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Madison Cty. v. Oneida Indian Nation of N.Y., No. 10-72

Grant of Certiorari Vacated

In Madison Cty. v. Oneida Indian Nation of N.Y., No. 10-72, an action concerning an Indian tribe's collection of property taxes, the Supreme Court vacated a grant of certiorari and remanded to the Second Circuit where that court needed to address, in the first instance, whether to revisit its ruling on sovereign immunity in light of new factual developments, and -- if necessary -- proceed to address other questions in the case consistent with its sovereign immunity ruling.


As the court wrote:  "We granted certiorari, 562 U. S.___(2010), on the questions "whether tribal sovereign immunity from suit, to the extent it should continue to be recognized, bars taxing authorities from foreclosing to collect lawfully imposed property taxes" and "whether the ancient Oneida reservation in New York was disestablished or diminished." Pet. for Cert. i."

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