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The United States Constitution is on the shortlist of most significant legal documents in our nation's history. And like the document itself, the term "constitution" has taken on new life over the centuries of usage.

Most people are familiar with the word's different usages, such as referring to an individual's constitution, but the term's origins are a bit more involved and date as far back as the 12th century. What might come as a surprise to some: Despite the 800 year history, the ever so popular legal term "unconstitutional" wasn't used until 1734.

Got a Hobby Outside Your Law Practice? Make It Your Law Practice

Did you ever look at a glass of beer and imagine what it would be like to start a brewery?

Many entrepreneurs have started that way -- not necessarily when they were drinking, but when they turned a pastime into a business. The process began with an idea, like a bubble that turns to foam in a glass.

Candace Moon, a brewery attorney, started like that. She's an example of how to turn your hobby interest into a law practice.

Did you always want to be a little bit more like Mike? Were you disappointed when you discovered it took more than some really sweet shoes?

If you're a lawyer who consumes any sort of news media, you might actually want to be more like Michael Avenatti. You know, that 47-year-old lawyer who considers himself a "dragon slayer" and happens to be representing Stormy Daniels.

How to Be a Happy Lawyer

Often the requirements of the job simply make attorneys miserable. Three extra years of schooling and passing an exam were supposed to make life better, right? Whether it's the long hours, the heavy weight of responsibility, or the nature of the work itself, many lawyers find out too late that the job can wreak havoc on a person's happiness.

Fortunately, even if you need to work miserably long hours, or in an area, or for a boss, you hate, you may still be able to find ways to be happy (especially if you're making good money) right where you are. Below you can read a few tips on how to be a happy (or happier) lawyer.

3 Tips to Monetize Your Legal Passion

Even if the internet seems like it has all the answers, don't pray to it.

Reality check: the internet is a soulless amalgam of information. But that's what blog writers are for: to give human perspective.

Like, how do you monetize your legal passion? You know you've been asking yourself the same question.

Healthy Things to Do When Taking a Break at Work

Taking breaks at work is natural -- no need to mull over the benefits here.

Knowing what to do on those breaks should also come naturally, but for some it's a bit of a puzzle. It's like knowing you need to eat, but having a hard time eating right.

We can't promise amazing weight loss or rock-hard abs, but here are some suggestions about how to take healthy breaks at work.

For many attorneys, there is very little concern that a judge will comment on your attire, hair, or overall style. However, it does happen, and unfortunately, more often than not, it will happen behind your back.

When it does happen that a judge calls out a lawyer in their courtroom for some perceived fashion faux paus, an attorney may feel compelled to defend their dressing decisions, but that might not be the right choice. After all, it's the client's case, and if a judge is going to be distracted by an attorney's clothing to the point of commenting, that attorney may want to listen and dress to the judge's expectations, simply to not prejudice their client.

How to Make Solo Business Travel Fun and Productive

When it comes to making business travel more fun, who better to ask than a pilot?

After all, pilots have their privileges. They may not disclose all of them, but First Class and the VIP lounge are givens.

Absent the super-secret list of fun things to do when traveling alone, however, here are some suggestions for lawyers:

Lawyers: Don't Tell Bad Judges They're Bad

Words to the wise: don't tell bad judges they're bad.

It's like bringing a knife to a gunfight. It's not going to end well, even if you do get in a few digs.

Attorney John Carter learned that lesson the hard way. Like his client said: "You know it's a bad day when your lawyer goes to jail."

Attorneys are often expected to put in long hours at the office. Just because the courts or businesses close at 5, that doesn't mean you have to (or can) stop working. Associates know all too well that after 5 is when the phones go to voicemail automatically, and you can actually get work done.

However, there's a fine line between working long hours and being a workaholic. Though neither is really good for your health, a new Harvard Business Review study suggests that the workaholic mindset is worse for your health than working long hours. Surprisingly absent from their report is any mention of the revolutionary finding that the sky is blue.