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Reciprocal Disbarment of a Judge Upheld

In re: Squire, 08-4401, concerned a challenge to the district court's imposition of a reciprocal disbarment of a judge from practicing in federal court, in proceedings arising from the suspension of the judge on the county's Domestic Relations and Juvenile Court from practicing law in state of Ohio for two years.  In affirming the reciprocal discipline, the court held that the failure to disclose the names of those persons to whom the Ohio disciplinary counsel may have spoken during the course of his investigation, but who were not part of the administrative record resulting in petitioner's disbarment did not testify against her, was not a due process violation requiring reversal.  The court also held that the record supports the district court's decision to impose reciprocal discipline on petitioner.  Lastly, the court rejected petitioner's remaining claims as meritless.

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