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February 2010 Archives

Clipping Jurors' Wings: New Jury Instructions Say No Tweets

The new forms of communication via social media have really taken wing in the courtroom setting. The ABA Law Journal reports that now, not only are judges prohibiting trial tweets, they are moving to codify these prohibitions as well.

Phish In a Barrel: Lawyers Netted by Email Scam

Think it can't happen to you? You are sharp, tech savvy, up on trends, detail oriented, in short: a lawyer. It can still happen to you. The ABA Law Journal reports this week that two firms in Honolulu, Hawaii, were the victims of an email check fraud scam. Looks like the new scammer is sharp, tech savvy and up on trends as well.

So, You Want To Hire An Unpaid Intern?

So, you want to hire an unpaid intern?

It certainly shouldn't be difficult to find one.  These days, with the slow hiring in law firms, there are many young attorneys out there who are trying to get some experience.  There are also several law schools that host clinics, where students get class credit to participate in unpaid internships. 

With the need for small firms to tighten their belts, it might be smart to hire an unpaid intern. 

Before you decide to hire an intern, you do need to be aware of certain rules and restrictions.

And, you also need to be aware of the fact that strategically, the hiring of an unpaid intern might not be as easy as it seems. 

Since She's Been Gone: O'Connor's Opinion of Citizen's United

Unless you have been spending the bulk of your time on the International Space Station lately, and even then, you have heard a great deal about the recent Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC. That ruling, overturning decades of legal precedent and the bulk of the McCain Feingold Act will, most agree, send cannon balls of corporate money whizzing at high speed toward the election process, with potentially devastating results.