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If you're in charge of your firm's marketing, and that includes social media marketing, as it should, you've probably seen quite a few memes. And if you don't know what a meme is, or haven't used one, you should definitely read on.

A meme, simply, is one of those images with sarcastic or satirical text superimposed over it that gets shared on social media. Sure, there might be a bit more to it, but that's the gist. If you're good at social media marketing, you probably already tried to jump on the meme bandwagon yourself, as memes can really rack up the social engagement, leading to more followers, more visits to your website, and hopefully more clients and more money. Below, you can read about three best practices for using memes in lawyer marketing.

Tips to Get Client Referrals Without Seeming Desperate

Did you ever ask someone for a favor, then wait a long, pregnant moment when you just knew Rosemary's baby was going to appear?

No? Then consider yourself lucky -- especially if you don't know that movie. Spoiler alert: Never move into an apartment with cannibals as neighbors.

Anyway, if you are afraid of asking for referrals for your law practice because you might appear desperate or something, just don't go there. Here are some ways around it.

Should Your Firm Nix Facebook From Lawyer Marketing Plan?

Should your law firm nix its Facebook account?

"It's a very good question," which is what professors often say when they don't have a ready answer. So since the teacher is not here, let's look at what others have to say about it.

Of course, as with any query, consider the source.

Social Media Shouts '#MeToo' and BigLaw Listens

In case you missed it, social media is a force to be reckoned with in the law.

It's not just a medium for social connections, like Facebook. And it's more than a referral medium, like LinkedIn.

Social media has the power to change the law, like it just did at BigLaw. Munger, Tolles & Olson has abandoned mandatory arbitration agreements for its employees because social media said so.

When it comes to lawyers in the state of Florida, playing fast and loose with the rules seems to be in line with what the internet has come to expect from the entire state.

However, in an uncharacteristic move for the state's reputation (but definitely in keeping with the brilliant minds over at the Florida Bar), the state's supreme court amended the rules for qualified lawyer referral services to incorporate non-lawyer owned, for-profit, online services and directories. Prior to the state's supreme court handing down the new rule, the Florida Bar was asked to amend the rules to completely prohibit lawyers within the state from accepting referrals from non-qualified sources and non-members of the state bar. The bar had a better idea though.

Former Model's Lawsuit Against Cosby and His Lawyer Proceeds

Litigating in the press is one thing; litigating against the press is another. Neither is a good idea.

That's a tip from -- among others -- the press. Attorney Martin Singer apparently hasn't learned it, even after the California courts gave him a really big tip.

Singer, who represented comedian Bill Cosby, threatened to sue the press after model Janice Dickinson accused Cosby of drugging and raping her. But in Dickinson v. Cosby, the lawyer and the joker will have to face the press and a jury.

The British Are Coming -- to American Law Firms

So the British are coming, but this time to American law firms.

The last time -- if you exclude the Beatles' invasion -- the English came to crush the colonies. We all know how that ended, but what about the latest rush of barristers and solicitors?

What are they doing, invading our law firms? Isn't it bad enough with the robots taking our jobs already?

If your law firm has a Facebook page and you don't use Facebook Live, you'll want to pay close attention to this post. Facebook Live presents an excellent, free marketing opportunity for lawyers and law firms. In case you missed that, yes, your firm can use Facebook Live as a marketing tool for free.

Basically, any neutral or positive engagement you can get on Facebook is good for your social media marketing. After all, Facebook is a huge audience. And if you already have followers on there, the Live video option is a great way to engage with them in a profound manner. Time and time again, businesses are learning that it's the quality of the social media engagement that counts.

Lawyer Sues Client Over Bad Yelp Review

Alisa Levin knows the client from hell.

Like most horror stories, it didn't start that way. Levin, a Chicago lawyer, was ghostwriting documents for another lawyer who represented Paul Abramson, a California resident.

She literally never met the man, and everyone was innocently going about their business when something sinister came out. It was a dispute over her bill.

False Lawyer Advertising: Close but No State Bar

Lundy Law did not break false advertising law with its commercials.

However, according to a federal judge, the Philadelphia law firm did stretch the truth to the breaking point. Judge Cynthia Rufe said the managing partner lied in a television commercial.

With an endorsement like that, it's no wonder Lundy Law is advertising for business. How close can you get to the line without crossing it?