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As more and more tools continue to be developed to help businesses service clients, lawyers may want to take a step back and take a crack at thinking up new ways of doing things around the office.

You don't need to reinvent the wheel, but if there's a new type of wheel on the market, you might want to take it for a test drive to see if it suits your needs better than your old wheels.

Even if all you can think of are ways to save time in the way the office operates, those efficiencies should translate into savings which should translate into more earnings. And simply by taking a step back and looking at how you actually operate, it's very likely that you'd be able to find at least a few tasks that could be automated, or done better or quicker, with the help of technology.

Signs You Aren't Paying Your Paralegals Enough

Jeff Foxworthy may know nothing about paralegal pay, but he knows more than a fifth grader.

He also knows signs that you might be a redneck. So what does that have to do with paying paralegals?

Only this: there are signs when you are being cheap and you should know better than that. So with apologies to Foxworthy, here are signs you are not paying your paralegals enough:

Is the Older Generation Holding the Legal Profession Back?

Caroyln Elefant, the popular attorney-blogger, says it is time for old-school lawyers to step aside.

Suggesting the legal profession take a cue from the Hebrew exodus, Elefant points out that Moses had to stay behind when his people reached the promised land. Likewise, she argues the older generation of lawyers has to leave it all behind.

Not to be a noodge, but didn't Moses miraculously part the Red Sea for the next generation to pass through to the other side? And who's telling this Passover story anyway?

Firm Disqualified for Conflict, Remarks to Newspaper

Note to self: Don't criticize a client in the press.

Second note to self: Do a better conflict-check next time.

That's the sticky-note version of what happened at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman in FMS Investment Corp. v. The United States. For a BigLaw firm, a judge said, the lawyers should have known better.

Social Media Shouts '#MeToo' and BigLaw Listens

In case you missed it, social media is a force to be reckoned with in the law.

It's not just a medium for social connections, like Facebook. And it's more than a referral medium, like LinkedIn.

Social media has the power to change the law, like it just did at BigLaw. Munger, Tolles & Olson has abandoned mandatory arbitration agreements for its employees because social media said so.

Tips to Make a Coworking Space Work for a Solo Lawyer

'Coworking space' is not new anymore, and so we have learned how to use it.

It wasn't even new when people started using the term; it used to be "office sharing." It meant sharing expenses by working with other people in close quarters.

With the ascension of tech companies, however, coworking space evolved to become entrepreneurial space. As it turned out, coworking is also perfect for the modern solo practitioner.

Strategic Ways to Prepare for an Interview

You've done everything to prepare for that job interview, right?

Resume? Check. References? Check. Self-interview? Wh-what? Exactly.

There are some things to do before a job interview that you may not have thought of. In a tough job market, they might be the very things that make the difference between a job and just another interview. Try these before your next one:

The whole greenwashing epidemic has somewhat subsided as the consumer public has gotten a bit more savvy at spotting the bogus claims of a company being green. Even the government stepped in, years ago now, to help combat false and misleading claims of being green.

For law firms, going green can often be prompted by more than just potential cost savings on paper, despite the high cost of the technology needed to go paperless without it feeling too different. However, unless a firm's going green translates into direct savings for clients, logic dictates that an individual or small business client isn't going to care about a firm's carbon footprint.

Bad Habits That Are Hurting Your Law Practice Bottom Line

There are bad habits, and there are worse habits.

In a law practice, there are also those habits that are so bad they cost you time and money. Those are the worst. 

We're talking about those time-sucking, senseless habits that should have been thrown out with last year's trash. Here's a quick self-test to determine if you have fallen into any of them. 

Tips for Your Law Firm Succession Planning

It's just wrong to let someone else make your estate plan without you, so why would you let anybody plan law firm succession without you?

Seriously, getting old is hard enough without people waiting around for you to get out or die. They don't call lawyers sharks for nothing.

Make your own plan to get out of practice because if you don't, somebody else might do it for you. Or, if you are part of the group circling aging colleagues, show them that famous professional courtesy.