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Lawyer Steps in as Ex-Marine Attacks Wife in Judge's Chambers

As any family law lawyer will tell you, divorce law can be one of the most challenging of practices. Just ask the Florida lawyer who witnessed a "surreal," savage attack on his client in a judge's chambers.

An ex-Marine viciously attacked his wife during a final divorce hearing in a judge's chambers last Friday and had to be subdued with a stun gun.

Starting a Solo Practice: Top 3 Initial Marketing Moves

Starting your own legal practice involves a lot of hard work and dedication, which is why you'll want to take advantage of every possible opportunity you have to succeed.

Perhaps the biggest part in any firm's success is its ability to market itself, ensuring a steady income and stream of clients.

If you're not sure exactly where to begin when it comes to law firm marketing, here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Business Cards Now Featuring Quick Response Codes

Soon, a business card with just your name and phone number on it might just be a dinosaur.

For one Virginia firm, it has taken its business card digital.

Beginning this month, the 50-plus attorneys at Odin Feldman Pittleman have the option of adding a Quick Response barcode that can transmit information via bar code scanners and camera phones.

Pa. Court-Appointed Lawyers Challenge Pay on Death Penalty Cases

In a move that has surprised many in the Pennsylvania legal community, a group of court-appointed death penalty attorneys led by Marc Bookman has filed suit against the Commonwealth for the lackluster rates it pays in homicide cases.

Surprisingly, the suit isn’t actually about attorneys’ fees and unwanted court appointments.

No, it’s about clients and their constitutional rights.

Facebook Litigation: Teacher Sued for Mocking Student's Hairstyle

Facebook now has half a billion (with a "b") users worldwide. New lawsuits and evidence are born on the website every time someone posts to a Wall online.

Here's another example of how Facebook litigation is fast becoming the wave of the future.

After Lucinda Williams outfitted her 7-year-old daughter with Jolly Rancher hair, she sent her off to Chicago's Overton Elementary for its scheduled picture day. Unfortunately, the girl's computer teacher was amused by the look, taking a photo to share with her Facebook friends.

Rogue Ales Sues Over Photo of Nude Woman: Rise in Rent Looms

All lawyers are saddled with the facts of each case that comes across their desk. But how about when the facts are just strange enough to give an attorney a pretty decent case?

Take the facts behind a $51,000 photo of a naked woman and how its tied to a brewpub's rent.

A $51,000 naked photo once hung on the wall of Rogue Ales' Newport Ale House for nearly 25 years.

How a Small Firm Should Deal with Software Overload

Have too many software programs? Overwhelmed by what they do and don't do?

Not to sound like an antidepressant commercial, but you may be suffering from software overload. And you're not alone.

Small firms and solo practitioners, like most small businesses, don't have on-call IT support, meaning that attorneys are often engaged in their own troubleshooting. Unfortunately, this often ends in new software purchases, adding to the chaos.

But what if it didn't have to be that way? A new take on software usability can help free you from overload.

Trying your first jury trial can be nerve-wracking. What's more, as you almost surely know, there are normally procedural requirements barring attorney should be making their trial debut in a homicide case.

So telling the jury in a murder trial that this is the first case you've ever tried is never recommended.

After a New York attorney did just that last week, the judge declared a mistrial and allowed the defendant to fire his clearly in-over-his-head attorney.

WestlawNext 2011 Named New Product of the Year by Law Libraries

In February 2010, after five years in development, Thomson Reuters released WestlawNext, which has since been subject to much fanfare.

The product, which is a sleeker, cheaper, and more efficient version of the company's traditional Westlaw service, was just named the best new product of 2011 by the American Association of Law Libraries.

Here's why.