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Owner of Tupac Website, Pac12.com, Sues Pac-10

"I'm wit cha, I ain't mad at cha

Got nuttin but love for ya, do your thing boy." -Tupac Shakur

I ain't mad at cha, Album: All Eyez on Me

Tupac told his followers not to be mad, but he never said not to sue. So we shouldn't be surprised that Austin Linford, the owner of Pac12.com, is suing the Pac 10. The NCAA conference has been trying to acquire the domain for its website which it plans to expand to 12 teams.

NFL Labor Dispute: Can Mediation Save Next Season?

It is looking more and more like the NFL labor dispute is going to remain unresolved, resulting in a lockout of the 2011 season. As the March 4 collective bargaining deadline approaches, potential compromises seem less and less likely.

That's because there have been no conversations between the owners and the union since NFL labor talks broke off last week.

In fact, after the last talks broke off, the two sides had hoped to meet twice a week until expiration date, but owners canceled a negotiating session scheduled for last Thursday, and no additional talks are on the calendar, The New York Times reports.

Auburn Trees Poisoned: Toomer's Corner Trees 130 Years Old

There's nothing wrong with a good natured rivalry. But poisoning trees is just bush league.

Auburn University was stunned after someone apparently poisoned the university's 130-year-old Toomer's Oaks. The beautiful Toomer's Corner trees are a post-game gathering place for victory celebrations. According to investigators, the oaks were dosed with "lethal amounts" of herbicide.

Police have now arrested Harvey Almorn Updyke Jr., 62, who stands accused of poisoning the oaks. Updyke is a former Texas state trooper. He is facing charges of first-degree criminal mischief. If convicted, Updyke faces up to 10 years in prison, though at first glance, jail time seems unlikely. Updyke is currently being held on $50,000 bond.

Ohio State Recruit Chris Carter not Charged with Fondling Girl

Mark this one down in your book of bad ideas: feeling up 15-year-old girls under the guise of measuring them for an ROTC uniform.

That's what Ohio State recruit Chris Carter was accused of, just before he was about to sign a national letter of intent to Ohio State. Nevertheless, he will not be charged criminally in the matter, as authorities have determined that there is a lack of evidence of sexual contact.

Mets Madoff Lawsuit: Owners Ignored Warnings on Madoff

With one of Major League Baseball's highest payrolls, two losing seasons in a row, and low turnout at home games, the New York Mets are already facing financial troubles.

Add to this the recently filed lawsuit by the Bernie Madoff Trustee against Mets owners, Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz, and the future of the franchise may be in question.

Barry Bonds Charges Dropped from 11 to 5 by Prosecutors

Barry Bonds numbers just got reduced. Not on the playing field, but in federal court.

Federal prosecutors have now reduced the number of charges against the career home run leader from 11 to five felony counts. Nevertheless, if convicted, his punishment would still be the same, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Art Schlichter Super Bowl Scam: Ex Ohio State QB's Ticket Scheme

As the price of tickets go up, so do the opportunities to profit from them illegally. The latest example: former Ohio State quarterback Art Schlichter, who allegedly participated in a ticket scam worth millions of dollars, CBS reports.

According to the investigation, Art Schlichter and Anita Barney, of Dublin, Ohio, whose husband co-founded Wendy's, accepted money for hundreds of thousands of dollars, supposedly in exchange for producing tickets to sporting events. However, they never produced the tickets. Events allegedly included in the scam were the Super Bowl and the Ohio State vs. Michigan game.

Super Bowl Seating Lawsuit: Fans Sue NFL Over Seating Snafu

You knew this wasn't going to end well. After thousands of fans traveled thousands of miles, shelled out thousands of dollars and showed up for the Super Bowl, they found that they didn't have a seat.

The NFL took preliminary steps to try to please the fans, but it wasn't enough. And thus the Super Bowl seating lawsuit began.

Albert Haynesworth Road Rage Leads to Assault Charge

Albert Haynesworth has been a busy guy this year -- just not on the football field. He only had 13 tackles and 2.5 sacks in 8 games. Not good for a guy with a $100-million-dollar contract. Haynesworth, 29, spent most of the season feuding with coach Mike Shannahan. And now we learn that he was fueding with a follow motorist in a Washington D.C., suburb.

The Albert Haynesworth road rage case has the NFL star accused of assault for allegedly punching a motorist in the face. Haynesworth allegedly hit Joel Velazques, 38, of Leesburg, Va. in the nose. According to Haynesworth's agent, Chad Speck, he has yet to speak with police or prosecutors regarding the incident, ESPN reports.

Super Bowl Injuries: 6 Fans Injured Outside Cowboys Stadium

Super Bowl injuries usually happen on the field. Or at the very least in the bleachers. This time, they happened outside of the stadium.

Dallas has been experiencing some crazy weather, including a massive ice storm on Tuesday night. The storm, followed by freezing temperatures, left behind sheets of ice and snow on top of Cowboys Stadium. The weather thankfully decided to warm up for game time, causing the ice and snow to melt. And when ice melts on a curved surface, it starts to slide off, which is exactly what happened at Cowboys Stadium. Some seven fans were injured, one critically.

Mitch Mustain Arrested: Ex-USC QB Held on Drug Charge

A former USC quarterback preparing for the NFL draft has been arrested for selling drugs to an undercover cop. Mitch Mustain, 22, who was a former backup quarterback, who finished in 2010, has been accused of selling prescription drugs, a felony. He was arrested and booked on $30,000 bail, according to Officer Bruce Borihanh, the LA Times reports. Mustain posted bail and has been released.

Mustain was in the process of preparing for the upcoming NFL combine/draft. If the allegations are true, it seems that Mustain was looking for a quick supplement to his income while seeking to land an NFL team. The arrest will likely cast his NFL hopes in serious doubt. NFL teams are increasingly hesitant to draft players with questionable paths, especially when they aren't considered potential stars.

Fake Super Bowl Tickets: Steelers, Packers Fans Beware

The Super Bowl is kind of like the circus. It always draws in a certain shady portion of the population that comes to town to prey on unsuspecting crowds. Pennsylvania Attorney General Bill Ryan is warning consumers to be extremely skeptical and vigilant about scams involving fake Super Bowl tickets.

Ryan says that Packers and Steelers fans desperate for tickets should still keep in mind that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.