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Law firms, like any business that relies on individual customers or clients, might want to lean into Valentine's Day before it's too late. And thanks to social media, even if you forgot to plan anything, you can still do something.

To that end, if you're confused on how to get social media marketing right on Valentine's Day, below you can get a few tips on what to do.

Fiji Water Girl Sues Company for Cardboard Cutout Photobombs

If you missed the Super Bowl, you didn't miss much. It was the lowest scoring Super Bowl ever.

And if you missed the Golden Globes, it doesn't matter as much. That's because you probably heard about the "Fiji Water Girl." She got more attention than a half-time show.

She's not going away anytime soon, either. She's suing the company that made her famous.

If you watched the Super Bowl this past weekend, you may remember a certain commercial letting you and every other The Big Lebowski fan down. Some were even more let down, and many in odd Lebowskian ways, when Jeff Bridges appeared as Jeff Lebowski in a Stella Artois commercial.

The commercial has been heralded as a sign of the "whole world going crazy" by Vice, and likely also Walter Sobchak. And as lawyers and law firm owners, there are some important lessons to learn about advertising and controlling the rumor mill that can be learned.

The recent pass interference no-call in the Saints - Rams NFC championship game has been causing quite the stir on social and traditional media. People are up in arms, as when it comes to bad officiating, this missed call may perhaps go down in history as one of the worst in football history.

Saints fans, notably, are the most upset as the missed call is blamed for the team not making it to the Super Bowl. And with such an obvious missed call, a couple lawyers decided to file class actions challenging the lack of action by the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell. And though these cases have zero to no chance of success, as one Forbes commentator explained, the lawyers and law firms certainly got a boost to the number of incoming calls.

While copying another law firm's marketing strategy or idea might not be the sincerest (or most welcome) form of flattery, it can certainly be a boon for firms that struggle with their own marketing.

But when you see a law firm marketing itself in a way you wish you had thought of first, don't just settle for doing the same thing. Take some time and brainstorm on how to do it better, or a different way, that will be more in line with your practice.

Lost on how to do the next big thing for your legal marketing? Read on to get some tips on how to figure it out.

Does Your Wall of Law Books Make Your Firm Look Old Fashioned?

If first impressions are everything, what does that say about the old law books at your office?

If you have a wall of books, for example, does that tell clients you are well-read or just behind the times? After all, virtually every book is available in a digital format these days.

Maybe you didn't want to jump to light speed, or you just love the feel of those old volumes. Whatever the reason, maybe it's time for a new look.

What Is 'Cannabis Justice' and Can You Get Some?

"Cannabis justice," for the record, is not a practice area.

The term describes the state of disconnect between federal and state laws on marijuana use. The feds have criminalized it; most states have legalized it.

In the breach, many lawyers have capitalized on it. "Cannabis justice" is a different kind of opportunity waiting to happen.

Lawyers: This Is How You YouTube!

While the pivot to video may not have been all that it was chalked up to be, there's no doubt that some law firms got it right.

Whether or not law firms are getting more business as a result of viral YouTube success is another question entirely, but it's hard to deny the brilliance of legal marketing that's "laugh with" funny, rather than "laugh at" funny. Below, you can see for yourself what we're talking about, and maybe pick up a few pointers as you see one lawyer and law firm that got it right with their amazing series that we hope is just beginning.

When it comes to making rain, forcing it via illegal means and methods is not a risk worth taking. And while this seems like common sense to the lay and lawyers alike, apparently one politician allegedly doesn't think like everyone else.

A Chicago Alderman allegedly attempted to extort Burger King into steering legal work to his private firm, via using his official powers as a government official. And now, after Burger King let him have it their way, he's facing federal charges.

One Texas law firm is doing some creative marketing and hoping to make a difference locally this New Year holiday.

Instead of throwing money away on traditional marketing, the firm seems to be putting up about $30,000 so that anyone in the Houston area can get a free ride rather than drive drunk. The firm has limited their offer of reimbursement to rides within their geographic region, and only one ride per household, and only up to $30 including up to a 10 percent tip. The firm also disclaims that the offer is only open to the first 1,000 requests for reimbursement and to individuals 21 and up.