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Money-Making Apps for Lawyers on the Go

Of all the apps out there, don't you love the ones that make you money?

We're not talking about coupons or discounts here. We're talking cash-in-your-pocket profits and returns.

There are plenty, but here are some apps especially for lawyers on the go.

How to Correct Mistakes Without Making More

Some lawyers do wrong and act as if they've done no wrong.

And it's annoying to see manifestations of "fake-it-till-you-make-it" or "opposite world" where bad is good and good is bad. But it's really annoying when you try to do the right thing and it ends up hurting you.

So here are some ways to correct your mistakes without making more. There is no moral to this story, just redemption.

Are Law Firms Liable for Serving Booze to Intoxicated Employees?

Where does a law firm cross the line when it provides alcohol to its employees?

In a case against the Gladstone Law Group, it wasn't when the firm escorted a paralegal out of the building for being drunk. And according to a Florida appeals court, it wasn't when she stepped in front of a train on her way home.

It's a story without a happy ending and a reminder that alcohol and law practice really don't mix. Somewhere along the line, law firms have to draw a line.

Sessions Can't Get Joint to Roll on Pot Enforcement

If nothing else, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is persistent.

Even after President Trump started calling him "Mr. Magoo" a year ago, Sessions soldiered on. By the time all the other Trump attorneys quit, Sessions may be the last lawyer standing.

But now he's banging his head against another wall: prosecuting marijuana crimes. He has vowed to lead the charge on the pot industry, but nobody seems to be following him.

How to Motivate Associates to Give You Their Best Work

The Beatles were not known as motivational speakers, but they did say all you need is love.

And that works in law firms, in one form or another. It comes down to praising people more than condemning them.

It's also the key to unlocking a lawyer's best work. That's because people do their best when they love what they do.

Should Rural Lawyers Rethink Their Billing Strategies?

If you didn't know, they do things differently in Small Town, U.S.A.

Not that every rural community has only one sheriff or three billboards. But you probably won't find a lawyer in places like Zzyxx, California.

That could be a good thing if you want a territory all to yourself. It just means you'll have to practice law a little differently, including how you charge for legal services.

Law Firms Fight Over Clawback Fees, With a Poetic Twist

Lawyer v. Lawyer.

Nothing makes for more interesting and relevant case-reading for attorneys. It should have been a required subject in law school.

In Selendy v. Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, it sounds a little like David v. Goliath. But there is an unlikely cast of characters in this story, and you're not going to believe who they are.

Tips for Starting a Law Firm With Friends

It's not exactly the American Dream, but starting a law firm with friends could be close to it.

It's almost like a family business, but without having to go home together. That's a plus in itself -- for some people.

In any case, choosing your partners will be the most important decision you make in the enterprise. Here are a few thoughts if you choose friends:

How Not to Collect Your Attorney's Fees

In the law business, there are ways to collect attorney's fees and ways not to collect them.

In hourly cases, collecting fees in advance is usually the best. Collecting them along the way is good, too.

But trying to collect them after a case is over may not be so good. And then there's this -- the worst way to do it.

Why Are Women Lawyers Thriving in Health Care Law?

If a "perfect storm" means a confluence of conditions ending in disaster, what would be the opposite?

The darkness before light? A cloud with a silver lining? Whatever it is, there has been a change in the weather for women in the law, at least in one practice area.

Women may be better represented in health care law than any other practice area. According to some practitioners, it happened because of perfect conditions.