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July 2012 Archives

Chief Justice Stays Maryland DNA Collection Decision

Get ready for a Supreme Court DNA case in the 2012 Term.

Chief Justice John Roberts issued an order on Monday indicating that it's likely the Court will grant certiorari to review a DNA collection law.

2012 Term: SCOTUS Releases November Hearing Schedule

The Supreme Court’s November sitting starts in October this year. That’s the beauty of being a Supreme Court justice; you can make your own rules and naming conventions.

Without a federal holiday to schedule around, the Nine have a full schedule for the sitting beginning on October 29, (as it’s more-properly identified). The 12 cases on the November hearing schedule are:

Justice Scalia: Top 5 Quotes from July

Instead of passing his summer lounging in an exotic location while "teaching" law school summer courses, Justice Antonin Scalia has been busy this summer promoting his new book, Reading Law: The Interpretation of Legal Text.

Thanks to the hoopla of the Supreme Court's 2011 Term -- and the fact that the Nine tend to shy away from interviews -- everyone wants to talk to Justice Scalia about his new book. Those conversations have produced their fair share of interesting sound bites. Here are our favorites from the month:

SCOTUS Releases October Hearing Schedule for 2012 Term

It's hard to stay happy during the summer. Sure, there's sunshine, longer days, and vacation, but how can that compensate for the dark void of the Supreme Court recess?

For those of you who can't wait three months to get your SCOTUS fix, we have good news. The Court released the October hearing schedule for the 2012 term this week. Which cases will be heard first? It's all after the jump.

Justice Scalia to Appear on Piers Morgan Tonight

Across the Twitterverse, people are ... atwitter about Justice Antonin Scalia's upcoming appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight.

After all the Supreme Court scuttlebutt following Jan Crawford's article about Chief Justice John Roberts' Affordable Care Act switch, some may be hoping that Nino will pull back the curtain on the Court's individual mandate drama.

That's unlikely.

Will SCOTUS Summarily Affirm 9th Cir in Same-Sex Benefits Case?

Arizona is determined to be a fixture on the Supreme Court's schedule.

Last term, the state went to battle over its controversial immigration law. This year, Gov. Jan Brewer is asking the court to determine whether the state can eliminate health coverage for same-sex domestic partners of state and university employees, according to Fox News.

Edie Windsor Skips 2nd Cir, Files DOMA Challenge with SCOTUS

There’s officially a second Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) challenge vying for Supreme Court review.

Monday, Edie Windsor filed a petition for certiorari with the Nine seeking the return of more than $300,000 in estate taxes that she was forced to pay after her spouse died, reports the Huffington Post.

Outside Improvidence: What Happened in First American v. Edwards?

There’s a Supreme Court decision that’s been bothering us since June 28.

Not the Affordable Care Act or the Stolen Valor Act decision. We’re talking about the one that almost no one else is talking about: First American Financial v. Edwards.

Can Congress Criminalize Trading on Stolen Valor?

If Congress ends up in another Stolen Valor battle, you can blame Justice Stephen Breyer.

"Wait," you say. "Didn't the Supreme Court just strike down the Stolen Valor Act?"

Why, yes. That did happen. Now we've moved on to new incarnations of the law.

Libraries Ask SCOTUS to Reverse 2nd Cir Ruling in Kirtsaeng

It’s the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that could limit library lending power.

In April, the Supreme Court granted certiorari in Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons, a case examining “gray market” resale of copyrighted works.

A First Time for Everything: Supreme Court Summer Reading List

Do your friends or family members take away your phone and computer when you go on vacation? Do they ban you from watching the news or reading newspapers? Do you have trouble taking a break?

For many lawyers -- especially Supreme Court watchers -- it's hard to disconnect from the office, even when you're supposed to be enjoying your paid time off. So here's a way you can cheat, and get your Supreme Court fix, all under the guise of relaxation.

Ladies and gentleman, we present FindLaw's Inaugural Supreme Court reading list.

Will SCOTUS Hear DOMA Challenge During 2012 Term?

The Supreme Court just finished a blockbuster term. The Affordable Care Act challenge. The Arizona immigration law appeal. These are the kinds of cases that define the justices’ legacies. Even the criminal law decisions — which arguably affect fewer Americans — were an interesting lot this year.

So how could the 2012 Term possible eclipse last year’s media bonanza in terms of cable news coverage? With a Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) challenge.