitutional right to a meaningful opportunity to present a complete defense.

In US v. Thornton, No. 08-3349, the court faced a challenge to the conviction for drug related offenses.

In affirming district court's conviction and sentence, the court rejected defendant's various claims, including a claim that the district court erred by excluding him from the jury instruction conference, that the court erred in allowing co-defendant's testimony about the plea agreement, and a challenge to the constitutionality of defendant's sentence.

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