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For mass tort plaintiffs, seeking relief in St. Louis, Missouri may soon no longer be a viable option. Although seen as a plaintiff-friendly venue, particularly given the recent massive multi-billion dollar award against Johnson & Johnson, the state's senate has decided that it's time to change their reputation.

The Missouri Senate passed a bill effectively prohibiting the joinder of out-of-state plaintiffs, unless the joining plaintiff resides in an adjoining, less populated, county. Proponents of the law explain that of the 13,000 plus mass tort plaintiffs in the St. Louis court, barely a thousand are actually Missouri residents, and less than a quarter of those residents live in St. Louis.

While the order itself may look authentic, one Minnesota state court judge is bound to have news station anchors and weather-reporters chuckling for years to come with his recent Order to Enjoin "Minnesota Meteorologists, Old Man Winter, and Mr. Snow" from dumping anymore snow on the state and county he presides over.

The order itself lays out a rather cute, but cursory, analysis of why an injunction against any more snow is warranted. Curiously, when considering what fictional law firm to credit for the filing of the emergency petition, the judge named Sue, Grabit, and Run. Notably, it looks like there were no snow storms in the days after the order, though there has been a bit of rain, and more rain is expected.

Over the next decade, elder law is expected to start booming. Given the fact that the average age of the population is increasing as the younger Baby Boomers are now entering their golden years, some practitioners might be wondering if transitioning into elder law could prove profitable.

If you're considering exploring the elder law niche, below you can find three tips to help you break in.

AI Lawyers Making Work for the Rest of Us

Herman and Lara are "AI lawyers," the newest breed of specialists in the law.

They work for AirHelp, a company that helps airline passengers resolve legal claims for refunds and damages from cancelled flights. Herman reviews travel claims, and Lara handles more complex cases.

The thing is, they are robots. If that makes you nervous, relax. It's not like you wanted their jobs anyway.

For lawmakers in the state of Idaho, the recent debacle over the so-called "ag gag" law has just gone from bad to worse. That's because on top of being slaughtered at the Ninth Circuit, the state is now faced with the unfortunate position of having to pay the legal fees for the Animal Legal Defense Fund, which challenged the state's ag gag law as unconstitutional and won.

Luckily for the state, it has the chance to stop the fees from reaching astronomical levels, as currently the amount sits at about a quarter million dollars.

Lawyers: This Is How You YouTube!

While the pivot to video may not have been all that it was chalked up to be, there's no doubt that some law firms got it right.

Whether or not law firms are getting more business as a result of viral YouTube success is another question entirely, but it's hard to deny the brilliance of legal marketing that's "laugh with" funny, rather than "laugh at" funny. Below, you can see for yourself what we're talking about, and maybe pick up a few pointers as you see one lawyer and law firm that got it right with their amazing series that we hope is just beginning.

Divorced? Here Are 5 Must-Do Changes for Your Estate Plan

Jeff Bezos isn't the only one getting divorced this year.

As 2018 ended, divorces went up and it could be a trend. Financial uncertainty -- a common cause of divorce -- will likely break up more marriages in 2019.

If you have been there or done that, one thing is certain. It's time to revise the estate plan. Here are five must-do changes.

Is Reproductive Justice the Hot New Practice Area of 2019?

When it comes to a mother's rights, it's fair to say that necessity is the mother of invention.

It's not like every law school teaches it -- maternity, delivery, or reproductive rights. If lawyers want to practice in the area, it's because they feel the need.

The good news is that reproductive law is an emerging practice. That's because justice required it.

The Best State for a Marijuana Practice Is ...

New Jersey.

Wait, what? How could New Jersey be the best state to have a marijuana practice?

It's about the numbers. New Jersey handed out 10,000 new medical marijuana cards the first half of 2018, growing at about twice the rate from 2017. They don't call it the Garden State for nothing.

How Can Your Law Firm Reach Rural Clients?

Setting up a rural law practice should be easy.

After all, you will get business when you are the only attorney within 100 miles. Not only that, some states literally pay lawyers to practice in the country.

So why is it so hard for law firms to reach rural clients? Blame the internet or blame the lawyers -- somebody has to be at fault. Here's a look at how you can reach rural clients.