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While there is quite a bit of serious discussion that happens on #LawTwitter and #AppellateTwitter, there's also quite a bit of joking around. And for lawyers, getting a good laugh a few times a day can really help keep moral high.

If you're on Twitter, you probably already follow some of the biggest names in #LawTwitter, like the Florida Bar Association or Popehat.

We've already covered our favorite seven funny #LawyerTwitter accounts to follow, but there are many, many more wonderful accounts. Below you'll find seven more of our favorites.

The concept of unlimited paid vacation seems unbelievable, and confusing. But, as many firms are starting to realize, to get the best talent, you have to offer the best perks, and unlimited paid vacation is actually a thing now, but is it really better than a fixed amount of vacation time?

Taking the natural extension on that concept, Susman Godfrey LLP has announced that it will, in addition to offering unlimited paid vacation, also now offer unlimited paid parental leave for all associates. Notably, this is the first large law firm to offer such a generous parental leave policy, but it is not too surprising given the level of talent the firm is known to recruit.

How Can Your Law Firm Reach Rural Clients?

Setting up a rural law practice should be easy.

After all, you will get business when you are the only attorney within 100 miles. Not only that, some states literally pay lawyers to practice in the country.

So why is it so hard for law firms to reach rural clients? Blame the internet or blame the lawyers -- somebody has to be at fault. Here's a look at how you can reach rural clients.

Since When Did Atlanta and Austin Lead the Legal Job Market?

It seems like only yesterday that the best legal opportunities were in the Big City, places like New York, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

So how did Atlanta and Austin end up leading the way for legal jobs? According to a new survey, Atlanta brought in 16.3 percent more lawyers last year.

That growth is about 13 percent above the national average! So what are they feeding the lawyers in Georgia?

The PhD and the Nominee: Evaluating the Credibility of Witnesses

If the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing taught lawyers anything, it is how hard it is to judge the credibility of witnesses.

For witnesses Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, a prosecutor was appointed to do the questioning. Rachel Mitchell, who leads a special-victims division in Arizona, took the counsel chair.

She gave it her best, but in the end didn't seem to move the needle. Perhaps it's because the jury prejudged the witnesses, and that may be the hardest lesson for any lawyer.

How to Future-Proof Your Law Career

One proof-positive thing about the future: it will come.

And when it does, will you still have a job? Or will the future take back the career you worked so hard to create for yourself?

If you aren't sure about your future, here's another thing to know. Lawyers, you really can future-proof your career.

Lunch Breaks Improve Everything

Taking a lunch break might not be the miracle elixir cure-all to what ails you about work, but it can surely help improve productivity and job satisfaction. At least, that's what the scientists are saying.

According to recently published research, when employees are encouraged to take breaks for lunch, and throughout the day for healthy activities like walking, snacking on good-for-you foods, or even just socializing, both employee productivity and job satisfaction increase. While the latter may seem obvious, an increase in productivity seems counterintuitive to encouraging breaks. But it isn't.

Best Opinion Opening Ever?

Recently, thanks to the wonder that is legal Twitter, a whopper of an opening to a federal district court's opinion was brought to our attention. Over and over again.

The epically amazing opening rather clearly alludes to the 90s Bill Murray classic, Groundhog Day, analogizing the current voting rights matter before the court to the basic premise of the slapstick romantic comedy.

Does Your Law Firm Need an 'Infant on Board' Program?

A "Baby on Board" sign outside a law firm does not mean rookie lawyers are inside.

That would be the "Children at Play" sign. Just kidding, new lawyers don't have time to play anyway.

Seriously, there are attorneys who have lowered the age for take-your-kid-to-work day. They call it the "Infant-at-Work" program.

You know that feeling of comfort that envelopes you when you walk into a spa? The smells, the music, the receptionist's relaxing tone of voice, it's all part of the ambiance and it matters.

Though law offices may not be striving to make clients as comfortable as a spa, the right background music can go a long way in creating the sort of ambiance that makes a client feel comfortable. However, on the other side of the issue are the lawyers and staff who will have to put up with the background music. Fortunately, according to science, some background music can actually boost productivity.