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6th Circuit Allows Suit to Proceed Against Web Monitoring Software

Spying on your spouse used to involve reading their mail, looking for lipstick on their collar, looking at call logs, etc. Some of these spy techniques, though widely used in unhappy marriages, can be actionable offenses.

But how culpable are makers of technology that facilitate spying? That is the question at the center of the recent Sixth Circuit case, Luis v. Awareness.

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Sixth Circuit Strikes Down FCC's Municipal Broadband Ruling

The FCC met with defeat in the Sixth Circuit recently when that court ruled that states could limit municipal broadband networks in towns in rural Tennessee and North Carolina.

The effect of the appellate ruling means that some parts of the two states must continue on with internet access that does not qualify as broadband. Slower internet speeds are the norm for many rural residents in that area -- a reality that some had hoped to change.