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Best Background Music for a Law Office

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By George Khoury, Esq. on September 19, 2018 7:00 AM

You know that feeling of comfort that envelopes you when you walk into a spa? The smells, the music, the receptionist's relaxing tone of voice, it's all part of the ambiance and it matters.

Though law offices may not be striving to make clients as comfortable as a spa, the right background music can go a long way in creating the sort of ambiance that makes a client feel comfortable. However, on the other side of the issue are the lawyers and staff who will have to put up with the background music. Fortunately, according to science, some background music can actually boost productivity.

No Lyrics, No Problem

Ideally, background music should be lyrics-free. If you expect staff and attorneys to be able to concentrate, words floating through the air on musical notes is about one of the most distracting distractions out there.

When it comes to what type of music is best for working, researchers report that slow to moderate tempo classical is ideal. Generally, you don't want music that people really like, or really hate, as either can be a big distraction. Also, the volume of that music matters. When music is too loud, it literally, scientifically, makes it harder to think; however, if it is played too softly, then the creative, mind-openings benefits won't kick in.

Sounds of Nature

While listening to a babbling brook might make you need to babble on down to the bathroom more frequently than you might like, research also shows that nature sounds make for good background music. Nature sounds, or music containing nature sounds, have been found to boost cognitive function, and come with the bonus side-effect of increasing worker satisfaction Also apparently, and one big plus for law offices, nature sounds are ideal for blocking intelligible speech.

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