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The concept of unlimited paid vacation seems unbelievable, and confusing. But, as many firms are starting to realize, to get the best talent, you have to offer the best perks, and unlimited paid vacation is actually a thing now, but is it really better than a fixed amount of vacation time?

Taking the natural extension on that concept, Susman Godfrey LLP has announced that it will, in addition to offering unlimited paid vacation, also now offer unlimited paid parental leave for all associates. Notably, this is the first large law firm to offer such a generous parental leave policy, but it is not too surprising given the level of talent the firm is known to recruit.

For lawyers, it's nearly a guarantee: if you practice, at some point in your career, you'll deal with a bully -- or, if you're unlucky, a few hundred bullies. It's simply unavoidable.

However, how you react and respond to bullying can be career defining, career breaking, or just be down-right frustrating. Below, you can find a few of the best tips on how to deal with different types of bully lawyers.

3 Lessons From the Dentons Sexual Harassment Scandal

The way things went down at Dentons, #MeToo may soon be a term in Black's Law Dictionary.

A business specialist has sued the law firm, alleging a supervisor sexually harassed her. The plaintiff says a managing director propositioned her with vulgar language, touched her legs and buttocks, and pursued her after hours.

In the #MeToo era, it's unfortunate that BigLaw is part of the sexual harassment problem. America has been calling out the legal system, and the rules should be clear by now.

How to Motivate Associates to Give You Their Best Work

The Beatles were not known as motivational speakers, but they did say all you need is love.

And that works in law firms, in one form or another. It comes down to praising people more than condemning them.

It's also the key to unlocking a lawyer's best work. That's because people do their best when they love what they do.

Law Firms Fight Over Clawback Fees, With a Poetic Twist

Lawyer v. Lawyer.

Nothing makes for more interesting and relevant case-reading for attorneys. It should have been a required subject in law school.

In Selendy v. Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, it sounds a little like David v. Goliath. But there is an unlikely cast of characters in this story, and you're not going to believe who they are.

What Is a Lawyer in the Modern World?

Being a lawyer is not what it used to be.

A generation ago, lawyers typically researched the law in a library and met clients in private offices. They drafted contracts or went to court. But all of that has changed.

Today, algorithms research the law and smart programs draft contracts. Attorneys meet clients in shared suites, virtual offices, coffee houses, and even over the internet. They still go to court, if that includes telephonic appearances.

But what is the modern lawyer really, and is that you?

How to Recognize the Dunning-Kruger Effect in Your Law Practice

Somewhere in the law school experience, students are taught to fake it until they make it.

It often carries over into law practice when they take new cases on the path to becoming competent. Professional rules explain that.

But sometimes lawyers are simply incompetent and won't face it. Are you?

Most lawyers are aware of one of the biggest risks inherent in practicing full time: It can be lonely at the top. If you work too hard and neglect life, your family and friends may end up hating you, and in some cases, may all leave.

If the stress of lawyering, or the associated long hours, aren't making you an intolerable mess for your family to be around, consider yourself blessed. But if you feel like you may be headed in that direction soon, it may be a good idea to take some time to take stock of where you are and what you can do to change the course your on. Parenting and lawyering at the same time is not easy.

Support may be available, but you need to be willing to accept it.

The lack of diversity in the legal profession is nothing new. Law firms, small to large, tend to all say they want a more diverse team, but few actually do anything about it other than talk. And while many firms claim that the quality candidates they receive just are not diverse, this is largely a product of where firms solicit those candidates.

As we approach the end of the year, law firms that pledged or committed to being more diverse should evaluate how they've done. It's okay if it didn't work out, but it's not okay if nothing changes. As the saying goes: Don't expect different results from the same actions.

Below you can find a few tips on how to actually make good on that pledge to create a more diverse and inclusive law firm.

While fighting off the holiday-itis at work is hard enough, trying to take on a job search during that time can feel daunting. However, it is actually a great time to update your resume and actually apply to jobs for quite a few reasons that don't just apply to lawyers.

No, it's not very likely you'll get hired, or even interviewed or called before the end of the year (or at all in this market), unless you were applying for a position for an immediate opening. But, when the office you applied to is back in full swing in early January, your application will be in the pile to get reviewed. Fortunately there's so much going on during the holidays it can be a bit easier to be patient.