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For many lawyers across the country, there are two significant lulls throughout the year: the holiday lull from Thanksgiving to New Years, and the Summer lull.

During the holiday lull, most lawyers know what to do: prepare for the end of the year, consult your accountant for end of year deductions you should be spending toward, backing up your systems, updating your form library, and other digital housekeeping. However, during the Summer lull, there are some things you can do to keep your workload interesting, while also helping to generate downstream revenue to recover from the slow-down.

Can You Make More Money as a Hermit Lawyer?

How can you build a practice if you are a hermit?

We're not talking full-bearded or Hobbit-like hermit. But let's talk about attorneys who are more comfortable working at home or shutting out the world behind an office door.

Those kinds of hermits can make more money than you may think. Here are some pointers for the hermit-lawyer in all of us.

Thanks to all the commercial interest (and money) in outer space, space loving lawyers might finally have something to do when it comes to space law. The math is so simple that even a lawyer can do it: more space money times more space problems equals more space lawyers.

Recently, more and more private businesses and even individuals have found ways to launch technology, and technology services, into orbit. Given that an iPhone is as technologically advanced as many older satellites, and the fact that launching a satellite is no longer the exclusive domain of government agencies, there could soon be quite a bit of legal work from space to go around.

Chat Bot Wants to Greet Your Clients Online

Did you ever wonder why actors -- and not attorneys -- usually do the talking in lawyer commercials?

After all, lots of lawyers can act. They put on shows in court, and they have winning personalities, too.

But seriously, there are other reasons somebody else steps into the spotlight in law firm advertising. It's because everybody has a job to do, and there are some things a lawyer can't do. Hence: chat bots.

Lawyers, did you know that Shark Week just started? And this year is the 30th anniversary of the celebration. Sure, the whole lawyers are sharks thing is old and busted, but getting a laugh on social media might just be worth rehashing the old adage.

It's a simple fact, people love Shark Week, even if it has "descended into sensationalist pseudoscience." And during the celebration, folks are searching their social media for and engaging in the Shark Week social conversation. If you prepare for it, you'll not only keep up with all those trending posts, one of yours might make a splash and go viral.

Below, you can find a few interesting shark-lawyer (or if you prefer, lawyer-shark) subjects to post about this coming week.

For lawyers, the practice of carrying and passing out business cards hasn't really changed that much despite how far technology has progressed. However, despite the archaic practice remaining largely unchanged, design trends in business cards have certainly changed.

The days of using a generic legal symbol alongside your name, firm, phone, address, website and email are coming to an end. People just don't keep business cards unless there's a good reason, and following some of the recent trends can help save your card from recycle bin.

Below are a few of the recent trends that seem to please.

While dogs in the office is less a thing for legal practitioners than it is for, say, tech bros, every lawyer probably knows some lawyer that brings their dog (or dogs) to the office regularly.

Dog owners and dog fans know that breed matters less than a dog's individual personality and temperament. And though your dog's breed might tell clients, colleagues and even opposing counsel, something about you; your dog, and how it acts, can also signal just what type of lawyer you are. And while that might be beyond speculative, below you can read three very good reasons why every law practice should have a dog.

Where to Find the Best Legal Words on the Internet

Where to find ...

After "find near me," it's one of the driving questions of internet searches. And like so many people who get lost using Siri to get around, it can lead to endless, irrelevant results.

This blog post will shorten that search down to a handful of places -- as if. With a big tongue-in-cheek caveat, here are the best legal words on the internet and where to find them:

While most lawyers don't think of themselves as artists in the traditional sense, the long history of persuasive, and not so persuasive, cease and desist letters that have made it to the internet beg to differ.

There is certainly an art to drafting a cease and desist, and not just one of those epically funny ones that we all relish reading about. After all, it's a functional letter meant to accomplish a goal. Beyond just laying out compelling facts, the "or else" part of any demand needs to have teeth. As a recent ABA Journal magazine piece describes, being persuasive and credible can be accomplished rather creatively these days.

Marketing for Hungry Lawyers: Welcome to The Jungle Law Group

When you're known as Tarzan the Lawman, you know you have arrived in the legal profession.

Not saying where you've arrived exactly, but for sure it includes practicing at the Jungle Law Group. Tristen J. Woods earned his moniker there.

Woods and partner Lauren Sierra Kruskall are animal rights advocates, but they work on another level. When you advertise yourself riding an elephant, that's the reputation you get.