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7 Funny #LawyerTwitter Accounts to Follow

If you aren't on Twitter working the social media marketing for your law practice, and you don't ever plan on doing so, you still might want to check out #LawyerTwitter, as it has been so hashtagged. There's some really funny stuff on there that's sure to please lawyers from the most zealous to the most jaded. And who doesn't like to laugh?

While the FindLaw for Legal Professional's Twitter page may not be a bastion of humor or beacon for laughter, most of us here do enjoy legal humor ranging from the most sarcastic snark to the saddest of puns. Oh and dad jokes, we love those ... though we thought that would be apparent!

Anyway, below, you can find a short list of ten funny lawyer (or legal professional -- we assume) Twitter accounts that'll hopefully give you a chuckle every time you check Twitter.

1. Lawyer Thoughts

2. Kanye Westlaw

3. Camry of Justice

4. Legal Eagle

5. Law Prof Blog

6. Florida Bar

7. Above the Law

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