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The Best State for a Marijuana Practice Is ...

New Jersey.

Wait, what? How could New Jersey be the best state to have a marijuana practice?

It's about the numbers. New Jersey handed out 10,000 new medical marijuana cards the first half of 2018, growing at about twice the rate from 2017. They don't call it the Garden State for nothing.

How Can Your Law Firm Reach Rural Clients?

Setting up a rural law practice should be easy.

After all, you will get business when you are the only attorney within 100 miles. Not only that, some states literally pay lawyers to practice in the country.

So why is it so hard for law firms to reach rural clients? Blame the internet or blame the lawyers -- somebody has to be at fault. Here's a look at how you can reach rural clients.

A recent headline out of a Chicago business journal highlights the sale of a divorce law firm that charges flat-fees. It was purchased by another family law firm in the area that was looking to expand.

While flat-fee family law services might not be the newest or most revolutionary idea, with news of the sale, it raises the question of whether flat-fee clients make a law practice more buyable and/or sellable. Also, it should make solos and small firms, ones that are hungry for more business, think about whether buying another practice that charges flat-fees is even an option.

In national news this week, London-based GW Pharmaceuticals has just secured the nation's first ever FDA approval of a marijuana-based prescription medication.

While a synthetic form of THC (the active psychoactive ingredient in marijuana) has been available for decades for chemo patients, and others with debilitating conditions, the new drug actually is derived from CBD, a chemical found in both marijuana and hemp and has no psychoactive effects. The new drug, Epidiolex, is meant to treat children ages two and up who suffer from two different rare medical conditions that cause severe seizures (that are often resistant to other drug treatments).

Did you always want to be a little bit more like Mike? Were you disappointed when you discovered it took more than some really sweet shoes?

If you're a lawyer who consumes any sort of news media, you might actually want to be more like Michael Avenatti. You know, that 47-year-old lawyer who considers himself a "dragon slayer" and happens to be representing Stormy Daniels.

What Is a Lawyer in the Modern World?

Being a lawyer is not what it used to be.

A generation ago, lawyers typically researched the law in a library and met clients in private offices. They drafted contracts or went to court. But all of that has changed.

Today, algorithms research the law and smart programs draft contracts. Attorneys meet clients in shared suites, virtual offices, coffee houses, and even over the internet. They still go to court, if that includes telephonic appearances.

But what is the modern lawyer really, and is that you?

Why Are Women Lawyers Thriving in Health Care Law?

If a "perfect storm" means a confluence of conditions ending in disaster, what would be the opposite?

The darkness before light? A cloud with a silver lining? Whatever it is, there has been a change in the weather for women in the law, at least in one practice area.

Women may be better represented in health care law than any other practice area. According to some practitioners, it happened because of perfect conditions.

Does Your Law Firm Measure Client Satisfaction?

"Client satisfaction" may not be the mantra of your law practice.

"Retainer agreement" is probably more the catchphrase. After all, the bottom line for any business is to stay in business.

But before you can count the money, you have to count on clients. So yeah, your law firm should measure client satisfaction. Here are some ideas about how to get your mantra on:

Lawyer Gets Creative With Settlement in NFL Cheerleaders Case

Sara Blackwell is a lawyer who truly knows the value of a case.

She has offered to settle her case against the National Football League for $1 on behalf of former NFL cheerleaders. But that's not where the money is in her case.

Blackwell's offer requires the NFL to have a "good faith" meeting to address gender discrimination. It has the potential to solve a long-time issue between cheerleaders and players.

A recent decision of the Wyoming Supreme Court upheld a law firm's billing practice of using 15 minute increments. The court held that barring evidence of abusive practices, so long as the billing increment is reasonable and not excessive, it's all good.

However, before those attorneys that bill to the tenth of the hour consider a change, it may be worth noting that doing so may actually require more work when it comes to time-keeping. As the Wisconsin high court explained, their holding was supported by evidence from the law firm that they often didn't bill for short tasks. Also, the firm did group multiple short tasks into the same increment, rather than billing short tasks as separate billing increments.