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Lawyer Faces Sanctions for Using Screenplay Format in Complaint

It was a dark and stormy night for attorney Ilya Liviz.

Frustrated with courts turning down his appeals, he decided to file a complaint written in the form of a screenplay. In the end, the court was not entertained.

Liviz faces sanctions for the "novel" complaint and potentially filing frivolous complaints. He said he just wanted an audience.

The holidays are a great time of year to do some fun legal marketing. Yes, usually the words fun and legal marketing in the same sentence will cause some sort of breach in the space-time continuum. However, the exception to that is when your legal marketing takes the form of a party.

Even if you don't want to think of your office holiday party as marketing, if you have invited clients, potential clients, and/or colleagues from other firms, it's marketing. So if you're planning on having a holiday party, below you'll find some tips to make sure you make and get the most out it.

3 Biggest-Ever Hyperbole To-Dos in Law Firm Marketing

If you know anything about Star Wars, the Lord of the Rings, or Lawyer Marketing, cosmic truths come in threes.

Three Star Wars trilogies, three rings to rule them all, and three more rules about hyperbole in law firm marketing. In our last installment, we looked at the don'ts.

In this episode, we see the biggest-ever hyperbole to-dos in law firm marketing. It's about balancing your lawyer skills in the marketplace universe.

3 Biggest-Ever Hyperbole Don'ts in Law Firm Marketing

People probably expect lawyers to exaggerate; it's what we do.

Like when an attorney says a client chained to a chair in court is "not guilty," who really believes that? It's not a lie, but everybody knows the real story.

Outside the courtroom, it's a different story. Lawyers have to check the hyperbole at the door. Here are the three, biggest hyperbolic don'ts in lawyer marketing:

Just being on social media may be good, but creating engaging content is better. And as Arlo Guthrie's father once told him, "Ya know Arlo, if you can't be great, it's better to be long."

So when you're thinking about what to post on social media, don't shoot for greatness, rather shoot for just getting some engagement from your audience and playing the long-game. In terms of what's best, likes are good, but shares are even better because when your followers share your content to their followers, you are expanding your social reach and increasing the likelihood of gaining more followers.

To help you in your quest for social media longness, below you can find a list of dad-jokes that you can use to create content that's funny enough to get shared.

Becoming a Sports Lawyer, Not Jerry Maguire

Everybody knows Jerry Maguire was not a real sports agent, but they also know his most famous line: "Show me the money!"

Leigh Steinberg is a real sports agent and lawyer, and he is oft credited as the inspiration for the Hollywood version. Even so, many aspiring sports attorneys think that it is all about the money.

Darren Heitner, author of a new book on becoming a sports lawyer, says it's about way more than that. He says it's about knowing how to play the game.

To Tweet or Not to Tweet; It's Not Shakespeare

Matthew Stiegler is an experienced appellate lawyer, but what's more important is that he is on Twitter.

That may be a misstatement of his career accomplishments. However, he probably knows more about using Twitter than the average appellate practitioner.

More than 1,093 followers can't be wrong, unless of course you take his advice. He says you probably don't want to be on Twitter.

Do you have a dog and a law firm? If so, you might want to consider exploiting your dog's cuteness to help market your law firm. Simply put, your law firm's social media needs content, and people love dog photos on social.

In most, if not all cases, your dog (like mine) will willingly agree to be a social media star in exchange for copious treats and playtime, so there's no harm there. And your social media followers and other victims of your marketing tactics will undoubtedly remember your name more readily because of all those wonderful dog pictures you keep posting from your law firm's social media accounts, or including in your email newsletters and holiday cards.

Yes, once you start posting pics of your dog, people will want (p)updates.

7 Social Media Tips for Law Firms

If your law firm isn't on social media, you are simply missing out on some easy and free marketing that can be done in your downtime from anywhere.

Every platform you want to be on has an app that will work on your smartphone, which you can peruse while watching TV, riding the train, or even while using the toilet. And when you like other people's posts, comment, or make your posts on your law firm's behalf, you're actually marketing.

Below are seven tips to help you social media better.

Why Lawyers Should -- or Should Not -- Show Off Clients

Client endorsements are the best.

"He really understood my case." "She helped me when I needed it the most." "My lawyer got me $2.1 million ...."

Well, not all endorsements work. The thing is, if clients are giving you rave reviews, why not do the same for them?